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Pink is for girls

April 23, 2019

*FREE SHIPPING* (to me, this is like saying free donuts) The usual $10 shipping fee will be waived when your purchase exceeds $100 before taxes. Ends May 12th. (not applicable on non-domestic orders and some remote destinations) $20 off all regular pr...

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The death of tasteless?

September 5, 2018

Currently, unless your dress standards are set by the royal family, tasteless seems to have a far wider set of brackets than in the days of 'long haired freaky people...need not apply' (Five Man Electric Band). What about wearing overalls to a wedding?...erm, wait what if the venue is a past...

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From here to eternity

May 30, 2018

What to wear when we get to the 'other' side (you know, the afterlife!)? White of course. Because it's the prevailing colour worn by all the best ex-people, ghosts, angels, Gandhi, albeit passed on, however, still great! It's the tone that provokes feelings of lightness, optimism and...

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End of the comfort zone!

November 1, 2017

SECOND JEANS ~ CHECK them out,in store...try them on and be entered into a draw for a pair. It's as simple as that! Check in store for details (until November 19). Denim has a tendency to look rugged and rough; certainly doesn't have a reputation of comfort any more than would...

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If white was the only colour

August 16, 2017

If white was the only colour in existence or straight was the only shape. Just think... sunsets would be blindingly white, rainbows or red lipstick would be non existent and my beloved black...gone? (gasp!)  What about more curly hair, round emoji's or forget about envying Bey...

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More about Plum's 3 Denim Brands MAVI, Yoga Jeans & dish.

October 4, 2016

With the current trend towards throw away clothing being offered by the 'fast fashion' industry it has become apparent that customers should be questioning where and how their clothing is made.  Plum is also concerned because we have seen this trend growing every year for the past fifte...

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Mom jeans they're not!!

April 29, 2015

While quantities last, Plum has some of it's best, and most popular Yoga jeans styles on sale at $ 79 and $ 89. So, unless you have a uniquely special way of making even 'Mom' jeans look great, it might be time for a pair of Yoga jeans. Mom or not, we all want comfort AND style! Put them...

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Dress for a Canadian Winter

November 20, 2013

  There’s nothing like a Canadian winter. Even in western Canada, with the chinooks and rain storms, there’s nothing like cozying up around a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate after a long walk outdoors. And there’s definitely nothing like relaxing after a day of skiing...

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Your New Favourite Pair of Jeans

October 24, 2012

  Highrise skinnies in Indigo, $120 on sale for $95! Plum's Yoga Jeans (in Black, Ink, Indigo, and Recycled Brown) will be priced at $95 for four days only (October 25-28), so get them while they're hot!...which is always.  How do you explain Yoga Jeans, by Second...

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Good Deeds and Great Denim

May 3, 2012

Plum carries Mavi Jeans and Yoga Jeans, two of the best names in the business. Mavi's have a fantastic fit and they're available in just about every cut and colour under the sun. And Yogas, they are the comfiest pair of jeans you will ever own because of their unique, 5-way diagonal stretch....

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