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Que Sera Sera

May 14, 2019

SUPPORT BIG SISTERS WITH PLUM (+get a chance to win a $350 GIFT CARD). I know the importance of big sisters...I'm fortunate to have three! Let's help Plum make it happen for a little girl! For more details...follow this link Que sera sera...Ah, the weather,...

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KNOT so fast!

April 10, 2019

PROCRASTINATORS conference...right here....BUT later on!! JUST kidding... Don't miss out on your coupon...details here Until April 14 (and don't miss out on Rebecca's posts on Plum's Instagram account) We thought we'd crawled out from under th...

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Bitter sweet!

February 6, 2019

And this week....nothing bitter about this....a sweet deal. Dreamers round neck sweaters for 4 days until February 10th - $59 - 5 colours! Bitter sweet is an oxymoron. Which is the use of two contradicting terms to describe something. I realize it is a baffling English language phrasing st...

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NO years resolution!

January 9, 2019

I RESOLVE TO BE A WARMER PERSON in 2019 - starting with sweaters! NOW 50% OFF FALL AND WINTER SWEATERS!!! (IN STORE ONLY). View more styles in the webstore then head into a nearby Plum for all the great deals. Hands up, those of you who, 9 days into 19, haven't abandoned - ...

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December 19, 2018

The beginning of December begins, Christmas shopping, parties and Christmas song season. Christian or not, season celebrator or not, most of us love to belt out the old favourites, performing our own Car-eoke! One tune recently brought to the court of social media was (blog title) ‘Baby It&rsq...

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"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

December 6, 2017

20% OFF SWEATERS - in store only - head into a Plum store near you and get into something WARM and pretty!   Allegedly attributed to Oscar Wilde. Nonetheless, it's a humorously valid point. That being said, there is certainly room to 'try on' another persona from t...

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Attitude of gratitude

October 4, 2017

Attention fellow procrastinators....fear not, there is still time to grab your coupon* here Attitude, generally, can mean you have some level of arrogance, self righteousness OR it can mean you're spunky, feisty and spirited. Which is not a bad thing! BUT there is no reason you can't have ...

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Winter comforts

January 4, 2017

Perhaps you're not partial to cross country skiing, hours of shoveling or making snow angels; possibly you enjoy the indoor know, reading books, watching movies or dancing around the living room to 80's music (oops that's me). Really what are some of your indoor passions? D...

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Naked or we come!

October 19, 2016

How do you feel about your unclothed body? I've had some very intriguing comments from my kids about mine. "I don't care about my belly (I tell them), that's where you started out!" My body is a veritable geographic tour of my life (the cut from climbing a fence as a kid, conto...

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Get it together!

September 28, 2016

COUPON TIME! Grab your coupon here ('til Oct.16). $20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95. Ever have those days where it's a struggle to get it together?, despite the generous, inspirational sunshine, my outfit manages to bear a great resemblanc...

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