Dress Rehearsal

Pssss!!! Plum has new linens in store...head into a location near you to check them out...pictures to come.

I’ve never been in a play, acted or given a performance (unless you count, being out in ones PJ's after dark, yelling for ones dog that wandered off...that sure felt like a very bad one...that I hope to not have a repeat performance of), then no, I’ve never done one. So, to me, every day is ‘go time’. We can plan our day, map out where and when we go, and then boom…life happens. You know, other people’s plans collide with ours! There really is no ‘run-through’. So, we should just dress like we mean it! Like we’re the main act! Because, we are!

And because Spencer+Shaw dresses are 50% off the regular price, of course, you'll want to buy 2! All dresses noted in this blog are in store only...styles and selection vary by store.


Wherever you go, there you are! I know that was pretty far away from deep! In any case, if you're feeling like it's a dress day for you, go for it. On occasion I've had people say to me, 'oh you're dressed up!'....no, not really, I just dress to amuse myself! Because, why not! You know the quote, life is short, buy the dress! (or wear the dress)! What are we saving the good china (earrings, shoes...wine) for?

Spencer+Shaw wrap style flutter sleeve dress - NOW $55


I think this would be perfect for the Vancouver Folk fest upcoming. An easy, unstructured cut, suited to dancing the day and night away!

Spencer+Shaw novelty trim dress NOW $68


Consider this a dress, consider it a wrap, or a Kimono or a kimo-wrap-dress......Regardless, it's super convertible and a big time multi tasker, like you! Worn above with tights, but could be worn without the tights, a belt and some spiked heels or platform wedges are big now.

Spencer+Shaw Asian print Kimono dress NOW $53


Go ahead, strike a pose Madonna, you are totally all that and a bag o' chips! Suddenly I have a craving for chips! Another great, all occasion type dress...to the beach, to a performance, to a dinner party or just to your back deck for coffee, with your dog! The great ubiquity of the tank style, with some added style (ruching) on the side, spandex and the sexy deep plunging back for some added drama!

Spencer+Shaw tank dress ruched side NOW $55


Another wrap dress, this time a faux wrap. In other words, it looks like you could whip it off in a dramatic fit of passion or it could blow open with a gust of wind......but no! It just looks that way. It consists of a very feminine, semi-retro styling with side tie and a bit of elastic at the back for ease of movement!

Spencer+Shaw midi length faux wrap dress NOW $59

Life is pretty much a 'live' performance...our very own reality show, if you will! However, it's our own script, no matter how you look at it, we each have our own. While there may not be a rehearsal for most of our life events....there can be part 2...3...etc. Make sure you remember to include intermission...you know, to grab some popcorn!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"I don't dress up for boys. I dress up to stare at my reflection in store windows as I walk by." ~ Someecards


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