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I am now in the upper section of the human age range, more specifically (I'm past the Wednesday of our human lifespan if you'm at Wednesday evening!)! I truly applaud those of you who found your fashion vibe at 40, 30 or heck...12! You over achiever you! Because I finally found mine! It seems the fashion era and society's wider acceptance of all, has certainly helped it come together for me. I finally have an up to date hair style and enough shoes for an auditorium full of people (the parentheses of a 'look')...mind you, they'd all have to wear size 8! And I now love jeans, as apposed to back in the day when I dreamed of a great fitting pair (perhaps I should have dreamed bigger)! But what about you? Have you found your look/style/vibe...UNIFORM!? A very simple way to get a great look that says 'I got this fashion thing worked out' word-LINEN!


I find this so angelic looking with the fresh, light, clean tones with a bit of pattern and open work in the kimono/sweater! I couldn't look angelic if I sprouted wings and a halo! But that's ok!

M Linen pant (blue, olive or sand) for 5 days to July 1 $52

Millibon crochet and woven kimono (black, white or taupe) $75


Here's a unique marriage of a skirt and wide leg crops...complete with pockets and a comfy, stretch waist. With the flowey drape of linen, it really gives you the look of a graceful dancer....for sure you...not me!

Mio Meli Gaucho linen skirt/pant (black, denim or pink) until July 1 $88


Linen has a look of 'I'm so well to do, I'm only passing through your neighborhood on my way to the airport to fly to Lake Como to have lunch with George Clooney'...or something like that! I'm imagining that's all he and Amal wear all summer, especially during this scorching European heat wave!

Cream drapey pant (black) until July 1 $75

Millibon large floral print shell top (lavender or yellow print) $49


Perhaps you're the creative type. All they've done here is knotted them in the front for something different, or maybe a stroll on the beach.

Mio Meli rolled sleeve linen top (pink, silver or white) until July 1 $88

Mio Meli pull on linen pant (6 colours) until July 1 $76



And if you belong to the ONE-AND-DONE crowd, this big trend is you! Made of linen/cotton with side ties for a more cinched in silhouette and a gorgeous back design. Did you forget your top? Heaven's no, it's fine like this BUT if you'd feel more comfortable definitely layer away!

HYFVE linen/cotton jumpsuit (oatmeal or rust) until July 1 $71.20

While finding your look will not change the course of evolution, it can be as easy as tapping into your emotional and fashion comfort in... 'I only wear jeans and t shirts' to 'I need a new look and hair colour monthly' to my personal morning... 'old bathrobe, disheveled hair, on the sidewalk yelling at the kids, on their way to school' look....and YES THAT'S A LOOK (unfortunately)!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Remember: Every time you get dressed...If you die, that's your ghost outfit forever!! ~ unknown


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Who's wearing the pants?

I'd like to congratulate our Big Sister's $350 GC draw winner. She has been contacted. Enjoy your shopping trip L.B. from Calgary!

Some believe that ease of movement is better served in a robe, dress, skirt or tunic, so, why pants? Historically it seems that pants owed their usefulness to the know, horses devoted to battle. A few thousand years ago, it was established that in order to more efficiently enter into battle on horseback, it was thought that robes were far too cumbersome. Thus, as more cavalry were used and it was clear military that did not use horses were at a disadvantage, pants were deemed essential to successful battles. Thus pants became associated with high status men. Which, makes it more clear why for centuries, pants were not as commonly worn by women, less often on horseback and not as highly regarded (way back when). Except, you know, Amazon warrior women, they were pretty fierce!


Would these be good for horseback riding? I don't know, do you let your horse pick out your clothes? All kidding aside these are a really gorgeous relaxed, light weight pant. An elastic waist, fits into so many different activities, type pant. Note the criss/cross slides that set a very casual tone! Yet change into platforms or spiked heels, which then creates a very different mood.

B Young wide leg pant (black) regular price $49 until June 16 $37

B Young blouse (spicy red) $79


Because you are a divine FASHIONISTA, you can clearly see, that it takes very little to look pulled together, YET CHIC at the same time...casual, easy pants + fun t shirt + comfortable yet bold gold slides.

Nina Rossi cropped pants (black or khaki) regular price $69 until June 16 $52

B Young Fashionista t shirt $39


These pants have unbelievable stretch so you can continue to go go go. If you're in search of uncomplicated dress the mere addition of the hat is all it takes for a bit of flair, keeping the sun out of your eyes and voila, instant style! Note they've simply added a pop of colour with the shoes. But you can add your pop of colour someplace else, if you'd prefer.

Kaffe crop print pant (white w/black polka dots) regular price $99 until June 16 $75

Hat and bag sold in store only, and may vary by location


Wouldn't these be the perfect beach or pool side pant? The trendier crop length brings them up to date but also just so comfortable to wear. For daytime, note the slides or for evening maybe switch to a peak toe heel, wear the tank top untucked and add a chain belt. Just don't be afraid to try print pants.

RD front tie pant (black/beige print) regular price $58 until June 16 $44

I'm no Anna Pavlova, as in, not super graceful, yet I tend to be drawn to skirts despite the fact that pants would likely be a better choice for me.  So, whether you like dresses, skirts or pants, you have to admit, pants are really just sleeves for your legs, aren't they? Lady Gaga, I don't think likes sleeves!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

(When asked who wore the pants in his house): "I do, and I also wash and iron them!" ~ Denis Thatcher  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Looking cool is hot


Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and flowers and the trees and the moon up above and a thing called Love! ~ lyrics from Jewel Akens 1964

A sweet song but truthfully young girls need someone to ask questions of, someone to provide guidance...needless to say, it's usually Mom and Dad...but if they're not available, not around or just not capable, here's where the big sister comes in...

(until May 31) Help Plum with their annual campaign to match a big sister with a little sister details here...Plum matches donations up to $ 25 AND you get a chance to win a $350 gift card! Win win win!

Wanting to look more sexy? I don't think you need to wear clothes so tight that your blood flow is restricted to be sexy! It's being comfortable with yourself,  in your clothes, in your own skin. If sexy to you is how plunging your neckline is, well, that's ok too...but it doesn't have to be. What's sexiest is confidence and an overall self assuredness! Linen provides this general, sophisticated cool appearance, that few other fabrics can...and ultimately makes you look like you could rule the world. I know you know this already....just reminding you! You're already pretty hot!


So...why is this sexy? Well, it's not the classic, 'bending-over-to-pour-a-glass-of-wine' for someone while the girls are in plain view' kind of way....more of a cool, fresh, classic, confident kind of way. Like you just strutted off your Italian villa, on your way to buy fresh groceries for your evening dinner ease within yourself-way (really you're just going to pick up the kids). Linen is very often sought after in warmer climates for it's incredible breathability, durability which soften's with wash and wear over time.

Mio Meli double layer blouse (beige, denim, navy or pink) $105

Mio Meli stripe linen pant (denim, pink, taupe or white) $115


The above is a far more provocative presentation. Although, the off the shoulder look is a perfect look for, well...getting looks, it's also great for very warm climates. This particular top combines cotton with linen, bringing forth the more malleable quality of cotton combined with the strength of linen. Great with a long flowey skirt, a denim skirt and heels or wide leg pants. Some great possibilities.

Ganji stripe linen/cotton blouse (blue/pink) $55


Linen is made from the fibers that grow inside the flax plant.'s a grain?'s also good for you!? Just don't eat it! But it is a very eco friendly fiber, nonetheless! The beauty of a linen jacket is, no one would accuse you of being overdressed on a sunny day. This is definitely a casual cool look, accentuated with the slides, BUT again, footwear can convert any look.

M hooded short jacket (blue, olive or white) $95

Liverpool embroidered hem jean (denim) $109


Note that you are not limited to the usual oatmeal and sage...with the trousers on the left presenting with a blossoming print, it would be easy to be a bit more bold with complimentary colours and accessories. OR on the right the pale pink stripe, to go with more muted softer compliments.

M printed linen pant (olive) $65

Mio Meli stripe linen pant (denim, pink, taupe or white) $115

ImageImage a not so obvious way, this look is everything you want for warm weather! A very airy, unstructured linen top, which affords you the ability to go more showy and alluring on the bottom...a shorter skirt, skinny jeans and heels perhaps. All the while, linen providing some chic balance.

Mio Meli back button linen tunic (olive, taupe or white) $109

Perhaps we could expand the view of what's sexy to include men baking bread, people plogging (the new trend of picking up random garbage while jogging), or wait for it....actually talking to people and not burying ourselves in our phones. We also generally don't associate, HOT with 'old' or something thousands of years old! However, linen can certainly invade that category, after all...the way it wards off sweat, that alone has to count for something, or, those 'meant to be' wrinkles...on fabric ('or skin' she said hopefully!) :)

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around" ~ Elvis Presley (sounds like linen)!

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REALLY you need to DROP what you're doing and go to Plum! (and online)

TWENTY SEVEN DIFFERENT STYLES of pants to choose from

How could you not find a favourite or two?

Until March 24...20% off a Spring pant with a purchase of any top

(Jeans not included)

online PROMO CODE: SP2019

Theoretically, the smartest people are the ones that effortlessly memorize long passages, clean everyone's clocks at trivial pursuit or earn math degrees. BUT there are infinitely more types of smart! Think...artistic, poetic, fashion, grammatical (that's not likely my category) or emotional intelligence! I'm not sure I associate someone specifically who wears 'pants' as the most intelligent...That being said, if you spend your day chasing toddlers, riding a bike or cleaning the top shelf of a cupboard, pants might be the more clever and sensible choice...but also a great fashion option. Especially this week! And it's the buyers choice! (I let her pick the photos-lol). And I think she did a great job! Have a look:

Needless to say, pants, provide freedom of movement but they also offer style options in that they give more ways to change the mood for varied outings! Such as a quick weekend escape. I love printed pants. They provide diversity and distraction from solids. While I greatly appreciate the freshness of the white top, I can also envision this with a print (such as above) and kitten heels! Kate says she likes to up her game with scarves. Another effortless way to add some flair!

M Striped linen tie front pants (navy/white stripe or white/navy stripe) $80

Point Zero slub cotton print t shirt (navy) $45

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29

Made In Italy jacket/shirt (black, pale pink or white) $98




Perhaps these are the proverbial 'happy pants'! Sunny, bright and joy inducing. Like dandelions! The contrast with the black creates a feeling of courage and boldness. Like...I'm sweet but don't mess with me (or spill anything on my pants!). And the addition of the style tweak, the front slits. Trend note: crops are the ultimate garment elect this season. And a great choice they are! Worn with with slides (as above) or cut out booties or runners, easy peasy...And yellow is brilliant (no pun intended) for matching...serving as a basic and thus plays well with any colour.

Cream front seam slit pants (corn yellow or white) $109

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29


The two images above display how (on the left), the same pants can go from a more professional setting to play (on the right) with a few easy change ups. If a cardigan is too informal for your workplace, toss it aside and add a blazer and if need be, uncuff the pants. And what a warm colour invitation to spring.

Jag Carter girlfriend pants (black, khaki or rosehip) $99

Point Zero tank top (pink floral print) $42

Cream long open cardigan (melon sorbet) $119


Maybe I'm a bit of a broken record with the print bottoms, but I couldn't resist. They remind me so much of the 70' know, when I was 3! (oh the lies we tell ourselves-lol). And pull on...they could not be easier if they went to work for you (actually, you can see they will work hard for you this season)! I digress, these are fabulous pants creating a combination of sophistication, with the combo of the linen and rayon and fun...meaning they dance when you move!

Point Zero striped linen pull-on pant (blue/white) $89

Grade + Gather crinkle cotton classic blouse (black or off white) $69


In keeping with the same posh/coolness...we have tencel. A unique fabric that acts like silk but with more attitude and durability. The denim look provides a casual vibe; however, adding accessories can create a more uptown look! And does she not look like John Travolta's dance partner in Saturday Night Fever with those intimidating wedges? I think my head is stuck in the 70's this week!

M tencel pants (blue) $75

M stripe printed blouse $90


And if comfort is your thing....well, wasn't that a dumb question! In any case, these are the pants for you. Just where have these pants been all our working lives!? Gone are the days where we were stuck with stiff pants with no give! And I'm in love with how they paired the defined lines of the pants with an unexpected, romantic print top. Great contrasting pattern play!

Liverpool knit trouser (grey or black grid) $99

Soya Concept scarf print blouse (multi) $75

The saying 'Smarty Pants'....smarty references back over 150 years and long as there have been pants. The words together, go back roughly 80 years to a newspaper article, where a coach is offering advice to one of his players! OR there's the British version 'Smarty Boots'...but, well...Plum doesn't sell boots!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"A man who correctly guesses a woman's age may be smart, but he's not very bright" ~ Lucille Ball

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And this week....nothing bitter about this....a sweet deal. Dreamers round neck sweaters for 4 days until February 10th - $59 - 5 colours!

Bitter sweet is an oxymoron. Which is the use of two contradicting terms to describe something. I realize it is a baffling English language phrasing structure, however it is fairly common...for example...sweet sorrow, jumbo shrimp, farewell reception or my personal favourite...painfully know, like Kendall Jenner's recent nude Italian Vogue fashion spread...erm...what am I missing here? Fashion of....? Anyway opposite's quite often work, not just in phrases but very well in fashion, to showcase each others features. Let's look at a few:


This bright, happy yellow adds needed therapy to the somber, down to earth khaki pants. Because, all yellow might be a bit blinding and all khaki perhaps a bit intensely mellow. They make a very nice couple!

Dreamers round neck sweater (5 colours) $59 until Sunday Feb.10

Cream twill jeans (major brown) $129



My ultimate favourite pairing of opposites is the ultra romantic look of a Victorian style blouse and the ruggedness of very authentic looking worn in jeans. Perhaps bring the two together with a blazer and some bohemian pendants and you have a really fashionable weekend or casual workday look.

Cream Victorian style blouse (beige) $79

Yoga Italy hand sanded jean $148


Also to try, marrying a silly graphic t, with the straight lines of a stripe pant. Why this works: the complete rigidity of the pant lines, linked together by the white and black in both, and the artistic imagery of the graphics. Whimsically throw on a scarf or red beret to top it off.

Bear Dance 'bonjour' pug t s shirt (black) $35

All in Favor black stripe pants $65



Another example of the softness of the frill front blouse and the borrowed-from-the-men, suit look. A great balance is the, strut-your-stuff shoes and it's a very sophisticated work ensemble. The tone is chic and professional yet soft at the same time.

Cream frill front blouse $89

Kaffe check pant (grey melange) $129

There are lots of examples of opposites that create a great image, are ultimately even better together than apart, or work better together.  Like eating breakfast for dinner, laughing so hard you cry, or wearing stripes and dots or leather and lace together. I tried my own theory with wearing last nights makeup in the morning, but it didn't really have the same great effect.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if you sit back and watch, Karma can be pure entertainment"~ David Wolfe  ... read the full post and reader comments

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