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Who would guess, an object consisting of canvas and barely escaping decayed paint, could sell for a record 400 million dollars. The mere twenty six inches in height painting, was once owned by King Charles the First of England. Other magnificent works of art such as Jackson Pollack's romantically titled 17A (which loosely resembles the contents of my head), historically sold for around 200 million dollars. I perhaps foolishly feel there are times I'm putting together a work of art when I dress for a party. I certainly don't fancy myself resembling Mona Lisa but it's fun to think that a well assembled outfit can elicit a similar perplexing head tilt or pleasant facial expressions! As well the other $399,900,000 can be better redirected to the likes of Yemen or Syria.
It's perfectly reasonable to create your look around one garment...shoes, earrings...or, of course, a dress!  I would plan my week around this gorgeous garment. This is the most empyral fabric which has a look of authentic hand made lace and a truly sensational retro 60's look and design.
One word describes this look...sexy, smouldering, sultry...ok 3. The goddess type drape top portion with it's cut out sleeves and open back, creates a great choice of adding a bold piece of bling to complete the look.
Move over lace, velvet is also making a play for major looks for the season. Such a simple cut but with so much ability for creativity...be it adding a long, graceful locket or pendant or great chain belt.
Another simple design but with heaps of options for accessorizing, with a bold gem shade, complimentary neckline and comfortable, appealing length.
A dress with potential to stretch into further seasons. Suitable for so many festive occasions from work parties to open house parties and beyond.
If dresses are really not your thing and separates are, consider this as an option. Who doesn't like to do a twirl around the living room pretending to be a ballerina...ok just me I guess. Designed with pearls and small stones that catch the light, this ethereal skirt creates a fun look. Possibly pair it with an embellished graphic t, add a wide belt and roll up the sleeves or wear it with a bolero for a light hearted party look. Ballet flats, Mary Jane's or patterned boots are great footwear options.
Beauty and certainly art are in the eye of the beholder, be it an Elvis velvet framed print or a Rembrandt self portrait no one can argue what appeals most to you. And remember, when someone tells you, you're beautiful inside and out, make sure to check your teeth for lipstick! (but I'm sure you are!)
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
"I paint my own reality"~Frida Kahlo
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