Some Like it Hot!

ONE DAY LEFT for Plum's matching BIG SISTERS WITH LITTLE SISTERS May campaign.
Girls in gangs is definitely a thing of concern. While their numbers are lower than their male counter parts, and research and stats are sparse it's clear, they are there, they do exist. They often age out of the getting pregnant at a very young age. Hardly an ideal solution for a young girl, however. But what can be done? A possibly daunting challenge to make a dent in this problem but, we can do a little something! While a big sister cannot solve every problem for a little sister, there's one thing they can solve. The alone feeling a girl can feel if she has little or no support or direction from home.

(until May 31) Help Plum with their annual campaign to match a big sister with a little sister details here...Plum matches donations up to $ 25 AND you get a chance to win a $350 gift card! Win win win!

The unrelenting heat of summer is upon us...and what can we do for relief? Take more trips to the grocery store and hover around the freezer section, or insist you need more books from the library....Right! Likely you do-also a good plan! But really, if stripping down to tank tops or bra tops is not your thing, it's time to invest in some Kimono's. They're fresh, light, abundant with romantic vibeology and just so easy to coordinate with other things. A way to stay within your clothing comfort zone and look really really cool doing so!
KIMONO'S  ---- 20% OFF UNTIL Sunday June 2
Same Kimono, two slightly different looks...the difference? Essentially a slightly more fluid pant on the left and shoes. Shoes again, can really create a different presentation. The white is just so fresh and cool is it not?
How is this for a 'one and done' look!? The bright, effusive pattern plays well against the mellow onsie hue. If you're looking to add some definition, by all means add a belt. The beauty of the kimono, is they are so light, they can easily be packed up and tucked away in a bag if not needed.
The look on the right is clearly pulled together and works nicely. But perhaps you are in need of a dress combination. Again, an easy look, two pieces, add a pendant or earrings if you want to add more interest. Otherwise, it's a really bright, lively, polished look!
Image Image
And by all means, add some levity to an otherwise serene looking garment by co-ordinating with your happy t or any graphic t, for that matter. The kimono adds just the right touch of refinement to most any garment to create a light hearted, yet elegant touch!
Some people do love that blistering, searing, scorching heat of this time of year. I guess I like the security blanket of my jackets and blazers. Thus kimono's provide that little extra coverage, with a dash of elegance. I'm not anti-sunshine, I just prefer that I don't need to store my wedding rings in the freezer so the diamonds in my wedding ring, don't melt away. Ok maybe that's an exaggeration, the cubic zirconia's!
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
SO many kimonos in stock right now, this is an ideal time to stock up on them. There is no sign of this fashion trend abating any time soon!
"If you think the summer sun is too hot, just remember, at least you don't have to shovel it" ~ Bob Dylan
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