Merry christmas

Kate and I, and all of the Plum staff, want to take a moment to thank our customers for their business during the previous year and to wish you the best of the season.

We know you have more choices than ever of where to shop for your clothing so we sincerely appreciate that you have chosen our company.  It makes us proud that we can produce exclusively designed good quality garments right here in Canada at an affordable price.  So we are pleased that you have taken that into consideration when you purchase from us in your neighbourhood and on line.  Creating work right here at home benefits all of us.

We also want to publically thank all of our in-store employees who have helped you look your best.  They are committed to making you feel great about what you wear and are knowledgeable about what works for you as an individual.  Plum has received hundred of emails this year about the positive experiences you have had in our stores so we know you appreciate their dedication.

Thanks for your business and we sincerely wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Katie O'Brien and Ed des Roches

Owners of Plum


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