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I've attended enough Plum staff events whereby the same dress was worn by multiple staff. Perhaps because it's fashion, no one batted an eye. In fact, I think we all looked with fascination at how each had put their mark on it. Hair done differently, various footwear, worn with leggings or of course, the different accessories to punctuate it. I looked forward to them for the lessons in style they provided. It's Iris Apfel who said 'Fashion you can buy, but style you must posses' (I'd alter that by changing the word posses to create). And I don't think we all need to look like Iris with her bold, traffic stopping looks! If you like that style, go crazy! But really, creating your own personal look, is really about finding your own formula!


I adore this dress, despite it's lack of black dominance.  What does dominate here is it's playful pattern and easy fit. In fact, part of my own personal formula is, I love a handful of colours, black being one, and rainbow stripes. I realize how odd that seems, however, with a dress like this, it's really quite simple. On any given day, a change in accessories is easy, add a scarf or hat for that matter. The colour won't matter, because everything will match.  What's your formula? Do you swear by earrings? Cannot leave the house without a hat or scarf?


Cream front tie dress (multi) $139


I've been musing lately on how very old ladies (not Iris), or children (ok my children), seem to like to randomly throw on multiple patterns (if only unmanageable hair was also a 'thing'). My lovely (albeit now deceased) Aunts, in their day were fashion plates. Ultimately as very old ladies, I recall, they would, however wear two contrasting plaids together. I think wearing differing patterns, is a skillfully, curated fashion talent. One that I love, but have yet to fully master. Above, is an example of 2 patterns that can work. One an eastern influenced print and the other a very rigid stripe. Unlike the Kardashian sisters, they do not compete! Perhaps wear an obi belt and heels, hair up and shoulder grazing earrings.

Cream Kimono $119

Yoga high rise ankle skinny jeans (white) $138

Motion stripe palazzo pant (blue) $86


Yellow is one of 'the' biggest fashion colours this season. Not merely because it's spring and bright, but because it gets noticed. And if you do not like to be noticed, I would advise against wearing this, light, lovely, warm, smile coaxing colour. Why would you want people smiling at you! Seriously, if your colouring is right for this, yellow can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. And frankly, at times, we need to change our formula....or, simply add to it!

Cream ruffle sleeve print blouse (corn yellow) $69

Liverpool knit trouser (black) $99


If you happen to be a dress loving girl, why change that, I think this one is SPOT ON for summer.  Features a a shirred back and pockets.  If you prefer a bit of layering, such as a tank underneath, just experiment. If you need a bit of coverage, try a crop jean jacket or perhaps an open front cardigan, such as above.

Dreamers gathered back dress (stripe) $79

RD open front cardigan (black or white beach) $69


A personal style doesn't means, you must wear earrings, you must wear a scarf or any accessories at all....throw away the 'musts'. In fact a minimalist look is such a classic. Either go for a simple, basic cut such as the one on the right, or find a top with a unique design. The frill, while it currently clearly has a female association, centuries ago was worn by soldiers and thus carries with it a certain, dignified and powerful image.

Cream shell top (cobalt) $89

Point Zero tank top (floral print) $42

Jag Carter girlfriend pant (black, khaki or rose) $99

Side note: SHOUT OUT to Plum's Granville staff! I recently went into Plum's Granville store. I bought a simple t shirt, and what I left with was some excellent advice on how to style my simple graphic t that I had not thought of! (happy customer here)! :)

I'm a huge fan of Iris Apfel. She's 97 years old, which inspires me to believe that there is no park your style here at 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on...there is just no reason..I love that she continues to have a passion for all things fashion and if she could eat accessories, I'm sure she would! It's also extremely humorous that Iris does not view herself as nutsy nor does it seem she would care if anyone else did. So many style icons of every age; who is your style inspiration? A model, a designer, a major performer/singer, or maybe someone close to you.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"You've got to make your own kind of music, sing your own special song, make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along" ~ Cass Elliot ~ 1969

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CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of Plum's Big Sisters draw...Claudia from Calgary. Thank you for supporting Big Sisters and we hope you enjoy your shopping trip!

I'm sure we all had a favourite dress from childhood, forever burned into our memories or on a wrinkled old, dog eared photo. I had a few but one of my most adored came from an Aunt who lived in New York.  It was quite typically 70's, with big, bold primary coloured stripes and featuring a large plastic belt. Great, right? Well, I was only around 7. Hardly would compete with little Princess Charlotte's fashions today. But I loved it. I bet you also had a favourite! BUT let's face it, it's never to late to find a new favourite.


Despite this somewhat formal looking presentation, punctuated by the shoe choice, this dress can translate well to work attire, casual afternoon outings and Sunday afternoons, just lazing around on your sundeck! An easy fabric, a pleasing print and a really nice design...make it a great dress for multiple different type functions.

Simone dress with waist pleats (coral or royal) $119


This (above) is a great choice, because of it's delightfully, happy, patchwork look print and uncomplicated cut. Shoes are left to your imagination. However, I can suggest what's popular this season; thicker wedge soles, great for good long strolls or a style preferred by many, the espadrille!

Wink wink tank dress with curved hem (multi) $95


This is a terrific little day dress, with a bright blue print, super flattering neckline and a feature loved by all, pockets.

Wink wink vneck dress with pockets (black or royal) $110


A sweet, very feminine dress, complimented by the lavish lace insert, and with a few accessory switch ups, easily goes from day to night. A great colour, apparently, for the likes of Angelina Jolie (according to Instyle Magazine), therefore it will not likely be in my closet...we don't get mistaken for one another.

Cream lace insert dress (blush) $99

So, what's in a great dress? YOU! After a closet, on a hanger, or in a heap next to your bed, it's just a pile of fabric. It's you that gives it personality and style. I have no photo of that dress of mine from so long ago, however, like boyfriends, there have been many more since and will continue to be into the future (dresses of course, not boyfriends), that was just one of my first ;)

Yours in fashion passion....

Suzanne M.

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Age is a feeling not a number


Plum just turned 35....what's in a number?  Many decades of great styles, great trends, great staff and customers! Great article in the Vancouver Sun in honor of the 35th anniversary.

I do not plan to save my best shoes, best scarves and best dresses, until I'm 64, or more importantly, abandon them at that point. It's a small thing, that brings many of us small bits of! Why cast aside the things you love so much because you've hit 30, 40, or (gasp) 50 and beyond. Our bodies change but our love of certain things and styles, tend to move with us through the decades. We merely have to find alternate ways of accommodating our shifting curves (sometimes they move south a bit). Lets take a peek at some of Plum's ageless beauties.


This jacket is truly without age boundaries. Easy to co-ordinate with other colours and styles. And graphic t's are not just for the young. They add a bit of levity to the possible conformity of a suit jacket. It's a conversation piece thus may not require many other accessories.

Tobias 2 button jacket (soy black or white sand) was $195 now $160


Here is a dress that Plum staff unanimously fell in love with. It's fun, it's flowey, it's bright, and pretty. The fabric is extremely stretchy and comfortable. I can see this also transcending various seasons. And it's on sale! What else could you want!

Wink Wink short sleeve a-line dress (3 patterns) $89 now $79


This is a great trend. Often tunics give the feeling of being buried in fabric. Tunics with side slits create a great style feature and removes this over-coverage issue. Add a hip or chain belt to break it up. Wear with crop pants or as above with jeans.

Very J side slit tunic (off white or black/grey) was $75 now $59


One of my favourites from the last few years, this trend lives on because it brings together fun and function.  Heaped in style and works as a simple but light cover in the very warm days of summer.

KW ethnic print kimono with tassels (navy) $59

Dress to look GREAT...because great is not an age, it's a feeling! And remember that adding a year to our age only means the world has had more time to enjoy us!!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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Until Jan.31, 2016 you could win your online purchase. View the resort wear collection and details here.

The year has begun on a slightly sad note with the loss of David Bowie. A visionary, an explorer of sound and style. One lesson passed on by the icon was don't remain stagnant, try something new, explore, investigate. He did this regularly but without loosing his elegance and signature sound! So we begin a new year, January, the month where struggling to zip up our pants is an Olympic event. A perfect time to check out what's new for the season and the year. Change is in the air!



Start off 2016 with a bouquet of yellow carnations and large polka dots. Pump up the happy with sleeves that emulate the wingspan of a humming bird. Great way to knock down the seriousness of your office suit.

Acapella (made in Vancouver) cape blouse (red or yellow) $85



Speaking of suits, if your staple jacket ends up in the washing machine by a well meaning spouse....(did I say that out loud?), it's likely time to replace it. Rock it up with broken down denim, or put it together with it's matching pants for work. A wardrobe basic.

Tobias (made in Vancouver) 2 button jacket (black or charcoal) $189

Tobias (made in Vancouver) slim leg pant (black or charcoal) $95




The pattern of this blouse hints at the 70's era. A great look for the adventurous. Love it paired with the long vest, but lends a good, bold spark to the suit jacket as well.

Acapella (made in Vancouver) sleeveless blouse (ecru or yellow) $59

Kerisma Percy long cardigan (black or white) $79


"Time may change me..."....Once again, a basic style tank invites the fun in with the allover print grandfather clock (or cat) print.

Acapella scoop neck tank top (ivory (cats) or blue (grandfather clocks)) $49

Plum has a wide variety of choices, made right here in Canada, which makes spending our bungee jumping Canadian dollars right here, an easy choice.  And if it is time for some the words of the inventor of avant garde himself..."I don't know where I'm going from here, but I know it won't be boring" David Bowie.

Yours in Fashion passion...

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Everything is attitude!

Congratulations is in order, Plum has won an award, read about it here!
What is a fashion attitude? Does it leave the image of a perpetually morose looking Victoria Beckham in your head? While Ms. Beckham has undeniable style, we don't always aspire to look like someone drove over our prized Louboutin's! In my mind, attitude in fashion is not isolated to a surly, perpetually hungry expression. To me, it means deliberate. Meaning if you'd like to channel Audrey Hepburn, that image will be quite apparent by how you pull yourself fully together, head to toe with everything in between being well thought out.
James Dean has nothing on this fearless look. If you're going for the 'I look like I don't care, but secretly do' image...your search is over! Wiser than an old owl, is how you'll look. This jacket is fantastic and Bear Dance make a very cheeky line of t shirts which Plum carries a large range of.
Tobias button front shawl collar jacket (black, charcoal) $195
Bear Dance owl on tricycle (only in ivory) $32
Mavi Emma boyfriend ripped vintage jeans $118
Trying to avoid the C word but...really this sweet thing really is so cute! The attitude is flirty and fun but get out of the way, I have places to go! Free flowing swing shape with back bow tie. Terminally cute but smoking hot with cut out style shoes, booties or show stopping with over the knee boots.
Simone dress with back bow tie (charcoal, purple) $98
"Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams"(or take a taxi...just a suggestion)! A stunning, yet very comfortable, look (above the heels of course). The drape of the top, over the skinny jeans, no attitude is compromised.
Plum neckline pleated top (green, orange) $79
If there was one woman who had head to toe attitude, it was Katharine Hepburn. She was the epitome of uncompromising, simple elegance in her time. These pants are so fluid and easy but with great style, and with the tone on tone look of black, it's such a sleek look.
Plum long sleeve shirt (black, off-white, royal) $82
Tobias relaxed trouser (black, charcoal) $98

Attitude is a certain fashion fierceness that speaks to strong choices when pulling together your looks. And if they say you have a 'bad attitude', throw them a wink and a smile and remember that quote "Well behaved women seldom made history"!

Yours always in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
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