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Reaching for 95

October 31, 2018

NOVEMBER 1ST to NOVEMBER 18 - $20 OFF MIN PURCHASE OF $95 - restrictions apply - in store and online - follow this link   Do you look to the future and think...I won't be able to wear that any more? Is age in fashion, an inspiration, drawback or irrelevant? It's a total inspirat...

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"If I were a boy!"

October 24, 2018

Theoretically, it was thought, I'd be a boy, named Tom...and no offense to my deceased uncle but, I'm grateful I came out as is. I have to say, I wrote this while listening to Beyoncé which made me think, just how would I dress if I were a man? Unnecessary, because for decades, I'...

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Reality Check

October 10, 2018

Time for some self Plaidification....Pearl Jam lovers unite! Just kidding...not kidding about the 4 days of plaid shirt specials - Thursday to Sunday Oct.11 to 14 $15 dollars off. 7 styles, multiple patterns, while quantities last. If your biggest fashion risk is plaid, I'd ...

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A buffet of trends

October 10, 2017

ENJOY the human experience of shopping in one of Plum's locations. However, if you just can't make it in, IT'S FREE shipping time: FREE SHIPPING UNTIL OCTOBER 31 MIN. PURCHASE $95 Our current times are such that fa...

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what's in a name

October 8, 2014

PLUM CONTEST: Help Plum choose a label name for it's line of blouses and you could win $ 150 Plum Gift Certificate. Follow this link for details on how to win. What a great contest! Like naming a baby only without the 20+ years of worry! So much simpler...

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