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I have a big passion for thrifted items. Perpetually looking at garments with a head tilt ~ what could I refashion that into ~ a split second decision is needed, or...it's gone...GONE!!!  With a lugubrious face, I then trudge around the store (yes I'm trying out a new word), knowing nothing else will do, because yes, someone else did grab it! Another sad occurrence is the gleeful feeling of finding the item at a good price and then getting it home to find out 'oh, this is why it was there'...an odd whatever that I did not notice when trying it on!  And, one of my favourite stores....their prices are climbing faster than a spider up the wall....(neither of those is a great image).  While, you can't take the girl out of the thrift store, more and more you can find me at sales, where, the clothing has not been road tested by someone else! So, here we have some of Plum's annual best deals! DON'T miss out! Find something fabulous for less than it costs to make it...then, RE-make it!


I adore this little dress...it's got all the boxes checked for the perfect summer dress...light weight, pleasing pattern, retro look AND pockets! Perfect for a multitude of summer festivities.

Lush button front dress currently $79




I love dresses because, if for some reason the fit is not exact, I can edit, shorten, restructure...use my imagination and voila, new... nearly custom garment. Non-profits like Frameworq regularly host events where they provide the tools (ie: sewing machine), you bring your inspiration, they then provide tips and instruction on how to fix or refurbish your cherished find! 

(pssst-Plum purses, wallets and phone holders are 30% off during the sidewalk sale-check out the in store selection)


Perhaps grab a pair of plaid pants...a trend unlikely to ease up and find yourself ready for fall...only $20 during these 4 days. Buy 2 and turn one pair into Bermuda's for the summer!

Motion elastic waist pant (navy) for 4 days only until June 23 $ 20


A weekend boat trip, may find you need a bit more than a tank top. This pullover is the perfect nautical look. Great of course with jeans, a pencil skirt or the very 'in' Bermuda shorts. During the sidewalk sale only $15. Of course while quantities last - in store only!

Second hand or sale items are definitely not 'less than' because you didn't pay $ 800...on the contrary, they've now helped create a braggadocios worthy moment (trying that one out too!) because not only are you a world class fashionista, you're also great with money and math!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Because I bought it on sale, I actually made money ~ Author unknown  ... read the full post and reader comments

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In our annual drive to match a big sister with a little sister...

YOU AND PLUM have reached the goal of matching


How fantastic does this feel!

Find Plum in at a store near you, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and the www.plum.ca

Dressing for 'IT'!! Clearly this depends on where you're headed...My two children regularly look like they're attending an 'art through stains' convention. One is a self professed Tom-boy while the other would wear dresses to bed if allowed (yaay night gowns). So, I get my girly fix with at least one. However, hard as I try, they collect stains like a rain barrel collects rain. Therefore, investing in fine clothing for them would be simply idiotic. BUT, I realize, they are kids. For lots of us adults, we also love our dresses, for a wide variety of occasions. And Plum has an excellent feed-the-need collection that you must see. Better yet, grab some friends and go do a try on party! There's something for everyone. Here are just a few to wet your appetite (don't drool on yourself)!


This is just the sweetest summer dress. I wanted to present a couple of different images, to show off the back as well as the different footwear they used, and how versatile it can be. You need to think 'outside the beach'.

Spencer + Shaw ruffle trip/button front dress (blue dot) $143 until June 9 $115


Well, hello sunshine! Truly this dress presents a bright, unintimidating image. Comfortable in so many different places such as work, concert, dinner party, wedding! I think it's smashing with the kitten heels and looks perfectly fine with no accessories. Although, it's clean lines invite all kinds of imaginative accessories, and made from rayon, a man made, yet natural fibre, it's so ideal for the summer months.

Spencer + Shaw double shift dress (yellow) $105 until June 9 $84


Another super romantic looking dress.  In a sweet, always in style, paisley print adorned with flutter sleeves and an almost idyllic, wrap style conducive to almost all our body types.

Spencer + Shaw wrap/flutter sleeve dress (red/gold) $110 until June 9 $88


Something very Greek Goddess about this dress, or...maybe boho-festival girl....regardless of how you're feeling, it's definitely got all of the important points of a summer dress. And there's something about shirring on a summer dress, it's a pretty feature, yet it also allows for some comfort and movement (or...a couple of extra trips to the buffet).

Spencer + Shaw smocked bodice/cross back dress (red print) $121 until June 9 $97

Every year around March, I start to crave a dress...and thus begins the hunt. It feels like a search for the last good meal on earth. It's an insatiable, unreasonable, unrelenting at times an irresponsible urge with no known cause. And the cure? The perfect pair of shoes for my capture...of course!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society" ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

There are so so many gorgeous dresses right now at Plum. Spencer + Shaw are on sale until June 9, however, it's really worthwhile to check out the entire collection...it's so disappointing when our sizes are gone. Check them out here or head into a location near you.

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Some Like it Hot!

ONE DAY LEFT for Plum's matching BIG SISTERS WITH LITTLE SISTERS May campaign.
Girls in gangs is definitely a thing of concern. While their numbers are lower than their male counter parts, and research and stats are sparse it's clear, they are there, they do exist. They often age out of the gangs...by getting pregnant at a very young age. Hardly an ideal solution for a young girl, however. But what can be done? A possibly daunting challenge to make a dent in this problem but, we can do a little something! While a big sister cannot solve every problem for a little sister, there's one thing they can solve. The alone feeling a girl can feel if she has little or no support or direction from home.

(until May 31) Help Plum with their annual campaign to match a big sister with a little sister details here...Plum matches donations up to $ 25 AND you get a chance to win a $350 gift card! Win win win!

The unrelenting heat of summer is upon us...and what can we do for relief? Take more trips to the grocery store and hover around the freezer section, or insist you need more books from the library....Right! Likely you do-also a good plan! But really, if stripping down to tank tops or bra tops is not your thing, it's time to invest in some Kimono's. They're fresh, light, abundant with romantic vibeology and just so easy to coordinate with other things. A way to stay within your clothing comfort zone and look really really cool doing so!
KIMONO'S  ---- 20% OFF UNTIL Sunday June 2
Same Kimono, two slightly different looks...the difference? Essentially a slightly more fluid pant on the left and shoes. Shoes again, can really create a different presentation. The white is just so fresh and cool is it not?
How is this for a 'one and done' look!? The bright, effusive pattern plays well against the mellow onsie hue. If you're looking to add some definition, by all means add a belt. The beauty of the kimono, is they are so light, they can easily be packed up and tucked away in a bag if not needed.
The look on the right is clearly pulled together and works nicely. But perhaps you are in need of a dress combination. Again, an easy look, two pieces, add a pendant or earrings if you want to add more interest. Otherwise, it's a really bright, lively, polished look!
Image Image
And by all means, add some levity to an otherwise serene looking garment by co-ordinating with your happy t or any graphic t, for that matter. The kimono adds just the right touch of refinement to most any garment to create a light hearted, yet elegant touch!
Some people do love that blistering, searing, scorching heat of this time of year. I guess I like the security blanket of my jackets and blazers. Thus kimono's provide that little extra coverage, with a dash of elegance. I'm not anti-sunshine, I just prefer that I don't need to store my wedding rings in the freezer so the diamonds in my wedding ring, don't melt away. Ok maybe that's an exaggeration, the cubic zirconia's!
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
SO many kimonos in stock right now, this is an ideal time to stock up on them. There is no sign of this fashion trend abating any time soon!
"If you think the summer sun is too hot, just remember, at least you don't have to shovel it" ~ Bob Dylan
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You can't wear that!



(but you can browse online 24/7)

And don't forget, free shipping on orders over $100* until May 12 (*before tax)

Age and fashion are a touchy subject but... I'm 'going there'! I recently read an online article about a supermodel being knocked off of her pedestal by a fashion editor proclaiming, 'you're too old to wear that!', in reference to the over 50 super model WEARING A BUSTIER (FAKE-GASP!!)'.  I asked myself, (after examining the photo multiple times) is this a photo of her at 30 because she is by no means a typical 50 year old neither in appearance nor profession.  It looked perfectly acceptable to me, after all she was going to a bash, not presenting a dissertation! Regardless...I never looked this way at 40, 30 OR 20! And needless to say, It's unlikely to be work attire for any of us, unless, well...you ARE a model!  My personal opinion...if you're buying it, wear it wherever you see fit! But let's have a look at some ageless fashion. At least my over 50 year old eyes, think so:


Fear not, the fashion police will not show up at your door. After all, is there an age expiry on sexy? This is a bold, fashion forward, statement! You don't need permission to show up and show off! Yes, you will get noticed! But that's the idea.

Spencer+Shaw zebra dress (zebra print) was $149 NOW $95 in store only


When the weather gets melting hot, and you feel so inclined, just do it, why hide if you're not shy. Although if you are a bit, note how the look on the right, still keeps it cool, but adds a dimension of demurity! (no, I did not make that word up!).

Spencer+Shaw asymmetrical stripe dress (white/navy) $132

Do Everything In Love asymmetrical knit shawl (5 colours) $45


Red is for everyone! As smashing on the dark haired model as would be on a red head, as would be on someone with snow white hair! By all means add accessories of choice OR simply just red lipstick and make your entrance! Made of rayon, which is such a great flowey fabric in a slip dress design, likely a staple in everyone's wardrobe.

Spencer+Shaw midi length slip dress (red hot) $99


This super artistic, split, pieced pattern kimono in a very neutral, nearly nude shade is just so chill looking. Add a sun hat and your favourite walking shoes and you have a grab and go look for most warm weather days!

Do Everything In Love side stripe kimono (beige) $49


Crop pants, especially wider leg pants, are everywhere this season. While they compel us to wear with flat shoes, they look just as great with heels, and wedges. It's entirely up to the destination and, of course, your mood.

Kaffe cropped rayon pant (olive or black) $79

Chris+Carol tank top (5 colours) $32


On the left a very casual sporty dress. Too short you might say? If the thought of something above the knee, makes you dive under the covers... don't stress. Try wearing it with bicycle shorts and a crop cardigan, kimono or even long cardigan for evenings or waterfront walks! The look on the right...too mature? Consider that at any age, we might need a professional look be it for an office, interview, school or medical facilities type professions.

Ichi sleeveless dress (navy, bisque or black) $59

Cream side gathered dress (bottle green or cobalt) $89

Age is really just a number on our drivers license. It doesn't really dictate whether we choose cotton candy over carrots or crossword puzzles over crayons! Tasteful is in the eyes of status quo, it seems...or...maybe your boss, and your Mother in Law! Ok just try not to scare your grandmother or children! However, do have some fun with your style!! Creativity and fun have no age limits!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Don't look for society to give you permission to be yourself" ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

   ... read the full post and reader comments

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IT'S TIME for a coupon! Mar.28 to April 14 get it here

$20 off a $95 minimum regular priced clothing or accessories purchase at Plum.


  • jewellery
  • sale merchandise
  • previously purchased items

see coupon for full details on exclusions that apply

instore and online









Some exciting news!


Coming next week...look out for Plum's new INSTAGRAMMER Rebecca! (follow her on Instagram)

Rebecca will be posting from Calgary and

I'm sure there will be some great things to come!

Welcome Rebecca!!

I'm excited to see what you have for us!!

Of course we all let our minds drift off to fantasy land; thoughts of months on the Riviera where we can linger in water front condos. Imagine enjoying the most delectable feast prepared by your own personal chef or garments by world renowned designers. Did I adequately distract you for a moment from vacuuming? Well, how often do we get lost on Pinterest or Instagram for hours on end, musing over these dreamy images.  If you live a life described above, wonderful...it's a life we all wish for. But for the rest of us, wishes don't work in the credit card machine. Here's a look at some high end pieces I found. And some, let's say, more palatable alternatives that Plum has to offer.



I found this sweet retro look dress (Prada) on the left on a major retailers website. It has some unique design features, such as a front zipper, a belt and a near $2500 price tag...oops that's Canadian (if it makes a difference). It's gorgeous, but I prefer to eat some time in the next six months. The Plum option on the right is a nice viscose and nylon combo, which means it has a beautiful drape. And it's own very sweet design feature is the slight exposed back and tie.

Spencer + Shaw dress tie back (Tuscan sun) $128


The dress on the left looks event ready! Including intricate mesh inserts, strategically placed and the outstanding one shoulder design...did I mention it's Stella McCartney and a roughly two grand price tag (I wonder if it comes with a serenade by Paul). While I believe both dresses are suited for upscale events, potentially the one on the right (by Cream) could be worn at a casual daytime affair as well.

Cream shoulder dress (cobalt) $149


I love the t shirt on the left. Nice elongated, yet shapely cut and graceful round neckline. But I could buy 14 of the one on the right...or a return trip to Toronto, a book and maybe a new cell phone for the cost of the St. John t shirt...I'm not sure yet, I'm still thinking (I mean dreaming). And let's not get caught up on the 'stripes make me look wide' theory. It's all in how and what it's paired with. If that's a concern, a long cardigan or Kimono brings the eye downwards.

B. Young t shirt 3/4 sleeve (4 colours) $39



Enough of the comparisons. I decided to end off the blog with 3 of Spencer + Shaw's. Their designer has just a way with taking the retro and giving it modern gusto. She just has a special talent for dress designs and their fit.

Spencer + Shaw button front dress (amber/ivory dot) $121

Spencer + Shaw smocked waist dress (peach print) $110

Spencer + Shaw drape front dress (black zebra) $149

I'm surprised that escaping into fantasy by way of a book, a movie or just inside ones own head, is not a health requirement. Because it often helps us survive our realities...immediate or worldly. Fashion can certainly provide some of this, and we could call it Vitamin F....someone needs to contact our Minister of Health and have it added to daily requirements!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Even the most expensive clock still shows sixty minutes in every hour ~ Jewish Proverb

SO MANY more dresses to choose from...have a look  ... read the full post and reader comments

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