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3 coat styles, 4 days only

IT'S MY 5 YEAR BLOG-VERSARY WRITING FOR PLUM. Considering I'm imposing my opinions on you, weekly, I realized a big miss was never introducing myself. Well, no time like the present. A little about me...I'm obsessed with t shirts, I love bold colour (and non colour). I have a black belt...literally a black belt to wear, with clothes...well...more than one, if I'm honest. I have a PHD in new arrivals! And my pastimes are sewing, reading books half way through and abandoning them and sarcasm (in no particular order). In any case, I truly hope you've enjoyed my guided tours through Plum fashions. And feel free to tell me about you. But right now, let's look at things I like, because, you know, I'm making it all about me, this week!


A tiny snowflake of a lie. Not really all about me...but that's ok. I love outerwear. The feature this week is coats, and the weather dictates that we're not totally done with them.  The one on the left is fully rainproof with sealed seams, drawstring, for more definition and cold protection and features a detachable hood; to provide for less of a function and more fashion look. The one on the right has a soft interior for a bit of warmth. These will be good for years to come, and my picks for layering at this time of year.

Soya Concept polka dot coat (navy) $159 until Apr 21 $129

Soya Concept softshell jacket (black or sand) $ 155 until Apr 21 $125


Let's talk about the wide leg pants trend. Not only are they super comfortable, and offer an air of sophistication, but they're everywhere! I'm seeing lots of crops, worn very street style. As in, with very masculine boots, or loafers, as above, with slides, or for a more night out vibe, pumps or cut out booties! What else to wear with them? Feeling like you want something more edgy? Try a graphic t, knot it in the front and casual white kicks. OR, as noted in the above bottom right, they look great with a kimono. Or maybe go a different route - a la Katherine Hepburn and other great women of the 30's and 40's. Hair up, and a string of pearls or a big hat to balance out the pants. Best advice I can straight posture gives off the air of 'I'm a trend setter'!

B Young cropped pant (black) $89

Motion stripe Palazzo pant (blue) $86

Final Touch pull on palazzo pant (black or mustard) $69

Final Touch palazzo pant with waist tie (sage) $74







As I've previously mentioned, I love multiple or stripe colours and patterns. They're bright and lively, and on a practical note, grab any colour and it's easy as pie to match with accessories and shoes. (Is it funny only to me, that they picked white?)!

Cream front tie blouse (multi) $89



Another trend I'm super happy about, shorts are getting longer, yay!!  I personally don't need to flash everyone the blinding, untanned 13 inches above my knees. And I don't think an explanation is required for how to wear them, but maybe a reminder, that they're not just for gardening and walking the dog. One can certainly upscale them a bit. A long cardigan or Kimono, slingbacks and a hat.

Cream Bermuda shorts (black) $79



I'm also a huge fan of skirts. In part because dresses pose a specific challenge for my proportions and skirts offer the same feminine flair, but with a few more options for changing up the style, with different tops. This one above is so pretty with it's floaty, light weight fabric and dotted pattern.

Ichi mid length skirt (navy dot) $69

Ok really...about me...I'm from New Brunswick (the other edge of Canada), married and over 20...ok,, really 50...8 (but who's' counting); I have 2 beautiful girls and a black (of course) lab! I've gone from being a 70's girl, where being bold for me was wearing beige and green together to...ok let's just say, I no longer wear beige! Fast forward to now, and I love how the internet has provided us with the ability to virtually find those who blaze trails for us and I continue to be inspired by women of all ages and sages. And fashion expression to me is like what words are to communicating...sometimes they're colourful, sometimes they're strong but sometimes they're barely a whisper and minimalism is best.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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cool companions

Remember the coupon offer. Time is running out. 

Neck wrap with minimum $ 200 (before taxes) purchase offer valid only while quantities last.

What is toast without jam, mornings without coffee, wine without cheese or Simon without Garfunkle (forgive the throwback). My point being, what goes better with a coat than scarves...Don't you just naturally reach for one, once you put on your coat? It feels like, something needs to be hugging your neck to complete the look.

To assist in your quest to find a companion for your coat, below is a taste of what Plum has in store:


Destined to be a beloved staple for years to come this neutral color can merge well with any canvas. It's basic nature helps to break up any monochromatic look or offset any color your coat has to offer. Add a great, bold lipcolor and you're ready to go.

Melange ivory fringe scarf $ 36


Maybe something lighter with a rather eastern flair, alternating blue/cream short fringe with paisley design.

Paisley scarf with tassles $ 32



Maybe you need something which provides more of a neck cuddle (is that such a thing?). It does a good job of faking a hand made scarf from your granny! Well, maybe Granny didn't make it, but someone did! Right?;)

Aztek chunky infinity scarf $ 36


This adds a lovely hint of fun with a bit of fall color play. Once you take off your coat, you can still leave the scarf as it's light in weight and can easily compliment any of your fall outfits.

Plaid fringed out scarf $ 32

Scarves play a great role in pulling together an outfit, whether it's inner or outter wear (or both) providing, at times, a much needed finishing touch. The other great advantage to scarves is, while they don't require a huge outlay of cash, they rarely go out of style and are a great investment (especially since they don't require hemming). So, go ahead, play match maker for your coat. Plum has plenty of options.

Yours in fashion passion

Suzanne M.

ps..don't forget about the coupon. Good until Oct.26, 2014. Don't miss out.

Interested in seeing some different ways to tie your scarf...check out this 5 minute video.

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There’s nothing like a Canadian winter. Even in western Canada, with the chinooks and rain storms, there’s nothing like cozying up around a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate after a long walk outdoors. And there’s definitely nothing like relaxing after a day of skiing with friends at the chalet. Look forward to winter (and even the snowfall) with an inspired winter look.

Whether you like the animal intarsia knit or the geometric patterns, the Triple 5 Soul zip-up sweaters are reminiscent of vintage Canadiana. When worn over a comfortable pair of black straight leg yoga jeans, it’s the perfect winter outfit for a walk in the woods or a drink at the lodge. But because it’s cold out there, throw on the Tobias wool coat before you head out the door. Nothing celebrates a Canadian winter more than the colour red, and it’s made right here at home.

Welcome the Canadian winter in style. 


 For 4 days only! Get select Triple 5 Soul sweaters for $59 (regular $85-$90)

and get the Black Straight-Legged Yoga Jean for $79 (regular $110)!

(Offer valid from Thursday, November 21st to Sunday, November 24th.)



The Tobias Wool Coat in red is perfect for the Canadian winter. It's also available in black and olive.

Originally $295 now $210!



Get nostalgic for Canadian winters with an Animal Intarsia Triple 5 Soul Sweater.

Originally $85 but for 4 days only, get it for $59!



The Triple 5 Soul Diamond Graphic and Geometric Graphic Zip Up Sweaters are chic slope-side.

Originally $85 but for 4 days only, get it for $59!



A classic cable knit for a classic Canadian winter.

This sherpa lined hooded sweater by Triple 5 Soul is so cozy.

Originally $90, but for 4 days only, get it for $59!





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The Cold Calls for Coats


If you are like most of us, you have only one coat. Sure, there may be more in your closet but there is usually only one coat that you love to wear. It can be like a best friend. But like best friends, they aren’t always easy to find.

A good coat has many roles. It goes without saying that it has to protect you from the elements, but it also has to make you look and feel comfortable and above everything else, it has to make you look great … all the time.

When you start your search this season (and right now is a good time to be looking) remember, you are looking for a friend.


 Tobias hooded wool blend coat with zip front

This red packs a punch but if you'd like something more classic, this coat is also available in black and olive. The kasha lining protects against the wind and the hood and snap closures keep you snug all season.

Now on sale for $245 (originally $295).


Tobias A-lined boiled wool coat with hood

 Add or remove layers as the weather changes and you'll get tons of wear out of this perfect layering coat. Available in navy, black or merlot.

Now on sale for $189 (originally $229).


Tobias coat with asymmetrical hem

This cozy boiled wool coat looks dressy with its draping front and brass clasp and is available in charcoal, black and merlot.

Now on sale for $210 (originally $249).

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"Your coat is your car." This quote has been sticking in my mind for months now (seriously, I've been saving this one up since August). It is a perfect and simple truth. A good coat takes you everywhere and, chances are, you will spend a great deal of time in it.



So naturally, when choosing your coat, it makes sense to look for a classic style, like the one picture above. While it borrows from the very current military style, the clean, simple lines and subtle colour ensure the timelessness of this piece. 



A coat with a convertible funnel neck (left) or a similarly high neck (right) is also a savvy move. If you've ever been caught out in a Canadian winter without a scarf off, you know why.

 Equally important when you're choosing your coat is quality, as a carefully constructed coat made of high-quality materials will ensure the longevity of your purchase. Plum's Tobias coats are manufactured right here in Vancouver. The 3/4 length military style (shown in the first picture) is made with a lush Italian wool and nylon blend with a Kasha lining. The dense weave and lofty nature of these fabrics provide extra warmth without being overly heavy in weight. $330



But of course we know that a gal's got to have options. That's why we're pleased to offer variety in our outerwear. Our draped front style coat, made with boiled wool and a high-quality spandex lining, will suit your comfort and your style. $220

What do you look for when you're choosing your winter coat?



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