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Second to none

June 18, 2019

PLUM'S ANNUAL SIDEWALK SALE June 20 to 23 All Plum stores don't miss it!! I have a big passion for thrifted items. Perpetually looking at garments with a head tilt ~ what could I refashion that into ~ a split second decision is needed,'s gone...GONE!...

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NO years resolution!

January 9, 2019

I RESOLVE TO BE A WARMER PERSON in 2019 - starting with sweaters! NOW 50% OFF FALL AND WINTER SWEATERS!!! (IN STORE ONLY). View more styles in the webstore then head into a nearby Plum for all the great deals. Hands up, those of you who, 9 days into 19, haven't abandoned - ...

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November 28, 2018

UNTIL SUNDAY DECEMBER 2 - SALE ITEMS ARE AN EXTRA 25% OFF... NEED I SAY MORE?       I.C.Y.M.I. (in case you missed it), acronyms are the new pencil! Our time so limited, we can't write full sentences. Imagine trying to explain this (and Twitter) to a distant...

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Too juvenile for me!

May 2, 2018

50% OFF of Simone and wink wink dresses for 4 days only May 3 to 6! Ever utter those words? While contemplating a purchase recently I made that proclamation out loud... to myself public. I'm sure those who know me are thinking... 'you have a style/age limit?' I hate tha...

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What's your top 5?

November 22, 2016

DO NOT MISS PLUM'S IN STORE - 4 DAY SALE...THURSDAY NOVEMBER 24 to SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27. Every season is there not one thing you feel is a 'must have'? A seasonal colour, a texture, a trend?  Some styles come and go and yet others we think will fade from everyone's inte...

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Girls in white dresses

July 20, 2016

Wedding season is in full swing...outdoor, under the gazebo, beach, and even bungee jumping off a cliff...'type' weddings...(GULP)...Often, as a guest, a dress is the go-to choice. However, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some thoughts. Venue might give you a clue (such as ...

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No peeves!!

July 6, 2016

4 days only! $20 off* jeans, jean jackets; $10 off* denim shorts, denim skirts and vests. Great time to get a second pair of your favourites! (*off regular price) Now that summer is here, we're enjoying the weather, back yard barbeque's, road trips, picnics and flip flops...but HOLD IT RIGH...

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Happy Sweater Day

January 20, 2016

GET YOUR HAPPY ON...fall and winter sweaters 50 -70% OFF! Gladly we've made it past the 'saddest day of the year' (Blue Monday). Created by a psychologist at Cardiff University who believed there to be a specific formula to pinpoint the most depressing day of the year. (We need this?).....

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popularity contest

June 26, 2015

Are you popular? Do you really care? Does liking something that's popular, make us popular? Sometimes we like to publicly admit (hello Facebook) we like 'something' that's trendy, and sometimes we wouldn't admit we're fond of the likes of Celine Dion because we'd fee...

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Beyond the blues

May 13, 2015

Jean jackets. We don't mind sitting on them, throwing them on the ground, or stepping on them...generally treating them with the basic disrespect shown to dishcloths...but try parting with them.  Not so easy because we love our jean jackets. They're a wardrobe staple and have been since...

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