Age is a feeling not a number


Plum just turned 35....what's in a number?  Many decades of great styles, great trends, great staff and customers! Great article in the Vancouver Sun in honor of the 35th anniversary.

I do not plan to save my best shoes, best scarves and best dresses, until I'm 64, or more importantly, abandon them at that point. It's a small thing, that brings many of us small bits of! Why cast aside the things you love so much because you've hit 30, 40, or (gasp) 50 and beyond. Our bodies change but our love of certain things and styles, tend to move with us through the decades. We merely have to find alternate ways of accommodating our shifting curves (sometimes they move south a bit). Lets take a peek at some of Plum's ageless beauties.


This jacket is truly without age boundaries. Easy to co-ordinate with other colours and styles. And graphic t's are not just for the young. They add a bit of levity to the possible conformity of a suit jacket. It's a conversation piece thus may not require many other accessories.

Tobias 2 button jacket (soy black or white sand) was $195 now $160


Here is a dress that Plum staff unanimously fell in love with. It's fun, it's flowey, it's bright, and pretty. The fabric is extremely stretchy and comfortable. I can see this also transcending various seasons. And it's on sale! What else could you want!

Wink Wink short sleeve a-line dress (3 patterns) $89 now $79


This is a great trend. Often tunics give the feeling of being buried in fabric. Tunics with side slits create a great style feature and removes this over-coverage issue. Add a hip or chain belt to break it up. Wear with crop pants or as above with jeans.

Very J side slit tunic (off white or black/grey) was $75 now $59


One of my favourites from the last few years, this trend lives on because it brings together fun and function.  Heaped in style and works as a simple but light cover in the very warm days of summer.

KW ethnic print kimono with tassels (navy) $59

Dress to look GREAT...because great is not an age, it's a feeling! And remember that adding a year to our age only means the world has had more time to enjoy us!!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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As owner and buyer for Plum for 35 years I have learned to become disciplined in what I purchase for our customers.  Contrary to what you may imagine I cannot buy whatever I want.  Plum customers are very specific about what they want and need, so a Plum store must be balanced, consistent and beautifully merchandised.

Often I must pass up on things that I would love to purchase because it doesn’t fit into the mix.  That is where the new Plum Pieces comes in.


At the beginning of 2015 we changed our Kitsilano store and experimented with a new eclectic mix of ‘pieces’ I could not resist.  The freedom as a buyer has been fun. Some are unique pieces, or trendy pieces, or just pieces that have nothing to do with anything else except that I have ‘fallen in love’ with them.


The new Pieces store still has lots of fashion that Plum has become famous for; like our own designs and locally made labels Simone and Tobias (plus this fall we have added acapella and wink wink to the collection).   But, since I am in New York and LA several times a year to find interesting fashions for Plum, now I can kind of ‘go nuts’ for the new Pieces store!  Much of what I buy will only be in Pieces.



Store graphics by Jason Turner from Brooklyn NY

So even if you love the Plum store you are currently shopping in, you may want to check out Pieces on Fourth Avenue in Kitsilano.  You may even find just the blouse, or dress, or scarf, or sweater you could not live without!

Let us know what you think!

2290 West Fourth Avenue (at Vine)                         See us at

Katie O'Brien

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Everything is attitude!

Congratulations is in order, Plum has won an award, read about it here!
What is a fashion attitude? Does it leave the image of a perpetually morose looking Victoria Beckham in your head? While Ms. Beckham has undeniable style, we don't always aspire to look like someone drove over our prized Louboutin's! In my mind, attitude in fashion is not isolated to a surly, perpetually hungry expression. To me, it means deliberate. Meaning if you'd like to channel Audrey Hepburn, that image will be quite apparent by how you pull yourself fully together, head to toe with everything in between being well thought out.
James Dean has nothing on this fearless look. If you're going for the 'I look like I don't care, but secretly do' image...your search is over! Wiser than an old owl, is how you'll look. This jacket is fantastic and Bear Dance make a very cheeky line of t shirts which Plum carries a large range of.
Tobias button front shawl collar jacket (black, charcoal) $195
Bear Dance owl on tricycle (only in ivory) $32
Mavi Emma boyfriend ripped vintage jeans $118
Trying to avoid the C word but...really this sweet thing really is so cute! The attitude is flirty and fun but get out of the way, I have places to go! Free flowing swing shape with back bow tie. Terminally cute but smoking hot with cut out style shoes, booties or show stopping with over the knee boots.
Simone dress with back bow tie (charcoal, purple) $98
"Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams"(or take a taxi...just a suggestion)! A stunning, yet very comfortable, look (above the heels of course). The drape of the top, over the skinny jeans, no attitude is compromised.
Plum neckline pleated top (green, orange) $79
If there was one woman who had head to toe attitude, it was Katharine Hepburn. She was the epitome of uncompromising, simple elegance in her time. These pants are so fluid and easy but with great style, and with the tone on tone look of black, it's such a sleek look.
Plum long sleeve shirt (black, off-white, royal) $82
Tobias relaxed trouser (black, charcoal) $98

Attitude is a certain fashion fierceness that speaks to strong choices when pulling together your looks. And if they say you have a 'bad attitude', throw them a wink and a smile and remember that quote "Well behaved women seldom made history"!

Yours always in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
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new arrivals...the first hint of fall!

Note that Plum's dress and jacket designs are produced in limited quantity, do not miss out on your size or colour by pondering too long.

New arrivals. And no, I do not mean the relatives at the airport with luggage, or your sister's new baby. I mean, fashion, fresh new styles to make your mouth water. Remember the smell of the new Barbie or the new car smell? How excited we get when we purchase new makeup and can't wait to get it home to try it on? Well, the wait is over. Fall fashions are already in the store waiting to bring home. Warm weather aside, there are plenty of things to wear now. But maybe you're like me, and want to be prepared for the weather change.




I adore this blouse...It has an air of vintage with the stunning botanical abundant rose images. I had to show you the back, it's simply stunning. So, light and airy. A great addition to anyone's wardrobe, this  is very transeasonal.

Plum oversize capsleeve blouse with back button (green or blue print) $ 75


A dress that is truly fashion fun. This print is so whimsical, a splatter of black and grey colours allover. Fully lined and features an exposed zip back, curved hem and elbow length sleeves. Totally fresh!

Simone shift dress 3/4 sleeve. (ivory/black or black/ivory) $129


Since it's almost time to put your pants back know what I mean...since we've been immersed in dresses and shorts all summer! These are an excellent choice. Made of a fabulous rayon combination, they're so incredibly stretchy, feels like you could do a workout in them...(or perhaps just a nice walk)! Zip front, belt loops, ankle length with side insert.

Tobias stretchy pant with contrast side (black or charcoal) $94


A blouse with so much potential. Just a great length for skinny jeans, ankle length pants (like the above Tobias pants), belted or open with cami and an eclectic necklace collection. Loads of creative style potential.

Plum long sleeve shirt (black, off white, royal) $82

Having recently had to grieve the loss of some great pieces of clothing that I felt would compliment my existing wardrobe, because of waiting too long to make a decision, someone else is loving them now...I don't wish the same fate for you, therefore go and check out what's arrived already. This is just a taste of what is already arriving.

And if loving fashion is a crime....I plead guilty!

Yours in Fashion passion...

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What's new in dresses for spring?

Dresses are at the top of what I instinctively look for whenever I go shopping for a new season. Plum is my first stop. Not only do they start with a fit model that generally has the most common proportions but the many years of experience of the pattern makers means different designs must be made to fit exactly right before anything goes into production.  After the dresses are produced and out to the stores everyone in the company has tried them on to see exactly how they fit the huge variety of bodies working for Plum so they know how they will fit the customers.

So let’s take a look at some of the styles for Spring 2015!

The dress featured on the email will satisfy all dress requirements. Beautiful, sexy, comfortable and requires no ironing, thus travels well. You should try this on.


If you're searching for something to kick off spring with a bang, this is where to start. Going to a cocktail party, this dress is a perfect choice, a casual date, this dress fits the bill. Speaking of fit, this dress feels so good on. I can say this because I've tried it myself.

Simone knit dress with criss cross back (black or navy dot) $110


Feeling a bit like Julie from 'Mod Squad' circa 1970 (TBT) then this is the dress. Beautifully lined, v-neck front, sleeveless dress with zippered pockets. Comprised of 97% cotton with a hint of stretch for ease of movement.

Simone colour blocked shift dress with drop waist (blue or beige) $139


Perhaps you lean more towards something less fitted, allowing for more movement, maybe you like to dance. Such a sweet, retro feel dress. I love it with the T strap heels, but, for fun would pair it with my Doc Martens, for a casual funky, ecclectic look. Why not!

Simone button front shirt dress (beige or black print) $139


There are times when your image needs to be polished, neat and professional looking. What I like about this sheath dress is, the finishing details. The exposed zipper just brings it up a notch, giving it that unique edge. Fully lined, back zip, back slit, sleeveless dress. Looks simply stunning in ivory.

Simone sheath dress with zipper detail (black, ivory and royal) $139

Plum does not disappoint, kicking off the spring season with a gorgeous selection of dresses. So great to know you're wearing something that is unique, exclusive to Plum, and designed and made right here in Vancouver. 

Dress to impress yourself...because if you're impressed, so will everyone else be.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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