With the current trend towards throw away clothing being offered by the 'fast fashion' industry it has become apparent that customers should be questioning where and how their clothing is made.  Plum is also concerned because we have seen this trend growing every year for the past fifteen years.  It is wasteful and the business model seems to be inclined to abuse desperate workers unseen in countries far away from Canada.  

Plum has chosen three jean brands that we think offer the best and most sustainable options for our customers as well as being the most comfortable and fashionable styles available.

Yoga Jeans are made in Quebec where employees get the benefit of fair labour standards, health coverage and disability and retirement benefits.  We love this product because it is definitely NOT a throw away item and as a cost per wear option it is much cheaper than any Fast Fashion alternative.  Plus they are amazingly comfortable.  Customers are thrilled with this product.

MAVI jeans are made in Turkey which is an associate member of the European Union. The company adheres to explicit and strict environmental standards.  Mavi is improving its technology every year and cleans all water used in processing and dying.  MAVI is a member of the Fair Labour Association (FLA) which inspects working conditions frequently and keeps the workplace to a very high health and safety standard in Turkey.

dish is a Canadian company with a factory in Pakistan.  This denim option is for the truly active individual who wants a 'performance' textile with exceptional style.  

Read the words of company founder Gary Lenett from an article by Amanda Ross in the September issue of Vancouver Magazine.

“If you see a beautiful Egyptian cotton shirt and it’s $19.99, you have to ask yourself, how do they do that?” says Gary Lenett, founder of local athleisure brand Dish and Duer. It’s just one Vancouver label fighting against the disposable nature, material excess and human costs associated with “fast fashion”—a trend that he says will see 67 pounds of clothing per person end up in landfills this year.
“The truth is, you get what you pay for, and someone is losing along the way to give you that shirt for that price,” Lenett says. And while Dish and Duer manufactures overseas in Pakistan, its 24 factory workers are paid a living wage, rather than by the piece, ensuring both quality of life for the employees and a quality product for the end consumer. For Lenett, a thoughtful process is paramount, no matter where something is crafted.
Owners of Plum
Katie O'Brien and Ed Des Roches
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First a wonderful deal to take advantage of. Jewellery and scarves bogo event...the best part is, you can mix and match...who can resist this!? So please, go forth and BOGO to your hearts content.

Bursting forth big again this season is boho style. Providing an organic, natural and fresh feel. Plum has many drool worthy pieces constructed with varied findings. Discover something new to revive your style and bring out your inner 'Flower Child'!

Here is a mere hint of what Plum has in store:


Not sure you could find more of a boho look than lace or in this case eyelet...and an ecclectic mix of long beads.


Plum is host to some wonderful accessory designers; many made right in Canada. One such company, new to Plum, is Frug. Hand made in Toronto, Frug has created some very unique pieces using mixed media such as brass, cord and semi precious stones, giving their designs a very organic feel.

Frug is coming next week to various locations...stay tuned!


Perhaps you feel compelled to match things...such as this gorgeous statement necklace (you really have to see this close up), paired with a similar tone ring. Giving off a decidedly bohemian or ethnic look. Turquoise is such a fresh, happy colour for spring.

Necklace rope with fans $49

Flower ring $25


And lets not forget about the ubiquitous scarf. Look at the many ways it can be transformed.

Look Paris, Italy, New York scarf $38


Not only beautiful with bold, gold hardware this bag is also functional in several ways. Contains a smaller insert but is also reversible...meaning you've now bought 2 bags instead of one. How smart are you!

Jody reversible tote with insert  (4 colour combinations) $69 (not part of BOGO event)

Accessories are as much a part of style as punctuation is to a sentence. Makes it complete, pulls it together and adds emphasis. Speak loudly (add many layers), or softly (one delicate piece). It's all up to you,  Plum merely adds the tools and expertise.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

ps...don't forget about the jewellery and scarf bogo event. Limited time only so don't hesitate (April 2 -6).  ... read the full post and reader comments

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check your closet...

Spring is at our doorstep. Feeling more than ready to trade the dark for the bright? It doesn't take a brain comprised of pocket change to realize it's time to evaluate the old from storage, and invest in some new pieces. While we're anxious to throw off the heavy layers, there is this in between time, where the the slight chill in the air means light weight layers are needed to transition from the winter cold to summer 'chill' (as in attitude, of course). Lets have a look at some Plum picks to help inspire you:


Cropped bleached Mavi denim jacket gives just the right amount of coverage. Love the feminine take on this classic jacket. Works so well (as above) with a maxi, t shirt weight dress. Weather permitting, slip on a pair of gladiator sandals, or, if not... flats. Great easy, relaxed Saturday vibe is the result.

Mavi Rosi jacket $98

Michelle gathered neck dress (black or charcoal) $69



Needless to say, we're not quite ready to shed all the layers just yet. Plum has a great selection of light, fresh looking sweaters such as the one above. Pair with your favorite jeans and you have your weekend look.

Miracle oversized sweater (coral, navy and ivory) $65

Mavi French terry comfort jean $98






If tight jeans are not your thing, invest in a pair of Dish jeans. These reinvented carpenter jeans have an unpretentious, relaxed feel. Keep them from looking 'too' relaxed by simply adding a funky sandal or bootie (heels are great with this look). Worn above with a graphic, boatneck sweater, open toe wedges and the great boho bag.

Desires Devil graphic design sweater (navy) $55

Dish carpenter jeans $120

Street Level cross body bag $69


And then there are days where the weather just can't decide.....but you can. The sweater is great for these fickle weather days. And the shorts...well they just show of the great quads you've worked all winter on, as well as tempt the sun to stay out!

Peppercorn Habiba crew neck sweater (navy) $62

Plum Ribbed tank (available in 8 colours) $ 18

Mavi Pixie midrise boyfriend short $78

So, get yourself together, roll up your sleeves, put on a pot of coffee and pull out the storage boxes. And speaking of pocket change, don't forget to check the pockets for forgotten change.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

ps,There's still time to take advantage of the cardigan promo. These cardigans are a staple at this time of year, don't miss out.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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What is texture?

What is texture? A feeling, a visual sense? A tactile sense? Never before have I seen a season which offered such inviting textures and patterns for all.  Including the picky person. You know...the 'no zippers,  no pockets here or has to be a certain length' person.. (I guess I just described myself). And yet I have so many this season, they now have their own room (maybe I should start charging them rent)!

Lets have a look at some of the great patterns and textures available at Plum.





The front featured, email sweater has it all; I can see why it sold out the first time.  Great colour combination; lovely and neutral, yet not so much that you'll dissapear within. Very light weight which helps with layering. Length is supreme hitting at the knee, which is wonderful with dresses (or jeans); hooded with drape open front.

Cecico hooded sweater $ 79 (grey/charcoal or Indigo/Burgundy)



If a sweater could imitate a cloud...this one can. The photo really can't convey this but it's so incredibly soft, it feels like a baby duckling...the texture is just divine! The black and white combo is just fantastic because it can be married with any other colour. (Perhaps you can see the lovely, irregular texture and fuzzy nature of this beauty complimenting your curls?). A black rib border runs along the front and around the neck, which gives great definition. It's just so sophisticated and polished, yet relaxed and easy.

LeShop open cardigan $ 89 (black/ivory)





Fall and winter can be so blah and dull. Perhaps you'd like to invest in something that is sure to brighten things up. With it's striped, varigated, interspersed stripes of vibrant colours this pullover, vneck design creates many style options. And once again, very easy to layer. If your body type is such that you feel the need for a bit more definition, perhaps add a wide belt under the back, yet over the front. Or add a Jean jacket, sweater or even a puffer vest underneath, depending on the weather. I love that it can be worn inside or as outterwear, or both. Peel off the layers as you wish.

Do Everything In Love Poncho $ 59




If you're afraid to get too involved in bold colour or pattern, this one has such warm, delicious, comfortable tones.  All of these sweater/shawl/ponchos are designed with uncomplicated wear in mind. The inclusion of armholes is a functional, subtle, design feature. And the combination of tones, which carry on into the fringe, provide for an easy to co-ordinate staple.  Matched with a great pair of the latest trend of knee high boots. Or be bold and go for the over the knee look. Just such a great boho, 70's look.

Fringe poncho $ 75 (camel)

Texture (and pattern) are such big parts of fall, as the leaves change colour and everyone lights up their fireplaces...we feel the need to be part of the texture of fall, so let texture and pattern breath life into your fall and accent your already beguiling personality! And find a texture or pattern to suit your senses.

Yours in fall fashion passion

Suzanne M.


   ... read the full post and reader comments

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what's in a name


Help Plum choose a label name for it's line of blouses and you could win $ 150 Plum Gift Certificate.

Follow this link for details on how to win.

What a great contest! Like naming a baby only without the 20+ years of worry! So much simpler. Too late for me, I've already signed up for the tot parade. However, yet another thing Plum does exceptionally well is blouses. Much like the Simone dress line, Plum has decided to put a name on it! (not a ring, that's Beyoncé). However, just as impactful. When receiving a compliment, you can proudly say 'well it's a.......' (fill in the blank)! (Like, everyone should know of this label-wink wink!).

Here are some examples of Plum's blouse designs to get your creative juices flowing:


This is so sweet. Lovely, lightweight, with reverse print collar, pocket, cuff and button front. Wear it opened with a tank or cami or buttoned up (as shown) and add a necklace of a contrasting alternate color (red perhaps), or to that end, perhaps, just a really bright red lip color. Yours to play with as black and white typically can tend to go with any other color of choice. Be still my heart!

Plum Hearts blouse $ 79 (comes also in black with white hearts).


If uncomplicated is your thing, this is for you. Something undeniably appealing about a basic white shirt. Lovely and long so, if you 'do' wish to add an accessory (such as a belt), it really lends itself to taking this on. Pretty much everyone can pull off this look (basic shirt and jeans as above). Also comes in a stunning red shade.

Plum long white rayon shirt $ 79 (white or red)


Plaid has come charging back in style! No longer just for your old Uncle Angus. This delightful blue sheer plaid has so much personality, you need not really say a word. It's just so much fun. A bright necklace at the collar can add some funk; or knot it at the waist and wear it with a maxi skirt and a jean jacket and (my fav) Doc marten's to balance out the playfulness of the plaid. So many ways to be creative with this. (Note that this print also comes in a wonderful, wrap front style).

Plum plaid blouse $ 79 (also in red plaid)


Perhaps a feminine mood? Above, allover primitive, flower print blouse with keyhole, features 3/4 sleeves. This pretty, lightweight fabric, provides for a multitude of ways to layer for the season (or other seasons).

Plum simple flower print blouse $ 75 (also in mocha with black flowers)


I realize this is not a blouse. Just included it to see if you're still paying attention. Thought so!! Wouldn't this great little handbag be a wonderful companion to the hearts blouse?

Patent lips clutch $ 39

Head into a Plum near you to check out more styles.  And remember, all of the blouses noted above, are Plum designed and made in Vancouver.

Yours in Fashion Passion..

Suzanne M.

PS, Don't forget to submit your entry for the contest


   ... read the full post and reader comments

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Killer trends

This dress is simply criminal (pardon the pun) how great it looks on everyone (email and below). Initially sold out so quickly, that it's been reproduced by popular demand. Plum staff say it works on nearly every body type, thus it's popularity and why it's once again, flying off the racks. Once I heard this, it simply had to be tried on (by me of course)! The verdict? Amazing, easy, flattering! What else could you want?Image

Lovely cap sleeve, poly/spandex mix makes it easy to get on, easy to care for and easy to pair with footwear. Elevate it to a nighttime, glam look with clutch and stilettos, or jean jacket and tall boots! Comes in multiple other colors and patterns. The waist level bow with gathers feature is so incredibly cute, no one will know it's a bit of camouflage...speaking of camouflage... 



I knew I simply had to sneak this into my wardrobe (did I say sneak?) before I even layed eyes on the photo. As I passed by it on the racks I gave it a sideways glance like you do a 'really' handsome guy; not wanting him to know you notice him. The bubble over my head would have said 'I'll be back for you'. Very easy crewneck, 3/4 sleeves, pockets and just long enough to consider calling it a dress. OR DON' it a tunic. Wear with tights and combat boots. Too predictable? Maybe ankle boots with cuban heels (my favorite Fleuvogs). This will be one of my new favorites. Comes also in green camo.



Hard at this point to imagine the cold, but I'm starting to feel it at night. Another great item that can translate from dress to tunic. This beautiful dress, calls for a hug. A lovely textured knit, easy 3/4 sleeves, pockets and a v-neck that's ready to display any lovely accessory of choice.  Comes in purple, green and the ever ubiquituous grey.

Ready or not here comes fall in all it's glory. The dress for the season is here for the picking. Don't be caught with your pants (or dress) down.

Are you ready?

Yours in Fashion Passion

Suzanne M.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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