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One more month of official summer remains, then back to, work or, as in my case...back to…um, what I’m doing now (lol).  In any case BOHO, technically speaking is short for bohemian homeless originating in the 19th century, meant to describe the unconventional lifestyle of journalists, writers and artists. The style is characterized by large floppy hats, long flowey skirts and Joni Mitchell songs. A look typically representing, free thinking, creativeness and long, lazy days of summer. In 30 days, fall will abruptly attempt to put an end to all the free thinking fun...but for now, we have a reason to look like we haven’t a care in the world.


I think lace, in particular, can be viewed as a central part of bohemian style. Presenting an image of light, easy, fresh and vintage. The above dress can be just as comfortable at an evening out, as at the beach. As I often note, the footwear and accessories most often punctuates the look.

En Creme sundress with tassel straps (red/white) was $89 is now $69


One of my favourite features of this dress, aside from the open weave linen and pockets, is the shoulder ties, which offers the ability to slightly adjust the length. Aside from the every day, wear-for-tasking/lack-of-conformity style, I can see this worn with a shawl, and a long pendant.

Catwalk linen jumper dress (black, denim blue, pink or white) $110


Aside from the sweet, floral pattern, what’s lovely about this dress is the length, not too long... not too short...just right Goldilocks! If the neckline looks slightly too plunging for where you’re going, easily add a lace tank and if your air conditioned office is where you’re headed, add a jacket.

Hem & Thread spaghetti strap dress (navy/orange) was $85 is now $65


And of course embroidery is yet another common theme. The kimono featured here is bound to be another seasonal favourite for its very light texture.

Embroidered kimono (white) $79

There is definitely a way to add elements of the boho style to your outfit without being head to toe 70’s. A little bit of lace, a hat, or an embroidered jacket.  I once went all out on Halloween as a hippy. I could very easily see from the passersby on the street, it was rather unclear if this was my usual style.  Lesson I learned? You can take the girl out of the 70’s but it’s best to leave that entire 10 years where it was, maybe grab a piece or two, but it’s in the past for a reason!


Suzanne M

"Rows and flows of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air, and feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way" ~ Joni Mitchell  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Suddenly a good friend has tickets to a music festival. They're wonderful but they can be long days outdoors. Be it Cavendish Music Festival in beautiful P.E.I. or Edmonton or Vancouver's Jazz Festival's, you could encounter wall to wall sunshine....or possibly a buffet of unexpected weather. Let's assume it will be fabulous weather. Why not! However, what should or could you wear?

Let's see what Plum has to suggest:


Dresses are as synonymous with festivals as Neil Young. Be it a festival or beach BBQ you'll be attending, think bright and comfortable, this dress has both these qualities. Vibrant, feather print, long back dip hem and braided skinny straps, keep it simple yet fun and bright to match your personality. Be prepared with appropriate footwear, festival grounds can be rather unpredictable.

Simone mid length dress with braided strap detail (royal or purple print) $110



Maybe dresses are not your thing....not a problem, shorts are another 'go to' co-ordinate for the summer months. Pair them (of course) with t shirts or sleeveless blouses, whatever they're married with, they are sure to be a good wardrobe investment (don't forget the bug spray).

Dish chino short (evergreen) $79



This has summer written all over it. (Yes I realize they're flowers). Light weight, skinny straps and free flowing create a really wonderful seasonal feeling. Shawls or large scarves (tied in different ways) are great for a bit of extra coverage. As you can see, looks great with jeans, but can easily look great with a pencil skirt and cardigan.

Plum tank with shirring detail (navy, orange or turquoise prints) $49


And on that note, if converting a scarf does not suit you, how about a lovely, light, ethereal piece that looks like it was dreamt up by angels. So incredibly flowey and light, won't add bulk to your wardrobe, just a light bit of coverage and funk! A very pretty and versatile trend.

Cecico kimono georgette top (blush or mint) $69

So, where ever you're headed this summer...Jazz Festival, Folk Festival or just your folk's place for a BBQ, be ready with a wardrobe that reflects the summer we expect. Fun and beautiful.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.




Raise your hand if you have a big sister. I don't have enough hands, because I'm blessed with 3 big sisters. Yes you can count your best friend who you feel is like a big sister. But maybe you don't have a big sister and always wished you had one. Someone to always confide in, bounce things off of and look up to. Someone who will support but not criticize you, no matter how silly you feel your ideas might be.

Some young girls are less fortunate, their parents (or parent), are stretched to the limit. Not enough time or resources to provide all of this. Here's your opportunity to help a little sister get her big sister. During the month of May Plum collects donations by asking our customers to contribute $2 to help match 2 little Sisters with their big sisters. From now until May 31, 2015, Plum will be matching donations up to $25, and, you get a chance to win a $350 Plum Gift Certificate! 

These big sisters play such an important role in the lives of these growing young girls. By providing much needed support and encouragement, which in turn can boost a young girls growing self esteem. With healthy self esteem, we know so much can be accomplished. 




   ... read the full post and reader comments

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First a wonderful deal to take advantage of. Jewellery and scarves bogo event...the best part is, you can mix and match...who can resist this!? So please, go forth and BOGO to your hearts content.

Bursting forth big again this season is boho style. Providing an organic, natural and fresh feel. Plum has many drool worthy pieces constructed with varied findings. Discover something new to revive your style and bring out your inner 'Flower Child'!

Here is a mere hint of what Plum has in store:


Not sure you could find more of a boho look than lace or in this case eyelet...and an ecclectic mix of long beads.


Plum is host to some wonderful accessory designers; many made right in Canada. One such company, new to Plum, is Frug. Hand made in Toronto, Frug has created some very unique pieces using mixed media such as brass, cord and semi precious stones, giving their designs a very organic feel.

Frug is coming next week to various locations...stay tuned!


Perhaps you feel compelled to match things...such as this gorgeous statement necklace (you really have to see this close up), paired with a similar tone ring. Giving off a decidedly bohemian or ethnic look. Turquoise is such a fresh, happy colour for spring.

Necklace rope with fans $49

Flower ring $25


And lets not forget about the ubiquitous scarf. Look at the many ways it can be transformed.

Look Paris, Italy, New York scarf $38


Not only beautiful with bold, gold hardware this bag is also functional in several ways. Contains a smaller insert but is also reversible...meaning you've now bought 2 bags instead of one. How smart are you!

Jody reversible tote with insert  (4 colour combinations) $69 (not part of BOGO event)

Accessories are as much a part of style as punctuation is to a sentence. Makes it complete, pulls it together and adds emphasis. Speak loudly (add many layers), or softly (one delicate piece). It's all up to you,  Plum merely adds the tools and expertise.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

ps...don't forget about the jewellery and scarf bogo event. Limited time only so don't hesitate (April 2 -6).  ... read the full post and reader comments

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