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ONE DAY LEFT for Plum's matching BIG SISTERS WITH LITTLE SISTERS May campaign.
Girls in gangs is definitely a thing of concern. While their numbers are lower than their male counter parts, and research and stats are sparse it's clear, they are there, they do exist. They often age out of the getting pregnant at a very young age. Hardly an ideal solution for a young girl, however. But what can be done? A possibly daunting challenge to make a dent in this problem but, we can do a little something! While a big sister cannot solve every problem for a little sister, there's one thing they can solve. The alone feeling a girl can feel if she has little or no support or direction from home.

(until May 31) Help Plum with their annual campaign to match a big sister with a little sister details here...Plum matches donations up to $ 25 AND you get a chance to win a $350 gift card! Win win win!

The unrelenting heat of summer is upon us...and what can we do for relief? Take more trips to the grocery store and hover around the freezer section, or insist you need more books from the library....Right! Likely you do-also a good plan! But really, if stripping down to tank tops or bra tops is not your thing, it's time to invest in some Kimono's. They're fresh, light, abundant with romantic vibeology and just so easy to coordinate with other things. A way to stay within your clothing comfort zone and look really really cool doing so!
KIMONO'S  ---- 20% OFF UNTIL Sunday June 2
Same Kimono, two slightly different looks...the difference? Essentially a slightly more fluid pant on the left and shoes. Shoes again, can really create a different presentation. The white is just so fresh and cool is it not?
How is this for a 'one and done' look!? The bright, effusive pattern plays well against the mellow onsie hue. If you're looking to add some definition, by all means add a belt. The beauty of the kimono, is they are so light, they can easily be packed up and tucked away in a bag if not needed.
The look on the right is clearly pulled together and works nicely. But perhaps you are in need of a dress combination. Again, an easy look, two pieces, add a pendant or earrings if you want to add more interest. Otherwise, it's a really bright, lively, polished look!
Image Image
And by all means, add some levity to an otherwise serene looking garment by co-ordinating with your happy t or any graphic t, for that matter. The kimono adds just the right touch of refinement to most any garment to create a light hearted, yet elegant touch!
Some people do love that blistering, searing, scorching heat of this time of year. I guess I like the security blanket of my jackets and blazers. Thus kimono's provide that little extra coverage, with a dash of elegance. I'm not anti-sunshine, I just prefer that I don't need to store my wedding rings in the freezer so the diamonds in my wedding ring, don't melt away. Ok maybe that's an exaggeration, the cubic zirconia's!
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
SO many kimonos in stock right now, this is an ideal time to stock up on them. There is no sign of this fashion trend abating any time soon!
"If you think the summer sun is too hot, just remember, at least you don't have to shovel it" ~ Bob Dylan
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It's all about me!



$30 OFF UNTIL Sunday April 21

3 coat styles, 4 days only

IT'S MY 5 YEAR BLOG-VERSARY WRITING FOR PLUM. Considering I'm imposing my opinions on you, weekly, I realized a big miss was never introducing myself. Well, no time like the present. A little about me...I'm obsessed with t shirts, I love bold colour (and non colour). I have a black belt...literally a black belt to wear, with clothes...well...more than one, if I'm honest. I have a PHD in new arrivals! And my pastimes are sewing, reading books half way through and abandoning them and sarcasm (in no particular order). In any case, I truly hope you've enjoyed my guided tours through Plum fashions. And feel free to tell me about you. But right now, let's look at things I like, because, you know, I'm making it all about me, this week!


A tiny snowflake of a lie. Not really all about me...but that's ok. I love outerwear. The feature this week is coats, and the weather dictates that we're not totally done with them.  The one on the left is fully rainproof with sealed seams, drawstring, for more definition and cold protection and features a detachable hood; to provide for less of a function and more fashion look. The one on the right has a soft interior for a bit of warmth. These will be good for years to come, and my picks for layering at this time of year.

Soya Concept polka dot coat (navy) $159 until Apr 21 $129

Soya Concept softshell jacket (black or sand) $ 155 until Apr 21 $125


Let's talk about the wide leg pants trend. Not only are they super comfortable, and offer an air of sophistication, but they're everywhere! I'm seeing lots of crops, worn very street style. As in, with very masculine boots, or loafers, as above, with slides, or for a more night out vibe, pumps or cut out booties! What else to wear with them? Feeling like you want something more edgy? Try a graphic t, knot it in the front and casual white kicks. OR, as noted in the above bottom right, they look great with a kimono. Or maybe go a different route - a la Katherine Hepburn and other great women of the 30's and 40's. Hair up, and a string of pearls or a big hat to balance out the pants. Best advice I can straight posture gives off the air of 'I'm a trend setter'!

B Young cropped pant (black) $89

Motion stripe Palazzo pant (blue) $86

Final Touch pull on palazzo pant (black or mustard) $69

Final Touch palazzo pant with waist tie (sage) $74







As I've previously mentioned, I love multiple or stripe colours and patterns. They're bright and lively, and on a practical note, grab any colour and it's easy as pie to match with accessories and shoes. (Is it funny only to me, that they picked white?)!

Cream front tie blouse (multi) $89



Another trend I'm super happy about, shorts are getting longer, yay!!  I personally don't need to flash everyone the blinding, untanned 13 inches above my knees. And I don't think an explanation is required for how to wear them, but maybe a reminder, that they're not just for gardening and walking the dog. One can certainly upscale them a bit. A long cardigan or Kimono, slingbacks and a hat.

Cream Bermuda shorts (black) $79



I'm also a huge fan of skirts. In part because dresses pose a specific challenge for my proportions and skirts offer the same feminine flair, but with a few more options for changing up the style, with different tops. This one above is so pretty with it's floaty, light weight fabric and dotted pattern.

Ichi mid length skirt (navy dot) $69

Ok really...about me...I'm from New Brunswick (the other edge of Canada), married and over 20...ok,, really 50...8 (but who's' counting); I have 2 beautiful girls and a black (of course) lab! I've gone from being a 70's girl, where being bold for me was wearing beige and green together to...ok let's just say, I no longer wear beige! Fast forward to now, and I love how the internet has provided us with the ability to virtually find those who blaze trails for us and I continue to be inspired by women of all ages and sages. And fashion expression to me is like what words are to communicating...sometimes they're colourful, sometimes they're strong but sometimes they're barely a whisper and minimalism is best.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions" ~ Augusten Burroughs  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Suddenly a good friend has tickets to a music festival. They're wonderful but they can be long days outdoors. Be it Cavendish Music Festival in beautiful P.E.I. or Edmonton or Vancouver's Jazz Festival's, you could encounter wall to wall sunshine....or possibly a buffet of unexpected weather. Let's assume it will be fabulous weather. Why not! However, what should or could you wear?

Let's see what Plum has to suggest:


Dresses are as synonymous with festivals as Neil Young. Be it a festival or beach BBQ you'll be attending, think bright and comfortable, this dress has both these qualities. Vibrant, feather print, long back dip hem and braided skinny straps, keep it simple yet fun and bright to match your personality. Be prepared with appropriate footwear, festival grounds can be rather unpredictable.

Simone mid length dress with braided strap detail (royal or purple print) $110



Maybe dresses are not your thing....not a problem, shorts are another 'go to' co-ordinate for the summer months. Pair them (of course) with t shirts or sleeveless blouses, whatever they're married with, they are sure to be a good wardrobe investment (don't forget the bug spray).

Dish chino short (evergreen) $79



This has summer written all over it. (Yes I realize they're flowers). Light weight, skinny straps and free flowing create a really wonderful seasonal feeling. Shawls or large scarves (tied in different ways) are great for a bit of extra coverage. As you can see, looks great with jeans, but can easily look great with a pencil skirt and cardigan.

Plum tank with shirring detail (navy, orange or turquoise prints) $49


And on that note, if converting a scarf does not suit you, how about a lovely, light, ethereal piece that looks like it was dreamt up by angels. So incredibly flowey and light, won't add bulk to your wardrobe, just a light bit of coverage and funk! A very pretty and versatile trend.

Cecico kimono georgette top (blush or mint) $69

So, where ever you're headed this summer...Jazz Festival, Folk Festival or just your folk's place for a BBQ, be ready with a wardrobe that reflects the summer we expect. Fun and beautiful.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.




Raise your hand if you have a big sister. I don't have enough hands, because I'm blessed with 3 big sisters. Yes you can count your best friend who you feel is like a big sister. But maybe you don't have a big sister and always wished you had one. Someone to always confide in, bounce things off of and look up to. Someone who will support but not criticize you, no matter how silly you feel your ideas might be.

Some young girls are less fortunate, their parents (or parent), are stretched to the limit. Not enough time or resources to provide all of this. Here's your opportunity to help a little sister get her big sister. During the month of May Plum collects donations by asking our customers to contribute $2 to help match 2 little Sisters with their big sisters. From now until May 31, 2015, Plum will be matching donations up to $25, and, you get a chance to win a $350 Plum Gift Certificate! 

These big sisters play such an important role in the lives of these growing young girls. By providing much needed support and encouragement, which in turn can boost a young girls growing self esteem. With healthy self esteem, we know so much can be accomplished. 




   ... read the full post and reader comments

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