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The full quote is "Well behaved women, seldom make history"~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. In honor of International women's day, I thought this could be an apt title for this weeks blog. My only question is...why only one day!! We do great things...we run businesses, we teach, clean up after people, perform surgery and gee our bodies are capable of making people...and we only get one day? Well, let's celebrate the other 364 as well...wear what we love most, adorn ourselves with fabulous accessories; whatever makes us feel powerful, happy and US! (fyi, naked can feel this way too;)


Those are some dangerous curves...which is one difference between us and the other half. And why shy away from them. If you have them (curves that is), show 'em off! After all, when you have a fabulous caboose, your pants stay up better.

Point Zero embroidered blouse with crochet insert (cream) $75

Yoga Italy jean (hand sanded) $148


This seriously well designed Simone dress takes an uncompromising approach to fit. Cap sleeved, exposed zipper, fully lined, colour blocked, providing a perfect, sleek looking, professional addition to your wardrobe.

Simone slim dress with contrast and short sleeves (black/white or Navy/white) $149


Yes, I's not all about the hips. This fabulous, a line swing shape dress draws attention upwards...where your beautiful face is. The great thing is, with such a neckline, who needs jewellery...or at least a necklace is redundant.

Very J open neck sleeveless a-line dress (black) $59


Try these camouflage pants if you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd from the sea of solid colour bottoms...or rather, I guess you'd blend in....ANYWAY, they're fun, great casual weekend wear apparel.

Mavi Juliette cargo pant (military green) $118


You know, you're the star attraction, you don't need a sweater to prove that, although, why not! Fun, albeit subtle star featured in the middle!

Soya concept star sweater (sand) $85

So, in this 'week' that celebrates women...I say I'm grateful for all those great women in my life, my Mother, my sisters, my aunts, cousins, friends and even my little girls....and heck even my brother because he's been like a sister to me...

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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Sometimes, all that's needed is a little change in perspective... a new beverage, a new pair of earrings...or in some cases an entire administration....(ahem)!! Walking around that big white elephant is hard but let's try. Things don't always work out how you'd hoped (or they did, and you feel like treating yourself). How to perk yourself up or...celebrate?  Call a friend, pull out old photos, look for inspirational quotes, do some crafting, or my something....Not necessarily a Porsche. Maybe one special wardrobe piece to boost the other pieces.

Kersh Cardigans are on sale in 6 great, EXCLUSIVE TO PLUM colours.


You can't beat lace for both how it integrates into the wardrobe and creates a sense of elegance and class. This blends in so well with the current turtleneck trends. Great with flowey, wide leg pants or crop pants and some really eye catching boots, heels or playful with your favourite jeans, just to mix things up a bit. Perfect seasonal piece.

Soya Concept Polina lace knit top (black) $69



One of the hottest trends right now is embroidery. If you love this feminine touch and have a passion for pink, this is for you. Fun, feminine, satin finish and reversible. Yes you can sometimes have it two ways!

Lululala embroidered bomber jacket (black) $129


I'm all about building a look, the earrings, scarf...belt...right down to the shoes, but sometimes  'one and done' is also wonderful...One piece, so much elegance. Done!

KW embroidered knit poncho (black or ivory) $59


Then there are these can't do without, grab and go pieces that melt into our regular wardrobe with such ease.  Comfortable, destined to be frequently worn ..and grey...a great neutral that blends with most colours on the palate. Add a necklace or a scarf, riding boots and off you go!

Very J melange knit tunic (charcoal) $69

Waiting in anticipation for something so long at times is excruciating...sometimes it's worth the wait, want to shove it in the back of your closet and never look at it again.....but you can't do that with a human being!

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings - Lao Tzu

Yours in Fashion Passion...

Suzanne M.

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