One size fits all!!

Whomever created that phrase must have been in a different industry, like tent making because one size 'rarely' fits 'all'. Even tents come in different sizes. On that note, shopping online can be an exercise in utter frustration from one retailer to the next when it comes to finding the right size. However,  Plum remains consistent with sizing with it's own labels and other labels it carries. In part, to strict quality control and a beautiful fit model consistent for over three years (an actual person). Let's have a look at a few sweaters for fall and some other options where size matters.
Sweaters are fairly easy to get the size right online based on fabrication. This one is particularly easy to wear, no buttons to fuss with (open front) and a really nice in, long, not super fitted nor boxy and an Aztec inspired pattern. Great start to the fall season!

Shopping online tip: When buying online always check the size chart and compare with your current measurements

CM open front jacquard sweater (Plum) $79
Time to get in the game and this is the place to start. Bomber jackets...the big in thing this season. This one is a easy to wear because of it's knit composition. Offset the masculine vibe by wearing it with a full or a pencil skirt with heels.
Shopping online tip: Visit the store in person, try on a few labels and make note of how they fit. Next time, if you choose to shop online, you'll have a clear sense of fit
Kerisma gamine baseball jacket (black/olive/heather) $85
Sneaking away from the sweater topic a bit, let's look at dresses because Plum does dresses really well! You can't beat the wrap dress for fit as it accommodates various body types and is just so darn comfortable and sexy at the same time. (the two qualities don't often go hand in hand).
Shopping online tip: Do some research on fabrics. Better quality knits (for instance) generally have less give and a slightly more structured look while at the same time providing more comfort and ease of movement
Simone 3/4 sleeve wrap dress (blue, denim/olive, grey/red/black) $125
Here is yet another thing Plum does very well! Suits and jackets. And another thing where fit is essential. Have a long look at this fabulous head turning jacket. This may be the closest you'll come to custom made. Just a divine work of art in fabric!
Shopping online tip: When you know the retailer and their label, it's a pretty good bet season to season, the fits are the same
Tobias double breasted jacket with flared hem (black, pewter) $230
Shopping on line is like a gift from heaven for those of us with zero time to shop in the flesh. No lineups, you can leave things in the cart for extended periods of time, you can wear your pj's or nothing at all without getting arrested and you don't have to talk to anyone. No wait, that's not usually a positive. Remember Plum has brick and mortar stores as well so check out both.
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
Remember Pieces now has a POP UP STORE at UBC which includes Men's wear!
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Chromophobia party!

GREAT NEWS: Plum is excited to announce it's new 'POP UP 'PIECES' STORE' at UBC...just in time for back to school, for a limited time only, check it out at the UBC BOOKSTORE!
A stark departure from the wonderful Pride events (colours and all), a newly emerged trend is Le Dîner en Blanc. Pride is an 'anything goes' and 'all welcome' type public social party! Dîner (began in France thirty years ago) is a refined, distinguished, elegant affair, by invitation only. Both are wonderful, however, one is a bit more of a stain magnet, as the requirement is 'white only' (everything)! This lovely, community building affair, affords you the opportunity to dress elegantly, bring a guest, and meet new people as you sit and converse, surrounded by a stunning white decor. Sounds great (I mean divine!)...So... let's get dressed!
Go ahead and flirt. You know you can't help it in this dress. It's fresh, stunning and sexy! White eyelet is perfect for such an event and so form fitting.
Another excellent choice is anything with lace or embroidery. This gorgeous top matches well with white pants or a maxi skirt.
Show a little shoulder. Very much an 'in' trend this season. Great length if you wish to add a belt or use as a scarf instead. Perhaps add pearls and a white clutch!Image
A must have for the evening. Worn above as a scarf, doubles as a shawl...because the venue's are unknown ahead of time, you could be near the water. Don't let the evening breezes catch you off guard. Be prepared.
I love white...some of my favourite things are, sugar, Betty, liquid paper (throw back Thursday)....and of course a dress!! Nice to know one need not be a stressed out bride to wear one! If you're fortunate enough to be attending or invited, have a wonderful time, (and just in case, don't forget your umbrella...the white one!).
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
For more information on Le Dîner en Blanc...follow this link.  check availability in a Plum store near you. As well, new fall arrivals in store now!
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A Thousand "Made in Canada" Survey Responses!

Last month we surveyed our customers about Canadian made apparel and below is what we received from over a thousand entries.  It is important to Plum to know this because more than half of our clothing is sewn locally in Canada and it is very difficult for us to accomplish.
It seems important to our customers that they are able to purchase clothing made close to home.  
Here are a few of the summarized results:

Which statement best describes how you feel about Canadian produced clothing?



I honestly never check to see where my clothing is made.


I seldom find Canadian made clothing, so I never think about it.  


I often look for Canadian made clothing to purchase.




Which statement best describes how you think about the value of Canadian made?



I want to buy Canadian made clothing because I think it is better quality.


I want to buy Canadian made clothing if the price is the same as foreign made.


I want to purchase Canadian made clothing because I know that what I pay stays in Canada.  


What does “Made in Canada” clothing mean to you? 



The clothing is sewn in Canada.


The entire garment is made in Canada; fabric is made in Canada, notions are made in Canada, and sewing is done in Canada.  


Note: There are very few fabric mills left in Canada and practically no buttons, zippers or other notions manufactured in Canada making it next to impossible to have a garment completely made here.  However, designing, pattern making, grading, cutting and sewing can all be done locally.  It is our opinion that “Made in Canada” should mean “sewn in Canada” since the alternative would be nearly impossible. 
Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Congratulations to our draw winner, Ana!
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Girls in white dresses


Wedding season is in full swing...outdoor, under the gazebo, beach, and even bungee jumping off a cliff...'type' weddings...(GULP)...Often, as a guest, a dress is the go-to choice. However, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some thoughts. Venue might give you a clue (such as 'beach' location, perhaps a pretty sundress with a shawl). If you're unclear on colour choice, and you're part of the family, possibly consult with the maid of honor about colour theme. If unsure if the dress is too probably is! But most of all, if you have hopes of catching the bouquet, don't upstage the bride!


This is a wonderful option. Features a  lovely, light pink hue, textured fabric and it passes the 'finger tip' test for length. A great opportunity to play up the neckline with a fabulous necklace. Edit the shoes to suit the location, possibly black pumps if the venue is more formal, and perhaps a hat or an updo.

Simone crew neck dress with pockets


This is one of my favourites from this season. Floral's are often the pattern of choice at a wedding for obvious reasons. This dress is extremely comfortable as well as stunning (don't forget, you might be asked to dance).

Simone printed knit dress with back detail


Perhaps something slightly more fashion forward and the black and white pattern make it an easy background for bright red lipstick, shoes or a clutch.

Numph Itsuki dress


What could be better than a fresh, minty eyelet dress. So sweet with it's graceful v-neckline, a-line skirt and yes, pockets. We love our pockets!

Simone v-neck eyelet dress with pockets

So when things don't seem to be going your way...when the dog bites, the bee stings, and you're feeling sad, you can simply remember your dress is on sale and then you don't bad! ;)

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

  • Note availability of above noted dresses, sizes and colours varies currently from store to store. Please visit a Plum store near you.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Plum's Big Sisters May campaign draw winner 'Carmen' ..sounds like she's enjoying her prize.
  • New arrivals are already arriving!
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No peeves!!

4 days only! $20 off* jeans, jean jackets; $10 off* denim shorts, denim skirts and vests. Great time to get a second pair of your favourites! (*off regular price)

Now that summer is here, we're enjoying the weather, back yard barbeque's, road trips, picnics and flip flops...but HOLD IT RIGHT THERE Suntan's not all sunshine and popsicles! Let's be real, woman to woman! What's your biggest challenge in getting dressed this time of year? For me, probably the bare arms. The fact is, I don't shovel gravel for a living so, my arms are...well....there to hold my hands, which are great for typing (and a few other things)and not really very well defined!! So, the way I see it, another chance to get creative with dressing!


I'd say this is the official blouse sponsor of summer 2016. just doesn't get more 'summer' than yellow. Light and airy enough and if coverage is important, wear a tank beneath. Also panders to my arm-phobic issues.

Acapella dolman sleeve blouse


Here's another extremely popular go to summer garment. Reason? It's pretty, it's flowey, it's very comfortable. AND if perhaps showing your legs is outside your comfort zone, no one would ever know.

Wander maxi skirt


And let's not abandon our scarves merely because of the temperature. They can easily double as cover ups, vests or even belts. For a large, square scarf, grab the ends and tie them to each other. What you then have is a lovely, free flowing, light kimono-like cover. Then in the fall is goes back to it's usual function.

see instore for scarf selection


Speaking of scarves, this wonderful scarf print blouse, has a lovely, light breezy feel. A great neckline for showing off an ethnic inspired necklace or pendant.

KW cropped tribal poncho

Note this is about what your comfort zone is, not other people's! So if modesty is very important to you in your life or livelihood OR the other end of the spectrum, you live to be looked's all ok...Be guided by your own compass! And according to the almighty internet, if your thighs touch, you're one step closer to being a mermaid! ;)

Yours in Fashion passion....

Suzanne M.

Sale time is in full swing, therefore, check instore for availability of all items noted above. And new arrivals are already in and arriving weekly!

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