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Some exciting news!


Coming next week...look out for Plum's new INSTAGRAMMER Rebecca! (follow her on Instagram)

Rebecca will be posting from Calgary and

I'm sure there will be some great things to come!

Welcome Rebecca!!

I'm excited to see what you have for us!!

Of course we all let our minds drift off to fantasy land; thoughts of months on the Riviera where we can linger in water front condos. Imagine enjoying the most delectable feast prepared by your own personal chef or garments by world renowned designers. Did I adequately distract you for a moment from vacuuming? Well, how often do we get lost on Pinterest or Instagram for hours on end, musing over these dreamy images.  If you live a life described above, wonderful...it's a life we all wish for. But for the rest of us, wishes don't work in the credit card machine. Here's a look at some high end pieces I found. And some, let's say, more palatable alternatives that Plum has to offer.



I found this sweet retro look dress (Prada) on the left on a major retailers website. It has some unique design features, such as a front zipper, a belt and a near $2500 price tag...oops that's Canadian (if it makes a difference). It's gorgeous, but I prefer to eat some time in the next six months. The Plum option on the right is a nice viscose and nylon combo, which means it has a beautiful drape. And it's own very sweet design feature is the slight exposed back and tie.

Spencer + Shaw dress tie back (Tuscan sun) $128


The dress on the left looks event ready! Including intricate mesh inserts, strategically placed and the outstanding one shoulder design...did I mention it's Stella McCartney and a roughly two grand price tag (I wonder if it comes with a serenade by Paul). While I believe both dresses are suited for upscale events, potentially the one on the right (by Cream) could be worn at a casual daytime affair as well.

Cream shoulder dress (cobalt) $149


I love the t shirt on the left. Nice elongated, yet shapely cut and graceful round neckline. But I could buy 14 of the one on the right...or a return trip to Toronto, a book and maybe a new cell phone for the cost of the St. John t shirt...I'm not sure yet, I'm still thinking (I mean dreaming). And let's not get caught up on the 'stripes make me look wide' theory. It's all in how and what it's paired with. If that's a concern, a long cardigan or Kimono brings the eye downwards.

B. Young t shirt 3/4 sleeve (4 colours) $39



Enough of the comparisons. I decided to end off the blog with 3 of Spencer + Shaw's. Their designer has just a way with taking the retro and giving it modern gusto. She just has a special talent for dress designs and their fit.

Spencer + Shaw button front dress (amber/ivory dot) $121

Spencer + Shaw smocked waist dress (peach print) $110

Spencer + Shaw drape front dress (black zebra) $149

I'm surprised that escaping into fantasy by way of a book, a movie or just inside ones own head, is not a health requirement. Because it often helps us survive our realities...immediate or worldly. Fashion can certainly provide some of this, and we could call it Vitamin F....someone needs to contact our Minister of Health and have it added to daily requirements!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Even the most expensive clock still shows sixty minutes in every hour ~ Jewish Proverb

SO MANY more dresses to choose from...have a look  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Don't forget...Plum can also be found on INSTAGRAM!

There are multiple versions of where Valentine came about or the need to celebrate it. One possible version has it's roots in religion (Catholic). Stating, during the time of Emperor Claudius II, Valentine was a priest. Claudius felt that single men were better as soldiers, thus he forbade marriage for young men. Valentine saw this as a travesty and bravely defied the rule and secretly performed marriages for young lovers. Only to meet his fate and was put to death. Thus it's thought we celebrate his death or burial. Hm, how cheery! But where did the red come from? Or Chocolates? I'm not honestly sure I even care! But we do benefit from both. Let's look at some possible date night possibilities:


How much do you love this!! Let me count the ways! I think this outfit is just as cute as a candy apple! The heart has texture, don't you think? Put together with the plaid pants, a great date outfit, for hanging out with your girl gang or....a date with you! 'Me' time is super important as well.

Mak crew neck heart sweater (black/pink or Navy/oatmeal) $69

Motion elastic waist pant (navy) $89


Move over Beyoncé....we just put a bow on it instead! A sweet tongue in cheek version of a men's shirt with a twist! I love the fresh way this is being expressed in this picture...keeping it simple with black pumps. And who needs a date...dress up for you (or your Mom, or your sister!)

FIND THIS instore only!


This is absolutely adorable and bold as your feelings! Take the casual away from this by adding a long coat or blazer and some cut out ankle boots, knee high boots or riding boots. These resin hearts have been hugely popular. Find them in other colours as well in store.

Be Cool hooded sweater (black or lavender) $69

Leggings and resin heart found in store in various prints and colours

Also what I found attributed to Claudius II, 'heart on your sleeve' reference; speculation in regards to his prohibiting marriage, yet he did allow temporary coupling, during a festival. Men would draw names to establish who their lady friend would be for the year (Interesting concept!).  He would then wear her name on his sleeve for the duration of the festival. A sweet concept but how would that work today with privacy laws! That's not a very romantic thought, sorry!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"But I will wear my heart on my sleeve, for daws to peck at!" ~ Shakespeare's - Othello, Act 1, Scene 1, 56–65

   ... read the full post and reader comments

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COATS!! 60% OFF? This is definitely a deal I can get myself into. I'm not one of the lucky individuals avoiding winter! Although, you do have to brave the elements to find them. IN STORE ONLY!




Do you sometimes think we will see a day where winter will no longer exist? Perhaps not in our lifetime. Some of us escape the grayness of the season during these dreary months by heading south. You therefore, will need to get prepared by exhuming the summer wear. And while we all make our individual attempts at conserving, reusing and recycling, at times, we find the old tank tops are just not possible to resuscitate.  And when you discover which of your seasonal favourites just can't make it through another season...enter Plum to the rescue! With an extensive collection to help you replace the out of season wardrobe. Sometimes, one or two things is all it takes to refresh the look!


Maybe you're looking to pack skinny!! You know, very few pieces, carry on only...above, a few fun loving, light hearted t shirts, flowey linen pants, a pair of shorts and a kimono. All of these can likely integrate into your current pieces nicely.

Bear Dance Bonjour pug t shirt (black) $35

Bear Dance cats doing yoga (burgundy) $35

Made in Italy linen cropped pant (black, white, light grey or taupe) $95

Jag Ainsley Bermuda short (grey, jungle palm or navy) $69

S+S rayon print kimono $49


OR...maybe you just need one, head turning outstanding outfit! I'd say this would do the trick! Two pieces that can also be paired with other coordinates, which creates an extension of your wardrobe in a very flowey rayon. Or add a shrug for cooler nights. (pieces sold separately)

Cotton Candy stripe bandeau top (blue or taupe) $28

Cotton Candy stripe Palazzo pant (blue or taupe) $79


Dresses are often the ones we reach for when on vacation or heading to a warmer climate. They're easy, feminine and easy to pack. Above the yellow is just so sweet and pretty and the nude shade is a great neutral for matching with other things, like a shawl or sandals and other accessories. And note the gorgeous back designs!

Spencer + Shaw tie back dress $128

Doe + Rae cutout back sundress (blush) $89


Another great addition is the ethnic look top. Loose fitting and light. They go with so many other things from shorts, to skirts, to jeans.

M embroidered cotton blouse (white/navy) $70

M embroidered open shoulder blouse (white) $90

Climate change is just something we must face, it's here to stay and for us to fix. Although we feel it's a current phenomenon, two hundred years ago, when Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' was published, her husband Percy, wrote of the earth's perceived dire state even then in his poem 'Mont Blanc'. So, this is perhaps not current news. Just something we must again revisit...like last years wardrobe!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Global warming isn't real because I was cold today...also good news, world hunger is over...because I just ate!" ~ Stephen Colbert

Many more out of season wear to check out. Head into a Plum location and as staff to direct you to the collection! Lots of options in the webstore and more in store! Enjoy your travels!  ... read the full post and reader comments

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NEWSFLASH: It's still dress season

For 4 days Oct. 18 to 21...destination is Plum. 8 select Spencer + Shaw dress styles to choose from - 30% off. While quantities last

While the habit of being late is not typically viewed positively...show of hands, who thinks the delay of autumn weather is 'A-OKAY? We mostly look forward to the richness of fall colours, but truly, it will get dark, cold and kind of dreary! Rarely, are there times, where lateness is seen as a glorious thing... although recently when Prince Harry heard his wife utter... 'I'm late', that would be considered an exception! BUT, mostly, those who are chronically, punctually challenged leave us all scratching our heads (or banging them) and wondering why. Does it help to know, studies have shown that the feeling of time passing, just feels different to those who tend to be 'delayed'? Why don't we try to look on the bright side of tardiness...summer extends her stay with us...and thus dress season can continue!


I love this dress. Yes it sports a very spring like print, however, as long as flowers are still blooming, why can't we wear them on our dresses (or yes, in your hair oh bohemian one)! Above the look shows sophistication worn with classic heels (by all means add a long strand of beads). Alternately, create a funky look with knee high boots, an infinity scarf* and for the night time chill, wear with this pin stripe jacket (not matching exactly gives it a bit more edge). However, if mixing patterns is not your thing, try a basic cardigan, or solid jacket or even a jean jacket and balance out the femininity of the dress with a fedora!

(*creating an infinity scarf out of long scarf is as simple as tying a knot in the ends and wrapping it around your neck several times...voila-new scarf)

Spencer+Shaw sleeveless elastic waist dress (black and pink or black and yellow prints) $110 Oct 18 to 21 30% off

Kaffe pin stripe jacket (grey stripe) $149



Oh...I had legs like this once.....on my Barbie....just kidding, I preferred building blocks....but I digress, this is such a gorgeous 'going out/date night/party' dress. I also think it calls for equally stunning heels or ankle boots. Or perhaps downplay the footwear and turn up the notch on the accessories (the neckline yearns for an eye catching necklace or several).

Spencer+Shaw ruffle trim wrap dress (black combo) $149 Oct.18 to 21 30% off


This very unstructured dress is all about the pattern. It's mod, it's bold and yet the colours are still subdued. And with such a dress... to accessorize or not! Two choices, let the pattern do the talking because it's really enough, OR get creative with the circular pattern find earrings with a similar or contrasting shape.
Yet another easy, relaxed fit dress. Pair it with this long sweater, which plays one length against the other nicely. If you're not good with bare legs add leggings and ankle boots. Just a simple pulled together look that jostles jeans for a simple yet comfortable, pulled together look.
worn with:
I don't know about you, but I seem to excel at all things delayed. I got married late, I had children late and each of them was born 10 days over due. I seem to be invested in running late....well, maybe not running!
Yours in Fashion passion...
 “I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
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Boho vibes

NOTE: some items that are featured here are part of the sale, and some are new arrivals. Prices are noted or check in store for details.

One more month of official summer remains, then back to it...school, work or, as in my case...back to…um, what I’m doing now (lol).  In any case BOHO, technically speaking is short for bohemian homeless originating in the 19th century, meant to describe the unconventional lifestyle of journalists, writers and artists. The style is characterized by large floppy hats, long flowey skirts and Joni Mitchell songs. A look typically representing, free thinking, creativeness and long, lazy days of summer. In 30 days, fall will abruptly attempt to put an end to all the free thinking fun...but for now, we have a reason to look like we haven’t a care in the world.


I think lace, in particular, can be viewed as a central part of bohemian style. Presenting an image of light, easy, fresh and vintage. The above dress can be just as comfortable at an evening out, as at the beach. As I often note, the footwear and accessories most often punctuates the look.

En Creme sundress with tassel straps (red/white) was $89 is now $69


One of my favourite features of this dress, aside from the open weave linen and pockets, is the shoulder ties, which offers the ability to slightly adjust the length. Aside from the every day, wear-for-tasking/lack-of-conformity style, I can see this worn with a shawl, and a long pendant.

Catwalk linen jumper dress (black, denim blue, pink or white) $110


Aside from the sweet, floral pattern, what’s lovely about this dress is the length, not too long... not too short...just right Goldilocks! If the neckline looks slightly too plunging for where you’re going, easily add a lace tank and if your air conditioned office is where you’re headed, add a jacket.

Hem & Thread spaghetti strap dress (navy/orange) was $85 is now $65


And of course embroidery is yet another common theme. The kimono featured here is bound to be another seasonal favourite for its very light texture.

Embroidered kimono (white) $79

There is definitely a way to add elements of the boho style to your outfit without being head to toe 70’s. A little bit of lace, a hat, or an embroidered jacket.  I once went all out on Halloween as a hippy. I could very easily see from the passersby on the street, it was rather unclear if this was my usual style.  Lesson I learned? You can take the girl out of the 70’s but it’s best to leave that entire 10 years where it was, maybe grab a piece or two, but it’s in the past for a reason!


Suzanne M

"Rows and flows of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air, and feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way" ~ Joni Mitchell  ... read the full post and reader comments

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