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MAVI JEANS - MULTIPLE CURRENT styles - 3 days only Feb. 1 - 3 $79. Honestly, if you can't find a pair of these jeans to fit and love....I have no words (which is rare)! I just took a sneak peak at the range on display in my colleague's office, they're amazing!!! The best fit you can get without wearing actual PJ's. Jeans are a staple in everyone's wardrobe! Take advantage of the special. Find your fit!

At my desk sits an old old...old stapler...probably as long as I've been here, it also has been...looking like it's origins are an abandoned junk yard. It really is not a sexy hot pink or chrome, rather, quite an unappealing hue of ugly! Also picture it totally encrusted with stamp adhesive stickers from decades. It's not pretty, after all it has one job, which is not to make me gleefully happy, rather to fasten papers. Wardrobe staples, however, we can assume are the opposite...maybe not outstanding but pleasing. Serving as the anchors of the wardrobes we concoct. Yet, what I call a staple may differ quite a bit from what others call staples! Let's look at a few new arrivals, and I promise they won't be at all, unpretty! ;)


A ubiquitous cut t shirt, 3/4 sleeves and just a juicy, fruity, joy inducing colour to boot! While orange doesn't even have a word to rhyme with it, who stands alone in it's happy appeal. A sweet departure from many other bold shades such as red. However, it does come in a multitude of other spring shades that will appeal to everyone; a standard, fun,  basic with which to build your wardrobe on, around and with.

Soya concept 3/4 sleeve knit top (6 colour choices) $39


However, if 'bold' is pretty far from what makes you comfortable...something more subdued and light? This sweater is a perfect pull on for the season. Layer it with a blouse (as noted) or alone, under a jacket and even belt it if you want to create your own unique look. Needless to say, it's perfect with skirts, pants or jeans.

Soya Concept pullover sweater (blue sky or lavender) $79


I know this is not a standard colour, however, a fresh and cheerful one! A shift dress is definitely a wardrobe constant, sporting a universally compelling cut. And yes it also comes in the LBD shade of black. And look at this dramatic back view! If you're a little too anxious to show that much of your back, find a lace cami for layering.

Spencer + Shaw twist back midi dress (black or sunset orange) $106


Button down shirts are certainly known to be a go to in most people's closets. Especially the borrowed from the boys, stripe, crisp style. Tuck it in, wear it out and belt it, knot front it, or wear it as outerwear when the weather is warmer over dresses and tank tops.

Soya Concept long sleep stripe tunic (blue stripe) $79


A coat or two is definitely a basic in Canada. And yes, I realize that this one is more of a bold statement. But I had to slip this in as I am simply in love with it. The teddy bear style, faux fur is huge right now. This one is just the right length, a neutral which thus appeals to most everyone and it's irresistible, soft as butter, texture, makes everyone want to hug you.

Kaffe teddy bear coat (camel) $199

Essentials, basics or staples are things we tend to stock, supplies and even garments. Originally it was thought over 500 years ago, it was a place where Edward II designated for merchants to trade their goods above board...not to be confused with the office supply chain. The word, it's thought, possibly came from the Dutch or German word (stapel) for pile or heap. Because hangers were not invented until the 1800's. This is what I tell myself! ;)

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Thank you paper clips, for being like staples that can't commit!"~ Jimmy Fallon

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According to an online article, a leopard's spots (coat pattern) appear to be genetic (I hope that wasn't an extensively funded study). Also, the report went on...serves the purpose of the very large feline blending into it's surroundings, thus having the advantage over it's prey...on the contrary for us females,  when sporting this divine coat. We prefer to stand out and we CAN change our spots! Heck, we can change our minds, our attitudes, our sheets, apparently even our sex!? So many more advantages (and a bit less dangerous) to being a female than a large predatory cat! Here are a few more!


If you're on the hunt for a print coat this year, this should be the one! It's a perfect length to go with the midi, maxi and as well the mini length dresses or skirts. Great layered with a jean jacket or try them with your favourite jeans and combat boots.

ICHI coat with lightweight pile (leopard print) $149


As soon as November hits, the events begin. This is a dress that will be a seasonal forever dress for so many reasons. Comprised of stretch velvet, easy knee length, side slit, black and a 'suits all' cut. Think about wearing it with a destroyed jean jacket and OTK boots for more casual parties, or invest in a pair of embellished pumps or the hot ankle boot trend and (as above) a velvet burnout kimono for more formal events.

B. Young velvet spaghetti strap dress (black or teal) $59

KW velvet burnout kimono (blue or purple) $59


Looking for a little bit of attention? OF COURSE you are! Well, this is the time of year where it's not only ok but you can expect all heads turning your way. Lots of beautiful stretch lace and slight gathers at the side,  an interesting design feature.

Kaffe Claudia lace dress (graphite) $ 109

Image Image
Image Image

Maybe you like co-ordinates know, they give you more bang for your day wear with jeans, another day wear with a pencil skirt or wide leg pants. Above are four fun, interesting and versatile tops that very easily go from festive season to functional daytime wear to Friday night out!

Noble Paris London New York beaded t shirt (black or white) $65

Jane Plus 1 guazy mockneck blouse (ivory or teal) $69

Noble pearls knit top (black, white or pink) $59

Cream Selena print blouse (cream/blue) was $99 now $75

This is a perfect season to 'change your spots', so to speak. A style you've been aching to try but just feel like it's, well...too much, too frivolous or not the 'usual' you? Well, who cares! Life is too short to not wear the mini, funky, tight, plush or wild. After all, no one must like what you wear, more important that they like who you are!

Yours in fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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