Did someone just flip a switch?  As much as I love the spring, and try to embrace the wardrobe change, I cling to my blacks and darks. As soon as the weather brightens, I feel a bit like an evil spirit coming surreptitiously out during the daylight hours.  Suddenly I feel compelled to bury my blacks in the back yard, however, still clinging to them like a lifeline! It is possible to liven up your wardrobe (I tell myself), while still being ones self! Here are a few ideas.




This supremely beautiful jacket is simple, comprised of clean lines, with pucker pleated sleeves and 100% linen. You know...the fabric that wrinkles when you look at it, but that just adds to it's character (that's what I tell myself about my wrinkles)! Great for those who like to dive right into the season!

Tobias linen jacket with pleated sleeves (grey, natural or rose) $179

Mavi Adrianna glam white rinse (white) $118

Plum ribbed tank top (12 colours) $18


If you're like me, you're not ready to drown yourself in a vat of happy colours. Not ready for the white, or even light...well what about bright? This jewel shade top is just the thing to pump up the colour in your wardrobe. Stick with the dark or denim bottoms but light next to the face...people will think you started a new relationship! Just a wonderful marriage of eyelet in a knit fabrication.

Wink wink cap sleeve eyelet t shirt (jade, pink or white) $49


And another idea...a throw/shawl. So many fresh, lively colours, yet still merging nicely from the dark season. A great ethnic feel, with wonderful ribbons of bold colours woven through the edges. Complete with tassels.

KW stripe yarn die Ruana shawl $49


Another true sign of spring is flowers. Whether it be planting them or wearing them. This is such a delightful botanical print with an undeniably feminine shape and adorable back bow tie.

Creme Rosemary tie back t shirt $69


Maybe it's just as simple as adding a cheerful scarf. The one above is nicely paired with a stripe shirt, which acts as a neutral against the complexities of the faux patchwork scarf.

KW multi print scarf (blue or mustard) $35

So if you're like me and drench yourself in dark, somber shades through most of the year, maybe you feel slightly compelled to climb out of the darkness for a few months....sometimes, begrudgingly!  There are subtle ways though, without turning into the wardrobe equivalent of a sheet of unlined paper.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself~ Desiderius Erasmus  ... read the full post and reader comments

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BIG SISTERS CAMPAIGN NOW ON. You could win a gift certificate worth $350. 

What's the best thing about shopping locally? Oh to narrow it down to one thing! Goods are made by people who work here, goods don't go into shipping containers and use fewer shipping companies (if any), employs your neighbour, no import fees...need I go on? I bet you knew all that. But did you know that most of what non profits receive are from local retailers. We can't control a lot of our surroundings but it's one of the few things we can have a say in. We can play a big part in the success of our local business'.

One other important fact: local businesses (like Plum) often carry goods exclusive to them, not found at multiple chain retailers. Like they're designing just for you.


A simply stunning little dress with great details such as, bold colour, rayon blend (which means it hangs so nicely),flattering shape, lined and with a delightful little cut out in the fresh, it's like it grew in your garden. I can think of 15 different ways to work this dress. With a bold statement necklace (or a simple locket), pumps or funky heels, a scarf, a jacket or a shawl, or the 'jean jacket'...a multitude of different looks possible!

Simone shift dress with back cutout (fuchsia and scuba blue) $129


This is another fresh easy look. The graphic patterns, are like accessories on their own. So many great colours to incorporate into your wardrobe. I love also how the designer never forgets the back details. Because when you walk away, you want to be remembered! ;)

Plum sleeveless blouse with faux collar (black, black/orange, green, orange and royal prints) $59


Here's a trend you may want to jump in on. The jogger, done so well here by Plum. A great poly/spandex mix; a fabric mix that flows so nicely together (not to mention travels well). This textured fabric is still light enough for the season. And note how they're worn with pumps, which gives them a decidedly edgier look or don't resist your compulsion to wear them with your flats or flip flops. Just depends on the look you want to create.

Plum jogger with drawstring waistband (olive or black) $79


Yet another very efficient wardrobe addition. Long enough to possibly serve as a dress with capri tights one day, crop pants another day, add a double wrap belt or take it to a pool party and use as a light coverup. Many very cool options.

Plum sleeveless tunic shirt (black, black/off white, royal) $85

So many great reasons to shop locally, one of which is, so you can save your money for your travels, not your goods to travel.

Yours in Fashion passion...


PLUM has been a long time supporter of Big Sisters. With their annual fundraising campaign, you have a chance to win a $350 gift certificate simply by making a donation to Big Sisters.  Plum will match your donation up to $25. Make a donation, help Plum match a big sister with a little sister and possibly win a gift certifate. Check in store for details.   ... read the full post and reader comments

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Linen reigns supreme

Linen is a fabric that, in ancient times, would have been worn by the wealthier class of society.  In fact, it was a very important source of trade and commerce.  Which might explain why we're all drawn to it. Of it's many beautiful qualities, durability and breathability insure it's a staple of the season. Plum has, once again, produced some jackets with simply exquisite fits. Lets look at these linen beauties, and what can be paired with them.


Above the beautiful front cover jacket in white. Put together with a black skirt and simple clutch. Linen's usual hue's are ivory, ecru and natural shades, however, this crisp white is such a great, light departure from the usual.

Tobias 100% linen jacket (mustard, black and white)$179

Tobias front flap skirt with buttons (black or off white) $88


Despite it's noble past, linen marries so well with nearly all coordinates.  Dress it up, or dress it down, it can easily replace a simple cardigan so beautifully without appearing too formal.


In keeping with the same, casual, cool vibe, the above tank is a wonderful, lightweight option if you choose to go the informal route. If you feel so inclined to remove your jacket, the back detail does not disappoint.

Kersh flower tank (warm white) $48


This sweet little, feminine dress combined with the linen jacket in mustard is such an airy, easy look. (Simone dresses always abundant in detailing and fit). Change the sandals to sling backs or heels and this look is great for school, the office or a Saturday brunch date.

Simone open back dress (ivory or navy print) $120

Despite Linen's regal history, it invariably provides for as many options as outfits you choose to create. Nefertiti would be envious!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Tobias....locally designed and made  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Kate and I, and all of the Plum staff, want to take a moment to thank our customers for their business during the previous year and to wish you the best of the season.

We know you have more choices than ever of where to shop for your clothing so we sincerely appreciate that you have chosen our company.  It makes us proud that we can produce exclusively designed good quality garments right here in Canada at an affordable price.  So we are pleased that you have taken that into consideration when you purchase from us in your neighbourhood and on line.  Creating work right here at home benefits all of us.

We also want to publically thank all of our in-store employees who have helped you look your best.  They are committed to making you feel great about what you wear and are knowledgeable about what works for you as an individual.  Plum has received hundred of emails this year about the positive experiences you have had in our stores so we know you appreciate their dedication.

Thanks for your business and we sincerely wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Katie O'Brien and Ed des Roches

Owners of Plum


   ... read the full post and reader comments

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The Cold Calls for Coats


If you are like most of us, you have only one coat. Sure, there may be more in your closet but there is usually only one coat that you love to wear. It can be like a best friend. But like best friends, they aren’t always easy to find.

A good coat has many roles. It goes without saying that it has to protect you from the elements, but it also has to make you look and feel comfortable and above everything else, it has to make you look great … all the time.

When you start your search this season (and right now is a good time to be looking) remember, you are looking for a friend.


 Tobias hooded wool blend coat with zip front

This red packs a punch but if you'd like something more classic, this coat is also available in black and olive. The kasha lining protects against the wind and the hood and snap closures keep you snug all season.

Now on sale for $245 (originally $295).


Tobias A-lined boiled wool coat with hood

 Add or remove layers as the weather changes and you'll get tons of wear out of this perfect layering coat. Available in navy, black or merlot.

Now on sale for $189 (originally $229).


Tobias coat with asymmetrical hem

This cozy boiled wool coat looks dressy with its draping front and brass clasp and is available in charcoal, black and merlot.

Now on sale for $210 (originally $249).

Image  ... read the full post and reader comments

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