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Que sera sera...Ah, the weather, like the ex...forever unpredictable and unreliable! Oh! Were you thinking of Doris Day? Of course you were. Having appeared in 38 films in her career, Doris Day who died recently at age 97, was well known as both a singer and actress. But let's not forget her girl next door image and the freckled bright smile that was pervasive in her films. Her fashion image, perhaps not always one she loved, was one of clean cut, pristine and fresh. But it was a look that she mastered and will frankly never go out of style. Unlike the weather, it's consistent and easy to procure. Let me show you a few modern takes:


I'm fairly convinced that if Doris were a young woman today, she'd likely opt for a similar look. Simply fresh and sporty, at times presenting a tom boy image (Calamity Jane). However, maybe she'd wear saddle shoes...does anyone remember those? First introduced in 1906 by Spalding, designed and intended to create added reinforcement at the instep, for indoor sports; they quickly gathered steam and popularity over decades that followed.

Dreamers v neck pullover sweater regularly (6 COLOURS) $75 until Monday May 20 $55


The sweetheart look, was an image I'm sure she grew weary of over the years, perhaps because of not wanting to be tied to one image. Regardless, even today, it's easy if the goal is to look pulled together. A look represented by minimal accessories, precise makeup and very well coifed hair. I'm sure I'd sooner find myself a world class, medal winning Olympian before I could pull this off, lovely as it is!

Bandana, heart necklace find in store ~ selection may vary by location

Motion embroidered t shirt (oatmeal) $55

Soya Concept skinny pant with bottom zipper (army or powder pink) $135




The dress on the left is indicative of a style and fit that would have been common to see on women of her era, very fitted and defined. Timeless, effortless chic, and perfect for a professional setting. While the dress on the right is just a sweet, simple summer dress, complete with adjustable spaghetti straps and a shirred back panel.

Spencer+Shaw capsleeve dress (black herringbone) $119

Spencer+Shaw fit and flare dress (red/white) $99




Today's version of yesterday's pedal pushers is the crop pant (on the left). Perhaps she would have worn them with ballet flats or even penny loafers...the penny is gone but the loafer remains! Oh but I digress (as I often do). And to the right another sweet fresh, summer pick, distinctly feminine, yet simple. 

Cream front seam slit pant (corn yellow or white) $109

Dreamers gathered back dress (multi stripe) sale price $65


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Joseph D'Arezzo large round wicker shopper $59

Hats were also a key part of her image, from straw hats with a quaint flower bunch to pill box to dramatic wide brims to leopard print designs. They will never go out of style, it's merely a matter of what suits our face shape and what we're drawn to. And of course one of the hot trends of the summer is the straw bag.

Doris Day represented an era that was full of restrictions and fairly well defined expectations of women and society in general. However, the style itself should not be overlooked, as it's freshness and ease endures and emerges as a steady consistent uncomplicated look each summer.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"As we journey under our individual umbrellas, we should not forget, we all share the same sky" ~ Doris Day  ... read the full post and reader comments

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We thought we'd crawled out from under the doldrums of the darkness and 'burr' of winter with the time change, longer days, sunshine and temperatures that pushed past 1 digit! YES!!!! Suddenly to be unceremoniously, pulled back to reality...like that peaceful, deep 10 minute snooze that carries you away to a barren beach with crystal clear waters and then the BUS jolts to a stop...BACK to reality! Mother Nature, like most mothers, is very sternly telling us 'PUT THAT SWEATER BACK ON!' That's o-kay! It's spring people. We love sweaters! Let's have a look at a few.


A more exaggerated feminine take on a long cardigan...note the shade, the bell sleeves and the ribbing. The open front trend, lends itself to the ease of wear....no more buttons to sew back on...just grab and go. A creative way to wear it, wrap it up tight, overlapping the front, then add a rustic looking belt..for a more random, unstructured look.

Cream open front rib top cardigan (melon sorbet) $119


I think she must be looking for summer!! It's a ways off....but in the mean time, she looks fantastic. They've paired the varied textured sweater with the ruggedness of the khaki denim, adding the sleek gold accessories...make the threesome a great ensemble!

Cream high textured cardigan (multi) $149 now $119


It's nice to have just a classic vneck sweater; a style that we often reach for. Great as above with the floral tights, however, worn with cropped pants and the ballet flats, and possibly a string of pearls... evokes an image of Audrey Hepburn. Sweet, easy and yet still very stylish in it's simplicity!

Ichi long vneck sweater (canyon clay or pale blue) $69 now $59



Once again I'm putting forth my vote for stripes!! So many people think that if you're any wider than Celine Dion, you should be 3 blocks away from ANY stripes.....really? I just feel like that advise is not worth the time it takes to count the stripes! BUT that's just my opinion. I love the structure and how they can play against multiple other prints OR simply add just a dash of variation without a lot of visual busy-ness!

B Young stripe pullover (blue combo, orange combo or violet combo) IN STORE ONLY $59 now $29



Again, basic/solid bottoms take a back seat to the usual print-less style that we've become accustomed to. The above are fully knit and very comfortable, but since they mimic intricate lace, they can be easily styled up, with a variety of means...with the use of footwear changes and/or accessories. Again, sometimes, as in this case, all that is needed is a change in the outerwear...casual choice of cardigan. But note they've added a few splashes of colour with the bold red heart and bandana!

Be Cool hooded sweater (black or lavender) $69


Opposites attract they say. Well, yes, sometimes we like oversized and sometimes we like fitted. We don't have to be committed to one or the other always. The unstructured open front with large pockets on the left is great with leggings or skinny jeans and so easy. The fitted v neck not only is a cardigan but looks great also under a structured jacket. Needless to say if it's inappropriate as is, add a cami or t shirt under!

Ichi oversized open cardigan (navy or light blue) $69 now $55

Soya Concept button down cardigan (navy, blue sky or shell coral) $69 now $59

From Audrey Hepburn pictured in a turtleneck sweater, to Marilyn in the unforgettable images in 'Let's Make Love' where she sports merely an Irish Aran knit and stockings, to Jeff Bridges in the 'Big Lebowski'; sweaters are forever etched in our memories for the iconic fashion they help create. But 'I just want to keep warm' you say? Well, as they say, 'a sweater is just a blanket you can wear to work'. Just remember though, your pillow is not a hat!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

'To think, a sweater is made entirely of knots. My stomach could clothe a village.' ~ Andrea Gibson (poet)  ... read the full post and reader comments

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And this week....nothing bitter about this....a sweet deal. Dreamers round neck sweaters for 4 days until February 10th - $59 - 5 colours!

Bitter sweet is an oxymoron. Which is the use of two contradicting terms to describe something. I realize it is a baffling English language phrasing structure, however it is fairly common...for example...sweet sorrow, jumbo shrimp, farewell reception or my personal favourite...painfully beautiful...you know, like Kendall Jenner's recent nude Italian Vogue fashion spread...erm...what am I missing here? Fashion of....? Anyway opposite's quite often work, not just in phrases but very well in fashion, to showcase each others features. Let's look at a few:


This bright, happy yellow adds needed therapy to the somber, down to earth khaki pants. Because, all yellow might be a bit blinding and all khaki perhaps a bit intensely mellow. They make a very nice couple!

Dreamers round neck sweater (5 colours) $59 until Sunday Feb.10

Cream twill jeans (major brown) $129



My ultimate favourite pairing of opposites is the ultra romantic look of a Victorian style blouse and the ruggedness of very authentic looking worn in jeans. Perhaps bring the two together with a blazer and some bohemian pendants and you have a really fashionable weekend or casual workday look.

Cream Victorian style blouse (beige) $79

Yoga Italy hand sanded jean $148


Also to try, marrying a silly graphic t, with the straight lines of a stripe pant. Why this works: the complete rigidity of the pant lines, linked together by the white and black in both, and the artistic imagery of the graphics. Whimsically throw on a scarf or red beret to top it off.

Bear Dance 'bonjour' pug t s shirt (black) $35

All in Favor black stripe pants $65



Another example of the softness of the frill front blouse and the borrowed-from-the-men, suit look. A great balance is the, strut-your-stuff shoes and it's a very sophisticated work ensemble. The tone is chic and professional yet soft at the same time.

Cream frill front blouse $89

Kaffe check pant (grey melange) $129

There are lots of examples of opposites that create a great image, are ultimately even better together than apart, or work better together.  Like eating breakfast for dinner, laughing so hard you cry, or wearing stripes and dots or leather and lace together. I tried my own theory with wearing last nights makeup in the morning, but it didn't really have the same great effect.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if you sit back and watch, Karma can be pure entertainment"~ David Wolfe  ... read the full post and reader comments

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NO years resolution!


View more styles in the webstore then head into a nearby Plum for all the great deals.

Hands up, those of you who, 9 days into 19, haven't abandoned - like 3 day old leftovers - their new years resolutions? I can honestly state, that there was a solid 22 minutes back last Tuesday where I said 'I GOT THIS!'....then 3 O'clock hit and I said...what was I thinking, I can't abandon sarcasm ALL day. Some things are just part of your DNA! Like my devotion to t shirts and maybe you have a sweater compulsion? The fuzzy, the warm, the textures, the colours. How can you not! And currently with the sweaters 50% off....just park the resolution to cut back on sweaters.....just for an hour. You can go back to it later...you have all year to make that work!


Such an easy to coordinate cardigan. A very comprehensive style, a great length for even most mid length coats, lots of ribbing on the sleeves and bottom edge, side slits and 55% cotton. If you prefer to close it up, try belting it for a bit more of a stylish look.

Miracle open cardigan (3 colours) now $42



I love the massive dots paired with the window pane pattern on the skirt for a contrasting match. Another easy to coordinate sweater, coupled with a nice cozy feel!

ICHI large dot open cardigan (salt and pepper) now $37


It really takes very little, even during the winter to create some style. Above noted, all that was added was a hat. On my way to work this morning, I noted a woman with a lovely fitted coat, a hat and riding boots...simple but such great style. For fear of looking like a crazy lady on a bike, I didn't stop to tell her how great she looked. (that should be one of my new years resolutions-if it looks good-tell them)!

Kaffe open cardigan now $59


Who needs hats or umbrella's when you have a hood! A nice boxy fit, slight side slits and as I mentioned...a hood. Great as above paired with the cropped pants but also a good contrast with a maxi skirt and boots...add a jean jacket for another layer. And grey, another wonderful neutral that goes with everything!

RD hoody cropped sweater (grey) $34

New Years resolutions are far from a new phenomenon! According to history.com the Babylonians thousands of years ago were said to be the initiators....THANKS!! During a nearly 2 week celebration they would make vows of change for the better in the hopes the gods would bestow good on them for the coming year. Or Clergyman John Wesley who in 1740 created the Covenant Renewal Service on New Years Eve or New Years day. However, in current times, we don't need to answer to anyone but ourselves. I myself aim to organize my very carefully curated casual knit top emporium (aka: pile of t shirts)...although it might be easier to start a sweater emporium!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Last years resolutions list:

....buy more shoes, buy more dresses, buy more t shirts

...this years resolutions...don't follow a list follow your heart!


   ... read the full post and reader comments

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The beginning of December begins, Christmas shopping, parties and Christmas song season. Christian or not, season celebrator or not, most of us love to belt out the old favourites, performing our own Car-eoke! One tune recently brought to the court of social media was (blog title) ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’. Don’t know what I’m referring to? Google the lyrics and think #metoo! This had a bigger social backwash publicly recently than an all you can eat buffet. But you know, if you want something to keep you warm but that steps away from any controversy…just go with everyone’s old favourite…a sweater!


I love this pulled together ensemble. The fuzzy sweater look is a huge favourite in recent years, and probably needs no explanation from me! Together with this great knee length dress, anyone's 'maiden aunts' will not disapprove (see the song lyrics). And needless to say when the 'weather outside is frightful', simply add a pair of tights and the look is complete and functional.

Kayla fuzzy yarn open cardigan (5 colours) was $75 sale price $59

Spencer + Shaw dolman sleeve knit dress (rose or charcoal) was $110 sale price $55


This sweater/tunic is a great seasonal option for so many activities. Everything we do in December is not an upscale party, thus the need for something functional as well. I love the side slits because you don't feel engulfed in fabric. Worn above with skinny pants or perhaps textured leggings or even knee high boots. The grey shade produces an opportunity for creativity either keeping things subdued or a splash of color (as in lipstick, nail polish or a bold necklace or scarf). I can even envision it belted.

B Young side slit tunic sweater (black or medium grey) regular price $69 sale price $52


In recent years the move to resuscitate the 'ugly sweater' trend has certainly worked. Centered around sweaters with sometimes garish and quirky patterns, they appeared to have started at least four decades ago, often made by Grandma. Nowadays they're the center of get-togethers (ugly sweater parties etc). Above, while it sports a design on the front, in my mind would be classified as the anti-ugly sweater. Perhaps we can start another trend. One that's less of a fashion comedy and that brings together warmth and style!

B Young flower sweater regular price $99 sale price $59



The crop sweater not to be outdone by the tunic sweater.  The crop top, t shirt and sweater trend I remember it well from the 80's when it was in its hay day. While it wasn't really something I could easily wear then or now, if you are so inclined to try it out, there are some creative ways to wear it comfortably, if you're not into over sharing! Such as a complimentary t shirt beneath, that perhaps has a contrasting colour, texture or lace. Or wear it with a blouse! Looks great also with skirts of various different lengths.

RD cropped pullover (grey/brick or multi) regular price $82 sale price $59



: the warmth of the sun in winter

Such a pretty word that was invented in 1623 but not commonly used today, perhaps its use could be re-ignited. ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ which was written and first released in 1949 (and multiple times since), from a vastly different era, until now has stood the test of time. But some things, like actual candles on a Christmas tree, as was the case historically, is likely better left in the past, for possibly obvious reasons!

Yours in Fashion passion…

Suzanne M.

"The cold never bothered me anyway" ~ from the movie Frozen

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