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Today's office setting is changing; cubicles are becoming a thing of the past, the walls are coming down (sorry Mr. Trump) in favour of a more open/collaborative setting. Often attire is less constricted and severe, offering the ability to show a more creative and casual 'you'. Showing more of 'you' brings 'you' into the tasks. That's a very good thing.  Every season Plum creates pieces that can move from event, to function to office and home. Let's look at this seasons great crop of Tobias jackets designed for life:


Ok so, maybe your office is not a patio on English Bay....(or maybe it is, lucky you). At first glance it looks like the standard 2 button, welt pocket jacket. However, once you see it in person...(and I apologize for drooling on the screen), this is a gorgeous fit! The back has a slight gather feature which I have never seen before in a blazer. It fits so amazingly well.

Tobias (linen/cotton) suit jacket with elastic back detail (soy black or white sand) $195


Clean, fresh and sleek describe this impeccable, open front jacket.  The textured fabric is substantial, featuring a waist defining placket and hidden pockets. Comprised of cotton and unexpectedly, the slightest bit of spandex.

Tobias open front jacket with waist detail (black or latte) $185


Just letting you have a peek of something to come. Another uncomplicated yet distinct Tobias design. Simple, no collar to the front, back with beatiful definition detailing and flap pockets. Note that pink is an important emerging colour this season.


You could certainly be running for office with these jackets in your wardrobe, or simply running to the grocery store and all things in between. Tobias has many jacket options; finding the right fit is as important as finding the right candidate for Presidency (just a bit more complicated perhaps)...

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Tobias jackets are tailored in Canada

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Until Jan.31, 2016 you could win your online purchase. View the resort wear collection and details here.

The year has begun on a slightly sad note with the loss of David Bowie. A visionary, an explorer of sound and style. One lesson passed on by the icon was don't remain stagnant, try something new, explore, investigate. He did this regularly but without loosing his elegance and signature sound! So we begin a new year, January, the month where struggling to zip up our pants is an Olympic event. A perfect time to check out what's new for the season and the year. Change is in the air!



Start off 2016 with a bouquet of yellow carnations and large polka dots. Pump up the happy with sleeves that emulate the wingspan of a humming bird. Great way to knock down the seriousness of your office suit.

Acapella (made in Vancouver) cape blouse (red or yellow) $85



Speaking of suits, if your staple jacket ends up in the washing machine by a well meaning spouse....(did I say that out loud?), it's likely time to replace it. Rock it up with broken down denim, or put it together with it's matching pants for work. A wardrobe basic.

Tobias (made in Vancouver) 2 button jacket (black or charcoal) $189

Tobias (made in Vancouver) slim leg pant (black or charcoal) $95




The pattern of this blouse hints at the 70's era. A great look for the adventurous. Love it paired with the long vest, but lends a good, bold spark to the suit jacket as well.

Acapella (made in Vancouver) sleeveless blouse (ecru or yellow) $59

Kerisma Percy long cardigan (black or white) $79


"Time may change me..."....Once again, a basic style tank invites the fun in with the allover print grandfather clock (or cat) print.

Acapella scoop neck tank top (ivory (cats) or blue (grandfather clocks)) $49

Plum has a wide variety of choices, made right here in Canada, which makes spending our bungee jumping Canadian dollars right here, an easy choice.  And if it is time for some the words of the inventor of avant garde himself..."I don't know where I'm going from here, but I know it won't be boring" David Bowie.

Yours in Fashion passion...

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Personally yours

Add: 'great bargain hunter' to your personal style resumé. Don't miss out on some great deals here!

Really what IS personal style and how does one get 'it'? Trends can play a part, however, if you look at some famous icons...Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres or Betsy Johnson...all have identifiable personal style. Even Iris Apfel at 94 years young. Trends never seen to over take their personal style, merely become part of it. You have to let 'you' become your style! So fear not the fashion police...if you feel you need help defining or refining yours... ask for it! Plum staff are experts!


If your personal style is to 'stand out' or have one unique piece that's fun...this will add nicely to your collection. Wonderful fuzzy/funky mohair/alpaca blend, vest that creates flair but also adds warmth. 

Backdrop fur yarn collar vest (mushroom) $129


Maybe you lean towards a more demure image, but with a dash of sass! There's a simplicity to this top, however, a little added interest with the blurred print image. Great to go with one of the Tobias suits or eases into the weekend with jeans.

Plum cap sleeve top (mustard or purple) $45


As with all Plum's Simone dresses, there really is NO blending in....fitting in, yes, but blending in, no! Flirty, without being too obvious!

Simone front pleated dress (black, denim, honey/black, red/black) $110


Something about the unexpected and off center that keeps you's intriguing. Opposite's attract. Asymmetrical cardigan paired with the very straight lines of the plaid. Both can create very different looks; a very fresh weekend, casual image or worn with a suit, the shell compliments both so well.

Backdrop elbow sleeve asymmetric cardigan (charcoal) $75

Plum sleeveless shell crepe print top (black, blue or purple) $45

It may or may not be intentional but like it or not, you are always wearing your personal style.  Plum's philosophy is that it should always be intentional. Whether deeply devoted to your personal style or still, after many years, creating one, it's all fun exploration of yourself. Maybe it even regularly changes. Just remember, if you walk in the footprints of others, you won't make any of your own!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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As owner and buyer for Plum for 35 years I have learned to become disciplined in what I purchase for our customers.  Contrary to what you may imagine I cannot buy whatever I want.  Plum customers are very specific about what they want and need, so a Plum store must be balanced, consistent and beautifully merchandised.

Often I must pass up on things that I would love to purchase because it doesn’t fit into the mix.  That is where the new Plum Pieces comes in.


At the beginning of 2015 we changed our Kitsilano store and experimented with a new eclectic mix of ‘pieces’ I could not resist.  The freedom as a buyer has been fun. Some are unique pieces, or trendy pieces, or just pieces that have nothing to do with anything else except that I have ‘fallen in love’ with them.


The new Pieces store still has lots of fashion that Plum has become famous for; like our own designs and locally made labels Simone and Tobias (plus this fall we have added acapella and wink wink to the collection).   But, since I am in New York and LA several times a year to find interesting fashions for Plum, now I can kind of ‘go nuts’ for the new Pieces store!  Much of what I buy will only be in Pieces.



Store graphics by Jason Turner from Brooklyn NY

So even if you love the Plum store you are currently shopping in, you may want to check out Pieces on Fourth Avenue in Kitsilano.  You may even find just the blouse, or dress, or scarf, or sweater you could not live without!

Let us know what you think!

2290 West Fourth Avenue (at Vine)                         See us at

Katie O'Brien

Owner and Buyer   ... read the full post and reader comments

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