I think we've danced long enough with winter. Winter sit down, it's time for Spring. I find myself so fed up with winter, I'd like to box it up and send it to the east coast of Canada where they know exactly what to do with it. Baltic and Slavic countries have the right idea; every year on the first day of spring, an effigy of winter is burned and thrown in the river as a way to welcome Spring....I say why wait, let's do that now.  Let's have a look at some spring looks:


Did you hear the one about the cats who went on vacation from their tough lives? No me neither because that's impossible...Bear Dance makes some seriously silly t shirts. Plum has an extensive collection to choose from.

Bear Dance 'cats in Volkswagen van' (ivory) $35


Trench coats are synonymous with spring. Signifying that it's time to pack away the heavy coats, and now warm enough to put on a lighter one! A great, timeless take on a men's classic.

Soya Concept trench belted coat (sand) $149


Here are a couple of fresh spring options. The Tobias on the left with it's small polka dot print, brings to mind snow drops, one of the first floral emergence.  A beautifully tailored jacket.  And the tan drape front Tobias jacket presents a neutral alternative to black.

Tobias shawl collar jacket (black or navy) $198

Tobias open front jacket with rolled sleeves (concrete, nougat or olive) $149


Maybe as an homage to the suffragettes' of a 150 years ago, (white having been a significant colour), you'd like to implement some white into your wardrobe, or to support a cause ;)...the collarless Point Zero jacket is a fantastic choice to lighten up the season.

Point Zero collarless jean jacket (lt indigo denim or white) $90

Mavi Adrianna glam white rinse (white) $118


Grey is a wonderful transitional colour to springs brights. Not too dark, not too light (as Goldilocks once said). An uncomplicated garment, great for a casual work environment or weekend/off hours. Simple and comfortable, but easy to accessorize.

Ellison slouchy knit tunic (grey or navy) $65


I aim to create a life that I don't need a vacation from (I like that quote)...however a girl can dream...Bear Dance make some of the most light hearted, amusing and nicely fitting t shirts I've found and I'm a bit obsessed with t shirts.

Bear Dance 'I need a vacation' T (black) $35

Great things happen during transition times. We sometimes notice things we'd not normally notice and thus take a different direction, pause to appreciate what we have or get excited by what is to come ...Spring brings with it so much hope (and some great wardrobe pieces) ;)

"Honor the space between no longer and not yet"~Nancy Levin

Yours in Fashion passion...

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Really...who wears shorts in winter? Except maybe your boyfriend or the guy from UPS? I remember my Mother recounting to me stories of my Father shoveling snow in below zero weather... 'maybe' wearing a jacket. Is wearing shorts or short sleeves in winter 'a thing'? Truthfully, the majority of people wearing shorts in winter are heading south...spot them in the security lineup at the airport, fully ready to get out of the cold and into the warm! And if that happens to be you, make a detour to Plum first; well known for having the best selection of resort wear. Get to your destination fully ready to do nothing but sit, enjoy, relax. 


Forget about digging out, musty old, out of season clothing. Go shopping. Go home, move garments from shopping bag to travel bag...one and done! Easy. If you select well, you can just go with carry on. T shirts are a must have and Plum has an excellent variety to choose from.

Michelle California print t shirt (white) $42


And then there's the tank dress....easy to put on; belt it if you prefer a more accessorized look. And with a simple change of your footwear, and jewelry, and maybe hair up, moves into evening for dancing or dining.

Wink Wink tank dress with curved hem (black, mocha, mulberry or navy) $79



Wherever you're headed...there will be 'night'! Sundown 'will' happen and you'll need at least a light cover. Comprised of viscose this is so flowing, light and easy. No buttons...and very long.

acapella oversized open shawl (black, natural or navy) $79



If you're a pants person, do not pass these up. With the effortless flow of rayon, these are going to be your go to pants for the entire season, not just vacation. Long, wide legs, pockets and a truly rudimentary print these will be a breeze to co-ordinate.

Stevie wide leg pant 100% rayon (black print) $77 IN STORES NEXT WEEK

I may not be headed south or someplace warm and void of precipitation, but I do love what's new and fresh and this is just a hint of what Plum has received for Spring. If you're like me and do not like missing out on your size and colour of choice, be the first to get in and check out what's new and needed.

Yours in Fashion passion....

ps...enjoy your trip!

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As we say good bye to a potentially abominable year (no I'm not just talking about the snow), we think back. Some of us would rather not, after all, a veritable playlist of musicians left us, questionable leadership voted in, earthquakes in Italy, Haiti getting hit again and newsworthy closer to home, Fort Mac fires happening.  Seemed to be more forgettable news than memorable. Either you 'Let it Go' or....get away and forget it all! If you belong to the 'LET'S GO' camp....here's a bit of packing inspiration.


Looking like angel wings preparing for winged flight, this beautiful, light cover is just what is needed to ward off a little chill.

Kerisma Eden sheer poncho (6 colours) $59


Look on the bright side....seriously! Look at this lovely, bright top. If this lively pattern doesn't brighten your mood, your destination surely will. A buffet of colours and patterns which will be simple to co-ordinate.

Wink Wink cap sleeve t shirt (3 colour patterns) $39


Another bright, lively piece that mimics 2 pieces and looks like a field of flowers. The less you have to pack the better.

Wink Wink tank dress draped top (blue or white/blue) $110


No question about it, when you think of warmer climates and just hanging out....linen comes to mind. Inevitably, if you're a 'pant' person, this is the best fabrication. Loose, light and casual.

M drawstring linen pants (navy and stripe) $90


Plum ribbed tank top (13 yummy colours) $18

Bear Dance pugs doing yoga $35

Wink Wink tank top with curved hem (blue or light blue)$55

And then there's a fantastic assortment of tank tops, graphic t's and tops. The possibilities are endless especially if you pack just right, with only a few key pieces.

Pretending 2016 did not happen is no more possible than cake being used as a weight loss method. Since neither is bound to happen any time soon, and you have a great escape planned to plot a successful 2017, make a trip to Plum first and get some good packing karma!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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If December was a day of the week, I'm sure it would be Saturday. Because now begins the month of gift giving along with abundant parties, gatherings and merriment. And what to wear! Recently I enjoyed a lovely night with my colleagues at Plum's annual Christmas party. My favourite part (aside from the food) was seeing just how these fabulous women put together a festive outfit. I'm always amazed and inspired. Neither age nor size is relevant here, therefore I encourage you to venture into a Plum location near you and I'm confident they'll help you uncover your seasonal sparkle!


When you purchase this dress (and I know you will), you'll be be getting more than just your average LBD for one season. This is a very innovative, unique design that you will most certainly get a lot of mileage from. What you wear with your LBD is very personal but this is 2 pieces, essentially a tank dress, with a gorgeous curved front overlay top. Thus, one can wear them separately, creating far more than just party season attire.

Simone tank dress with layered top (black or Plum) $149


Lace is yet another texture that inevitably shows up during the Christmas season. Off the shoulder, lined body and an easy shape make this a hit. As above, with black pants, you'll find this very easy to co-ordinate with multiple other pieces. However, you'll also find, that lace has also made it's way quite nicely into mainstream wear as well.


DO+BE off shoulder lace top (wine) $89


Maybe a break away from solids would be a good direction to take. A jersey print, blouson style dress, with a body hugging skirt create a sexy, and feminine departure from the usual seasonal glitz.

Soya Concept Petruska 2 Jersey print dress (black) $95



The sweet retro look of the lace with a removable collar creates a light easy look. On the right the Mavi GLITTER jean. Black with light flecks of glitter.

acappella lace top with contrast collar (black or ivory) $85

Mavi Adriana skinny glitter jeans (black glitter) $138


Jackets are another sensational way to add some interest to your outfit. The one on the left is a fun, faux fur that adds texture and a playful feel to a potentially basic outfit. Add a chunky or glitzy necklace and you're good to go. The jacket on the right can easily go from office to office party with the simple switch of lipstick, shoes and hair.

Soya Concept fuzzy cropped jacket (black) $95

Tobias double breasted jacket with flared hem (black or pewter) $230 now $185

Dressing for a the barrage of December parties can be a headache OR can add some extra fun to already joy filled and fun activities. Choosing wisely can mean your outfit doesn't sit in your closet until the following December with the Christmas decorations. Head into a Plum location near you. There are accessories oozing with glamour and other wonderful options for the approaching party season. With lots of expertise to go along with it.

Yours in Fashion passion

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What's in your purse?

Until November 13, Plum's BC locations are sponsoring a purse drive for Dress for Success. Simply drop off any gently used, interview, career appropriate purses to one of our BC locations and they will be forwarded to Dress for Success.

What do you think dressing for success looks like? From what I can see it looks individual, personal and polished. Today I had the great honor of attending the Dress for Success luncheon. A room full of mostly women, gathered to support, celebrate, encourage and inspire. Women who have come a long way, and women who mentor others. Listening to the Inspiration Award winner Fiona Hogg speak of her life's journey and how Dress for Success played a key role in helping turn around a very long challenging path, was both eye opening and inspiring.

Dressing for Success means putting your best foot forward often on a new venture, new career, new path. Let's have a look at a few of Plum's career pieces:


The pencil skirt always has a place in the career closet. The above skirt has an outspoken hounds tooth print, a comfortable length and a hidden elastic for easy wear.

Plum pencil skirt with hidden elastic (purple or red) $69 now $55


Shirts are to your office wardrobe what the calculator is to the accountant...although they need not be so stark as white. Without much effort your career pieces can have a spark of fun as well.  In this case a light, fresh, bird print puts the fun in function.

acapella long sleeve button front blouse (White with grey bird print) $82


It's important that what you wear to work be comfortable and functional. This is a dress that has as much comfort and fit as it does style. Features cap sleeves and princess seams that help accentuate and flatter.

Simone princess seam v neck dress (black or merlot) $139


And finally in honor of the purse drive, perhaps you're looking for a new addition. Looks like real leather but nothing of the bovine variety died for this. Love the cross hatch body and large button fastener. Inside internal zip pocket as well as 2 zip pockets and assorted other small pockets.

Catwalk woven cross body bag (pewter) $69

Dress for Success was founded in 1997 and since it's inception has helped countless women, when all else felt hopeless, get back on their feet and find direction. Plum is Vancouver's founding sponsor and has been a proud sponsor for 15 years. Congratulations to this years very deserving 'Inspiration Award Recipient' Fiona Hogg. Find out more about Dress for Success, how to support, volunteer or donate here

Yours in Fashion Passion...

Suzanne M.

Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall!  ... read the full post and reader comments

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