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What was your favourite crayon colour as a child? Personally I could not believe I could create gold or silver bunnies! But originally crayons were created by Peekskill Chemical company for marking crates and barrels but later the blend was made safer for children's art by making them with wax. AND believe it or not, way back before my time even, French artist Francois Clouet used a version of them in his portraits. Another unsurprising fact; the seemingly loved by all colour of blue, according to Crayola itself, is the most popular colour. But really...who doesn’t love just the words raw sienna, Prussian blue or burnt orange (just how do you burn an orange though?). BUT really, fall creates the best crayon colours of all!


I love this casual, mellow yellow sweater. The colour is light and warm but not too heavy for merging into fall. Try it with a skirt; clearly great with jeans, or crop pants or even layer it over a tank dress and then add a jean jacket for those unstructured days!

Mak vneck slub yarn sweater (5 colours) $59



The wrap dress just never looses it's appeal because of it's easy, fresh charm. Maybe this would classify as burnt orange! A mix of red, muted orange and warm brown tones! Later in the season wear it with tall boots and a funky hat.

Misia wrap dress (black print or red print) $79


And of course, with September comes the apple harvest season. We now have the popular Dreamers sweaters back in a multitude of beautiful seasonal shades. Green hues are cropping up and making a big show everywhere this season. Above, maximizing on the patterned grey camo, the green creates a lively pop of colour.

Dreamers v neck sweater (9 COLOURS) $55


Speaking of everyone's favourite crayon colour, see the above vest; a dream of blue and white swirling patterns. But you have to see the embroidery up close (and by the way, it comes in 4 stunning patterns); it just looks like pure magic.

Raj sleeveless embroidered vest (4 prints) $89

I'm not going to say it's time to colour outside the lines, that's too trite, or colour your world because that's a paint company...what I will say is...remember, black is also a crayon colour....(think..cats, sheep, mascara, forest cake...(Ok I know that's not a colour)),  because just maybe black is my your happy colour! No matter what season it is!

Yours in fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I used to colour my sky with" ~ Saie Sinkar

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KNOT so fast!

PROCRASTINATORS conference...right here....BUT later on!!

JUST kidding...

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We thought we'd crawled out from under the doldrums of the darkness and 'burr' of winter with the time change, longer days, sunshine and temperatures that pushed past 1 digit! YES!!!! Suddenly to be unceremoniously, pulled back to that peaceful, deep 10 minute snooze that carries you away to a barren beach with crystal clear waters and then the BUS jolts to a stop...BACK to reality! Mother Nature, like most mothers, is very sternly telling us 'PUT THAT SWEATER BACK ON!' That's o-kay! It's spring people. We love sweaters! Let's have a look at a few.


A more exaggerated feminine take on a long cardigan...note the shade, the bell sleeves and the ribbing. The open front trend, lends itself to the ease of more buttons to sew back on...just grab and go. A creative way to wear it, wrap it up tight, overlapping the front, then add a rustic looking belt..for a more random, unstructured look.

Cream open front rib top cardigan (melon sorbet) $119


I think she must be looking for summer!! It's a ways off....but in the mean time, she looks fantastic. They've paired the varied textured sweater with the ruggedness of the khaki denim, adding the sleek gold accessories...make the threesome a great ensemble!

Cream high textured cardigan (multi) $149 now $119


It's nice to have just a classic vneck sweater; a style that we often reach for. Great as above with the floral tights, however, worn with cropped pants and the ballet flats, and possibly a string of pearls... evokes an image of Audrey Hepburn. Sweet, easy and yet still very stylish in it's simplicity!

Ichi long vneck sweater (canyon clay or pale blue) $69 now $59



Once again I'm putting forth my vote for stripes!! So many people think that if you're any wider than Celine Dion, you should be 3 blocks away from ANY stripes.....really? I just feel like that advise is not worth the time it takes to count the stripes! BUT that's just my opinion. I love the structure and how they can play against multiple other prints OR simply add just a dash of variation without a lot of visual busy-ness!

B Young stripe pullover (blue combo, orange combo or violet combo) IN STORE ONLY $59 now $29



Again, basic/solid bottoms take a back seat to the usual print-less style that we've become accustomed to. The above are fully knit and very comfortable, but since they mimic intricate lace, they can be easily styled up, with a variety of means...with the use of footwear changes and/or accessories. Again, sometimes, as in this case, all that is needed is a change in the outerwear...casual choice of cardigan. But note they've added a few splashes of colour with the bold red heart and bandana!

Be Cool hooded sweater (black or lavender) $69


Opposites attract they say. Well, yes, sometimes we like oversized and sometimes we like fitted. We don't have to be committed to one or the other always. The unstructured open front with large pockets on the left is great with leggings or skinny jeans and so easy. The fitted v neck not only is a cardigan but looks great also under a structured jacket. Needless to say if it's inappropriate as is, add a cami or t shirt under!

Ichi oversized open cardigan (navy or light blue) $69 now $55

Soya Concept button down cardigan (navy, blue sky or shell coral) $69 now $59

From Audrey Hepburn pictured in a turtleneck sweater, to Marilyn in the unforgettable images in 'Let's Make Love' where she sports merely an Irish Aran knit and stockings, to Jeff Bridges in the 'Big Lebowski'; sweaters are forever etched in our memories for the iconic fashion they help create. But 'I just want to keep warm' you say? Well, as they say, 'a sweater is just a blanket you can wear to work'. Just remember though, your pillow is not a hat!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

'To think, a sweater is made entirely of knots. My stomach could clothe a village.' ~ Andrea Gibson (poet)  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Welcome Rebecca!!

I'm excited to see what you have for us!!

Of course we all let our minds drift off to fantasy land; thoughts of months on the Riviera where we can linger in water front condos. Imagine enjoying the most delectable feast prepared by your own personal chef or garments by world renowned designers. Did I adequately distract you for a moment from vacuuming? Well, how often do we get lost on Pinterest or Instagram for hours on end, musing over these dreamy images.  If you live a life described above,'s a life we all wish for. But for the rest of us, wishes don't work in the credit card machine. Here's a look at some high end pieces I found. And some, let's say, more palatable alternatives that Plum has to offer.



I found this sweet retro look dress (Prada) on the left on a major retailers website. It has some unique design features, such as a front zipper, a belt and a near $2500 price tag...oops that's Canadian (if it makes a difference). It's gorgeous, but I prefer to eat some time in the next six months. The Plum option on the right is a nice viscose and nylon combo, which means it has a beautiful drape. And it's own very sweet design feature is the slight exposed back and tie.

Spencer + Shaw dress tie back (Tuscan sun) $128


The dress on the left looks event ready! Including intricate mesh inserts, strategically placed and the outstanding one shoulder design...did I mention it's Stella McCartney and a roughly two grand price tag (I wonder if it comes with a serenade by Paul). While I believe both dresses are suited for upscale events, potentially the one on the right (by Cream) could be worn at a casual daytime affair as well.

Cream shoulder dress (cobalt) $149


I love the t shirt on the left. Nice elongated, yet shapely cut and graceful round neckline. But I could buy 14 of the one on the right...or a return trip to Toronto, a book and maybe a new cell phone for the cost of the St. John t shirt...I'm not sure yet, I'm still thinking (I mean dreaming). And let's not get caught up on the 'stripes make me look wide' theory. It's all in how and what it's paired with. If that's a concern, a long cardigan or Kimono brings the eye downwards.

B. Young t shirt 3/4 sleeve (4 colours) $39



Enough of the comparisons. I decided to end off the blog with 3 of Spencer + Shaw's. Their designer has just a way with taking the retro and giving it modern gusto. She just has a special talent for dress designs and their fit.

Spencer + Shaw button front dress (amber/ivory dot) $121

Spencer + Shaw smocked waist dress (peach print) $110

Spencer + Shaw drape front dress (black zebra) $149

I'm surprised that escaping into fantasy by way of a book, a movie or just inside ones own head, is not a health requirement. Because it often helps us survive our realities...immediate or worldly. Fashion can certainly provide some of this, and we could call it Vitamin F....someone needs to contact our Minister of Health and have it added to daily requirements!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Even the most expensive clock still shows sixty minutes in every hour ~ Jewish Proverb

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On this day of International Women's day, let's remember the countless women, mothers, grandmothers who run businesses, make breakfast, wipe counters and babies tears. And while men take credit for the invention of the zipper, Velcro and even the Wonderbra, the women of this country historically have their own admirable contributions. Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, Charlotte Whitton, Viola Desmond, Fannie Rosenfeld, Mary Shadd Cary, Elsie Knott and countless other historic Canadian women, leaders, trailblazers and innovators who's achievements paved the way for so many of our daily freedoms. Plum is a proud supporter of two organizations known for encouraging, both little girls (Big Sisters) and women of all ages (Dress for Success) who some day will hope to reach their own personal goals. Today... for me... I achieved vertical status (aka: getting out of bed), no accomplishment is too small!


Looking fabulous and pulled together requires two things, colours that bring out the best you....and YOU! Gone are the days that blazers come in navy blue and black only. Find them in patterns and all our favourite hue's. I love the ultra feminine shade of pink with the bold intricate patterned blouse!

Kaffe blazer (bridal rose) $119

Creme multi print blouse (multi) $89


Blouses continue to have a place in the casual as well as the professional settings, always creating a sleek image. Today's blouse features an interesting, artistic pattern and open back vent. A unique design feature.

B. Young shirt bird print (black/white/pink) $59


The little wicker bag and a crocheted edge pink top, just tease us towards summer. The little bag, so reminiscent of Sunday school or sweet!

Cream lace blouse (sea pink and chalk) $79

Joseph D'Arezzo tan wicker bucket $45



A favourite spring leg length for pants is this ankle length. Easy to pair with different shoe heights, sandals, boots and what's not to love with the vertical stripes.

Motion ankle pant tripe (blue/white) $78

Women like Harriet Brooks or Rosalind Franklin, may have been overlooked in being recognized for their scientific discoveries and contributions, but, consider this...we are capable of growing a whole entire human being. We win!

We don't own half the sky, we are the stars!

Suzanne M.

"Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult" ~ Charlotte Whitton - First Canadian female mayor of the city of Ottawa

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I've been presented lately with quite a number of 'would you rather' questions from my 10 year old. And NEITHER is no more accepted as an option than it is on a voter card (sadly)! So I thought up my own 'would you rather'...Would I rather spend one night in a castle, in an exotic location with full facilities and unparalleled views.....or find the perfect dress? Maybe the 'one night' seems like a slam dunk...however every year at this time, I find myself in search of the dress as if it would totally make my life complete. It seems a dress in a woman's wardrobe is often like the suit jacket to a man. Although, we usually like to have many and we don't only wear them to the office. Plum absolutely excels at dresses.


Isn't this the sweetest thing since chocolate dipped donuts? And nicer to wear! So nicely designed, with pockets, slight A-line, flattering length, beautifully fitted with slight stretch and slight stretch lining.

Simone sleeveless A-line dress (black or white print) $135


Unquestionably a print that declares clearly that spring is here. Blossoms throughout, this dress is yet another fresh, easy wear...with pockets, unlined with a delightfully feminine back view.

Simone A-line dress with pockets (aqua, navy/cream, or pink) $129


This is such a hot little, knit, pull on, dress, showing 'just' create come intrigue and unless you're Melania Trump with a private audience with the Pope, you can probably afford to be a little bit daring.

French Connection Ottoman crepe knit dress (fuschia) $158


On the lighter, more casual, less structured side, is this pretty blue, denim, embroidered style. Made from 100% cotton, a comfortable, breathable wear for the seasons to come.

Ellison embroidered dress (denim) $79


Another casual denim dress, which can switch to being worn as a tunic or just a light cover with capri tights. Made from the, emerging in popularity fabric, Tencel (lyocell), a great sustainable fibre, comprised of wood cellulose...very similar to rayon in it's fluidity.

Etherial tencel dress (denim blue) $79

Life is full of so many choices...should I have the salad or a nice thick burger, should I marry the artist my family thinks is a bum or the computer geek? Just remember though, that even 'not' making a still a choice. So don't just sit there, dresses are waiting to be chosen (if you don't choose them someone else will)!

So many little time

Suzanne M.

"Different roads sometimes leads to the same castle" ~George R.R. Martin ~ Game of Thrones

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