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COUPON TIME! Don't forget... here (you still have until Oct.16).

$20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95.

Do you know where your jeans come from and how they're manufactured? If they're made with some level of integrity? There's no expectation to keep your jeans for all of perpetuity...but, it's good to have things that do last and are made with environmental care. Dish has created FOREVER BLACK; made from a blend of recycled and sustainable fibers with the industry's lowest pigment transfer to date; a patent pending color-lock technology...(take that to the bank of Canada Mr. Prime Minister).  Plum carries some of the top denim brands, Mavi, Dish and Yoga for some very good reasons...sustainability, design and durability.


There is nothing that won't go with these jeans. Pair with any footwear, jacket, poncho or top...And when buying something you wear frequently, buy in 3's...'one to wear, one to wash, and one waiting to dry' ...maybe that's just for bra's! I think this would work with jeans as well! ;)

DISH forever black (31 inch inseam) $132


These Yoga jeans are super cute...but 'cute' doesn't totally cut it when it comes to our carbon footprint does it? Yoga jeans are made here in Canada. So, you can be cute and thoughtful at the same time!  Yoga jeans are so well made and superior fitting, they feel like custom made. (and you don't have to do Yoga or change a tire in them, just feel like you could)!

YOGA ankle skinny Miami jean $120


Mavi has worked to create a system to produce finishes by which they use significantly less water and dyes all the while never loosing the value of quality design and fit. Don't be afraid to try the distressed look. Try a crisp blazer or white shirt and knee high boots to balance out the casual nature of the weathered denim design.

Mavi Alexa ankle used ripped vintage (28" inseam) $118 sale price $79

Just yesterday my 9 year old asked me..."if you're not dismayed are you 'mayed'"? Believe me, you'll totally be 'mayed' by choosing any of these premium denim brands;the exceptional fit, design and the care they take in production. Because if your passion for caring for the planet meets your fashion will truly feel good to slip these on!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Why do we think these are such great brands? Find out more here

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With the current trend towards throw away clothing being offered by the 'fast fashion' industry it has become apparent that customers should be questioning where and how their clothing is made.  Plum is also concerned because we have seen this trend growing every year for the past fifteen years.  It is wasteful and the business model seems to be inclined to abuse desperate workers unseen in countries far away from Canada.  

Plum has chosen three jean brands that we think offer the best and most sustainable options for our customers as well as being the most comfortable and fashionable styles available.

Yoga Jeans are made in Quebec where employees get the benefit of fair labour standards, health coverage and disability and retirement benefits.  We love this product because it is definitely NOT a throw away item and as a cost per wear option it is much cheaper than any Fast Fashion alternative.  Plus they are amazingly comfortable.  Customers are thrilled with this product.

MAVI jeans are made in Turkey which is an associate member of the European Union. The company adheres to explicit and strict environmental standards.  Mavi is improving its technology every year and cleans all water used in processing and dying.  MAVI is a member of the Fair Labour Association (FLA) which inspects working conditions frequently and keeps the workplace to a very high health and safety standard in Turkey.

dish is a Canadian company with a factory in Pakistan.  This denim option is for the truly active individual who wants a 'performance' textile with exceptional style.  

Read the words of company founder Gary Lenett from an article by Amanda Ross in the September issue of Vancouver Magazine.

“If you see a beautiful Egyptian cotton shirt and it’s $19.99, you have to ask yourself, how do they do that?” says Gary Lenett, founder of local athleisure brand Dish and Duer. It’s just one Vancouver label fighting against the disposable nature, material excess and human costs associated with “fast fashion”—a trend that he says will see 67 pounds of clothing per person end up in landfills this year.
“The truth is, you get what you pay for, and someone is losing along the way to give you that shirt for that price,” Lenett says. And while Dish and Duer manufactures overseas in Pakistan, its 24 factory workers are paid a living wage, rather than by the piece, ensuring both quality of life for the employees and a quality product for the end consumer. For Lenett, a thoughtful process is paramount, no matter where something is crafted.
Owners of Plum
Katie O'Brien and Ed Des Roches
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Moody blues...


MOODY? ME? Never! Let's be real, I'm human, not digital, programmable software.  Moods change and your desire for different things ever evolving. But thankfully, Plum carries three of the top, steadfast denim brands in today's market, consistent in their quality and style goals. Perfect for our ever changing West Coast life. Because it's comforting to know, some things remain constant...YOGA, MAVI, DISH (and Plum).


The MAVI Emma boyfriend jean is designed specifically to look like you've had them for years. Maybe longer than the boyfriend...lived in, loved and so very easy to craft a funky, YOU-ful look.

Mavi Emma boyfriend dark R-vintage $108

Image Image

Gone are the days when putting on a pair of jeans was like trying to put panty hose on a cat...a painful and useless experience! I adore these jeans. They fit like they were made for me, move with me (and no cats were hurt during the process)! Wear them with the highest heels and a scrumptious blazer like Plum's draped front and a saucy t shirt.

Mavi Ashley mini flare (34" inseam) $118

Plum draped front jacket (caramel or wine) $135

Bear Dance 'talk to the paw' t (ivory or white) $35

Image Image

Not to be outdone is Dish, an innovative, Vancouver based company which regularly explores and creates new denim blends. Their goal is to accommodate the active, moving, sweating person (which we as humans surprisingly do), with style. So go ahead, hop on your bike and head to work...Dish makes an amazing black denim that is just beyond compare, tailor made for the active west coast style. Despite the compulsion to show off your dexterity in these jeans, it will do fine for the more usual professional settings. Wear with this pretty, floral top.

Dish forever black 28" skinny jeans (black) $132

Plum 3/4 sleeve top with back keyhole (black or blue) $49


And last but certainly not least by any means Yoga jeans. A true leader in the denim industry. Made in Canada, the top priority (beyond style) of Yoga is to truly fit and conform to a woman's body (not the other way around)! High rise, an on trend style component, creates a gorgeous silhouette and comfort beyond compare.

Yoga ankle skinny Miami jean $120

The beauty of denim is that it never looks the same on any two people. And the best part is, Plum carries the top brands, with our real west coast life in mind. So go ahead, find your fit without compromise! 

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.


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Fall into Jeans - Denim Coupon

Welcome back  fall (almost), I've missed you. Time for a coupon, for return to school, end of vacations and time to put your clothes back on. I meant jackets, boots and pants! It's been an exceptional summer, with lovely sundresses, sandals, short shorts and the occasional ALS challenge...burr!!!
So, the season I love the most...autumn has arrived!! Love the jackets, boots and the urge to wear jeans again is emerging!  And long gone are the days when I was a girl where there were only 2 fits, the guys fit, and skinny girl fit....(which I was not).  And Levi's dominated the scene. Now there are more brands than twitter accounts. Plum has some of the best fitting, best looks in denim. This from a certified denim hoarder.
Mavi makes some wonderfully fitting jeans. With some very innovative denim processes and finishes. Love the Alexa skinny jeans (above).  (nope, I'm still not skinny) but I love that I can wear something that says 'skinny' on the tag. Mid rise typically means that you need not feel like you're wearing your 'mom's' jeans, however, comfortable enough so that you're not spending the day pulling up your kids AND your pants. 
The Mavi Molly (above)  have a ubiqitous leg cut. Sophisticated looking,  ideal for pairing with stillettos, and great with boots as they fall just nicely over the width of the boot. The dark finish is a great alternative in many social occasions to black pants. Acceptable in many work environments and worn with a blazer to bring balance to the casual nature of denim.
And of course these super sexy dark skinny (Yoga jeans). I love the rock star influence with the super edgy heel, works well with the zippers.
FEATURED ON OUR EMAIL, the Mavi Jogger are the most amazing jeans I've ever owned. And trust me, I could open my own denim store (ok maybe more of a closet). Made of cotton, eme and elastane, they're like jogging pants in disguise. As they have the perfect denim finish. Don't let the drawstring and elastic waist fool you. While they can endure any and all activities you throw at them, such as you accidentally fall asleep in them, you won't awake feeling like you've been wearing a torture devise. These are very fashionable jeans (comes also in a darker shade). Roll them up for a casual look or down with slingbacks. I purchased several pairs, some to fit snugly with tunics, and some loose, more boyfriend style. You have to have these! Go get a pair now! I'll wait here.
This great coupon features some of the best denim around, Mavi jeans made in Turkey, Yoga jeans, made in Canada, and new  Dish jeans. This coupon is for a limited time, so waste no time pondering. Go and prepare yourself for the season of scarves, hats, apple cider, romantic walks  through the colorful leaves (and then raking them up)!
Kickstart fall with this great coupon. Limited time. Fall will last longer than this coupon.
Coupon details:
  • $ 20 off Mavi, Yoga, Dish regular and black denim
  • August 29 to September 14
  • Dish exclusive to Calgary location
  • cannot be used in combination with any other offer

Get your coupon here.

Have fun with your Fall denim Harvest

Yours in Fashion Passion

Suzanne M.


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Eco Friendly Denim by Mavi

Plum has carried many styles of Mavi jeans for years. This season we also have Mavi shorts, skirts, and jackets.
For those who are curious, here is some product knowledge that Mavi recently sent us. (Make sure to check out the video at the end, who knew the crazy technology that goes into making our favorite washes!)
Founded in Istanbul over 30 years ago, Mavi designs contemporary, fashion-premium denim with the forethought of maintaing inspiration, modern design and ensuring accessibility for all; this also applies to our environmental footprint. Mavi continues to work tirelessly on minimizing or eliminating the use of water, energy and chemicals in its production.
We start with selecting the right fabric to best achieve the final look with the least amount of dyes, ingredients and water possible. The quality of the dyes and ingredients accounts for a large amount of savings: the higher the quality, the less used, and the more water saved in the rinse process. 
The introduction of 3 different machine sizes has also helped us to produce small batches, or sample runs, with just the necessary amount of water and chemical components. Working together with our laundry machine suppliers we have developed machines that use a scientific spray method, timed perfectly with the spin cycle for efficient penetration and optimal coverage in the least amount of time, helping us reduce the water and ingredient used by 50% and the energy use by 40% while producing 70% less waste water compared to conventional machines.
Currently we are working on our ozone bleach process. The completion of this project will prove to further increase water savings by a substantial amount.
Inspirational, modern and accessible. Mavi Fits our planet.
This is a promotional video from the company that manufactures the machines used by Mavi for washes.
Mavi Alexa mid-rise skinny jean. Available at Plum.
photo credit: Mavi
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