Sugar coated!

Can’t sugar coat it; the summer is gone like cotton candy in the rain, yet, my children are still trying to sneak tank tops and flip flops past me...'UM, THAT'S A NOPE darling!!' So, on that note, coats are a must now. And further to last weeks subject of recycle, reuse, fix…coats are a challenge to repair by ones self if they’ve gotten that old. And while I still house some 20 year old hoodies, that are pretty much rags with arms, it’s a stretch to think of coats as rags. I have, however, awkwardly repaired a few. So if you’re trying to stretch it as far as you can but it’s becoming thread bear, how about using one for the car for days when the weather starts out feeling like June but ends feeling like November, or maybe just use it as a seat cover for the dog (I’ve done that, my dog does not care what he sits on, I’ve asked him). All in all, we clearly want to do our part to not over consume, so reuse of an old coat, to justify the new, might take some creativity. But we all want to do Greta proud!


This is such a great, everyday coat! And have a look at the arm pocket. Possibly room for a cell phone? Can't get more neutral in colour. But to brighten it up, add an infinity scarf of any hue!

Soya Concept softshell jacket (black or sand) in store only


To wear with your favourite dress this season. What it lacks in 'WOW' factor, it more than makes up for in it's ubiquitous ability to transform itself for ANY outing. While black is my normal go-to, this time I went for grey...somewhat of an uncelebrated neutral.  And matching grey with other greys, I've found far more forgiving even when they are not exact (in a 50-shades-of-grey kind of way). And with a splash of red, both show off their unique colour qualities.

Bozzolo sheath dress (5 colours) in store only


I recently parted with a VERY very very old 'Mackinaw' jacket that I'd hung on to from my 80's days when way-too-big, was in. I'm pretty sure it was a size 50. Very much not flattering. So the above is a wonderful, slightly more feminine version of the Lumberjack shirt! Still warm and bright with great big pockets and cozy hood, but with a little less look of lumber!

RD Buffalo plaid coat (red or olive) in store only


Jeans with the casual jacket completes the weekend look. This season, while skinny seems to be a staple, we're seeing far more boot cut or boot skim. Which, I think is fantastic...another excuse to pull out last season's fun, bold and maybe even embroidered boots.

Yoga Dominique straight leg jeans - in store only


Underneath it all, you're just you...maybe you are the sort that literally never sugar coats things. Says it like is...Like Greta, telling us, the inhabitants of the planet, to get our act together! In any case, under your coat, by all means grab something cheery and bright! This is such a juicy colour, easily complimenting your bold spirit!

Glam boat neck boxy t shirt (5 colours) in store only

You can buy air freshener but you still eventually have to take out the garbage. You can put sugar on your cereal but you still need to eat vegetables. The point is, have your cake and eat it too, but someone still has to do the dishes! So, go ahead, buy the coat, we need to keep warm, just warm ourselves, not the planet!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Pour some sugar on me" ~ Def Leppard!

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(to me, this is like saying free donuts)

The usual $10 shipping fee will be waived

when your purchase exceeds $100 before

taxes. Ends May 12th.

(not applicable on non-domestic orders and some remote destinations)

$20 off

all regular priced jeans

(need I say more)? Ok I will

April 25 to 28

<-----(online and instore)

See the selection here

There was a time when baby boys and girls were not gender identified by the little blue onesie, or frilly pink dress, rather, they were largely, simply attired in white as it was easy to bleach. Then in 1927,Time Magazine published a colour guide for what should be worn on the wee one. Until then, believe it or not, pink was felt to be the stronger colour thus, thought better for boys. Recently I heard some pre-teens correcting each other...'there's no such thing as boys and girls colours!' So, perhaps, gender distinguishing colours...could they be a thing of the past? Thankfully blue jeans, are not and never will be just for boys! Let's have a look at some blues and some possible pairings!


I love this t shirt for when I'm happy, unhappy, annoyed, irritated, frustrated...and pretty much any emotion we humans are equipped with as, I always figure it might help me espouse the feeling. That or a donut! These classic jeans are an unbelievable fit. A totally wearable length for, boots, booties, high heels, espadrilles or flip flops. Such is the beauty of jeans... they go with everything from pearls to Plimsolls!

B Young happy T shirt (white) $29

Mavi Tess highrise skinny (dark grey vintage) $118 until April 28 $98


I love these botanical prints. At first glance I thought maybe they looked a bit like Grandmother's old throw cushions. But, hey, what's old is new again. And if you tend to be a huge pink fan, it's all about the pretty!

Bolide floral blouse (pink or white) $60

Kaffe print cotton t shirt (blue/white) $49

Yoga skinny highrise ankle jean (white) $138 until Apr.28 $118 (made in Canada)



And because we now know Kimono's are everywhere, they of course look amazing with jeans. Soon we'll be looking for things that add to the look, but with an appropriate lightness to match the weather.

Cream Kimono (blue/green) $119

Mavi Tess highrise skinny (deep supersoft) $128 until April 28 $108

Yoga skinny highrise ankle jean (white) $138 until Apr.28 $118 made in Canada



Another thing to try is a fabulous scarf such as the one above left. Wrap it around your neck in a whimsical fashion or open it up, and use it as a shawl. Plum has some fabulous Jewellery and I'm sure you'll be able to find something that draws out the metallic. As well the blue ties into the denim so perfectly.

Cream broad stripe scarf (blue/brown/metallic) $39

Mavi Alissa highrise super skinny (mid indigo Tribecca) $118 until Apr. 28 $98


Above left is a light breezy blouse that compliments the jeans on the right with such perfection. Add a few pendants and a wide brim hat, and it's a great look for a dinner date!

Grade+Gather long sleeve blouse (cream or rose) $69

Kaffe gather waist short (midnight marine) $69

Yoga Rachel classic rise skinny jean (Prague) $130 until Apr.28 $110 made in Canada


Perhaps you have some upcoming fun events planned, like the Calgary Beerfest or the Stampede. This is a really sexy look without being too over the top. The jeans on the right, try wearing with a pair of killer black boots or open toed booties.

Maronie twist front speckled knit top (grey or taupe) $59

Yoga Dominique straight leg jean (dark indigo or medium indigo) $130 until Apr.28 $110 made in Canada

Thankfully, by the time little ones can talk, they are able to express... 'I DON'T LIKE PINK!' (well, that would have been me). I really prefer to find my pink on the inside of a steak, a tall lemonade, cotton candy or cherry blossoms! And despite the fact that it's known to produce feelings of hopefulness, comfort and calmness, it's still not for me. Perhaps it could be a worthwhile uniform for military!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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And this week....nothing bitter about this....a sweet deal. Dreamers round neck sweaters for 4 days until February 10th - $59 - 5 colours!

Bitter sweet is an oxymoron. Which is the use of two contradicting terms to describe something. I realize it is a baffling English language phrasing structure, however it is fairly common...for example...sweet sorrow, jumbo shrimp, farewell reception or my personal favourite...painfully know, like Kendall Jenner's recent nude Italian Vogue fashion spread...erm...what am I missing here? Fashion of....? Anyway opposite's quite often work, not just in phrases but very well in fashion, to showcase each others features. Let's look at a few:


This bright, happy yellow adds needed therapy to the somber, down to earth khaki pants. Because, all yellow might be a bit blinding and all khaki perhaps a bit intensely mellow. They make a very nice couple!

Dreamers round neck sweater (5 colours) $59 until Sunday Feb.10

Cream twill jeans (major brown) $129



My ultimate favourite pairing of opposites is the ultra romantic look of a Victorian style blouse and the ruggedness of very authentic looking worn in jeans. Perhaps bring the two together with a blazer and some bohemian pendants and you have a really fashionable weekend or casual workday look.

Cream Victorian style blouse (beige) $79

Yoga Italy hand sanded jean $148


Also to try, marrying a silly graphic t, with the straight lines of a stripe pant. Why this works: the complete rigidity of the pant lines, linked together by the white and black in both, and the artistic imagery of the graphics. Whimsically throw on a scarf or red beret to top it off.

Bear Dance 'bonjour' pug t s shirt (black) $35

All in Favor black stripe pants $65



Another example of the softness of the frill front blouse and the borrowed-from-the-men, suit look. A great balance is the, strut-your-stuff shoes and it's a very sophisticated work ensemble. The tone is chic and professional yet soft at the same time.

Cream frill front blouse $89

Kaffe check pant (grey melange) $129

There are lots of examples of opposites that create a great image, are ultimately even better together than apart, or work better together.  Like eating breakfast for dinner, laughing so hard you cry, or wearing stripes and dots or leather and lace together. I tried my own theory with wearing last nights makeup in the morning, but it didn't really have the same great effect.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if you sit back and watch, Karma can be pure entertainment"~ David Wolfe  ... read the full post and reader comments

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MAVI JEANS - MULTIPLE CURRENT styles - 3 days only Feb. 1 - 3 $79. Honestly, if you can't find a pair of these jeans to fit and love....I have no words (which is rare)! I just took a sneak peak at the range on display in my colleague's office, they're amazing!!! The best fit you can get without wearing actual PJ's. Jeans are a staple in everyone's wardrobe! Take advantage of the special. Find your fit!

At my desk sits an old old...old stapler...probably as long as I've been here, it also has been...looking like it's origins are an abandoned junk yard. It really is not a sexy hot pink or chrome, rather, quite an unappealing hue of ugly! Also picture it totally encrusted with stamp adhesive stickers from decades. It's not pretty, after all it has one job, which is not to make me gleefully happy, rather to fasten papers. Wardrobe staples, however, we can assume are the opposite...maybe not outstanding but pleasing. Serving as the anchors of the wardrobes we concoct. Yet, what I call a staple may differ quite a bit from what others call staples! Let's look at a few new arrivals, and I promise they won't be at all, unpretty! ;)


A ubiquitous cut t shirt, 3/4 sleeves and just a juicy, fruity, joy inducing colour to boot! While orange doesn't even have a word to rhyme with it, who stands alone in it's happy appeal. A sweet departure from many other bold shades such as red. However, it does come in a multitude of other spring shades that will appeal to everyone; a standard, fun,  basic with which to build your wardrobe on, around and with.

Soya concept 3/4 sleeve knit top (6 colour choices) $39


However, if 'bold' is pretty far from what makes you comfortable...something more subdued and light? This sweater is a perfect pull on for the season. Layer it with a blouse (as noted) or alone, under a jacket and even belt it if you want to create your own unique look. Needless to say, it's perfect with skirts, pants or jeans.

Soya Concept pullover sweater (blue sky or lavender) $79


I know this is not a standard colour, however, a fresh and cheerful one! A shift dress is definitely a wardrobe constant, sporting a universally compelling cut. And yes it also comes in the LBD shade of black. And look at this dramatic back view! If you're a little too anxious to show that much of your back, find a lace cami for layering.

Spencer + Shaw twist back midi dress (black or sunset orange) $106


Button down shirts are certainly known to be a go to in most people's closets. Especially the borrowed from the boys, stripe, crisp style. Tuck it in, wear it out and belt it, knot front it, or wear it as outerwear when the weather is warmer over dresses and tank tops.

Soya Concept long sleep stripe tunic (blue stripe) $79


A coat or two is definitely a basic in Canada. And yes, I realize that this one is more of a bold statement. But I had to slip this in as I am simply in love with it. The teddy bear style, faux fur is huge right now. This one is just the right length, a neutral which thus appeals to most everyone and it's irresistible, soft as butter, texture, makes everyone want to hug you.

Kaffe teddy bear coat (camel) $199

Essentials, basics or staples are things we tend to stock, supplies and even garments. Originally it was thought over 500 years ago, it was a place where Edward II designated for merchants to trade their goods above board...not to be confused with the office supply chain. The word, it's thought, possibly came from the Dutch or German word (stapel) for pile or heap. Because hangers were not invented until the 1800's. This is what I tell myself! ;)

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Thank you paper clips, for being like staples that can't commit!"~ Jimmy Fallon

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Here's your chance to shop now AND later. Purchase a pair of regular priced black or blue jeans between Sept. 13 and 23 and receive a $25 Plum certificate to use on a regular priced item between Sept. 29 and Oct.31. Delayed gratification! (instore and web).

In the old old old days...people wore destroyed denim because, well...they were poor! Could not afford new it's 'pre worn out' for you (how nice). The ripped and destroyed trend of denim began in the 80's with the 'hair' bands. It then moved into the 90's where grunge bands took over the style, adding to it unkept hair and a loose, easy style (a la; Curt Cobain). Somewhere beyond the 90's, it became fully mainstream, and everyday, to the point where there were more rips and skin, than actual denim. Me thinks this extreme version of the trend can REST IN PEACE! Will destroyed denim ever die completely though? A Donald Trump presidency versus aged or weathered denim... I really have my doubts as to which will move on sooner. Let's make denim great again...wait, was it ever not great!? ;)


Perhaps black denim gives your look a bit more can also add some edge, it can go either way, depending on the co-ordinates chosen. Perhaps your heart belongs to coffee....then... espresso your love for the deep dark brew with this graphic t! (I know, groan!)

Mavi Kendra straight leg jean (black) $98

Kaffe heart t shirt with writing (white) $42


The above jeans, just enough wear so they look like you've worn them for some time, but you can make your own holes. And if you are on the hunt for a new blazer, plaid or check is 'IT' this season. I bought this jacket and wore it on the weekend and despite the pattern, I had no issues with pairing it with my graphic t's. Made for a great, casual weekend look.

Mavi Alissa high rise super skinny (mid indigo) $118

Kaffe checked blazer (black/grey/red) $139


Another denim trend not to be passed up is the frayed hem denim. The pizzazz of this style is so apparent. it's fun, it's easy, it's charming (who cares if the hem is straight, the more jagged the better). Wear them with a Moto jacket and Cuban heels or chunky Mary Jane's and a long blazer. Or as above casually with converse. And a jacket/coat like this, helps welcome the weather change.

Mavi Alissa high rise super skinny fringe ankle (dark brushed supersoft) $128

Daisy long zip coat (black or olive) $110


The ideal compliment to a loose fitting denim bottom is a fitted top, be it a tank or as above the mock neck top, thus avoiding an 'over' fabricing (is that a word) of your body!

Mavi Ada boyfriend jean (smoke vintage) $118

Daisy mock neck 3/4 sleeve top (black, burgundy, light rust or olive) $35


And veering away slightly from skinny and relaxed is straight leg. Nice with (as above) sky high heels or high heeled boots as they will slide nicely over a boot. Excellent for a less strict office environment.

Yoga Dominique straight leg jean (medium indigo blue) $130

The term 'Flawsome' I believe was coined by someone who made her mark on the fashion world by showcasing her 'so called' flaws as apposed to camouflaging them, being a woman of colour and plenty of shape - Tyra Banks! A substantial challenge, in an industry where her attributes would not be so readily embraced. Therefore...Flawsome (adj): something awesome because of it's flaws...pretty much all of us, wouldn't you say?

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"My love to thee is sound, sans crack or flaw" ~ Shakespeare (Love's Labour's Lost)

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