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Turn on the lights

April 5, 2017

Did someone just flip a switch?  As much as I love the spring, and try to embrace the wardrobe change, I cling to my blacks and darks. As soon as the weather brightens, I feel a bit like an evil spirit coming surreptitiously out during the daylight hours.  Suddenly I feel compelled to bury...

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Worth the weight

March 14, 2017

Don't forget your MINIMUM PURCHASE coupon (until March 26,2017) Weight...yes, I went there! No one wants to talk about it. The only thing worth 'more weight' it seems, is growing a new human! In fact, even those who are 'thin' do not want to hear about it. So, I guess it's b...

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Let it go or LET'S GO

December 29, 2016

As we say good bye to a potentially abominable year (no I'm not just talking about the snow), we think back. Some of us would rather not, after all, a veritable playlist of musicians left us, questionable leadership voted in, earthquakes in Italy, Haiti getting hit again and newsworthy closer to...

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I know something you don't know....

March 9, 2016

Do not forget about Plum's spring coupon offer and perhaps try the new WINK WINK...Until March 13 $20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95. Get it here! A wink....generally means, a privately shared secret...or maybe a bit of flirting? In a nearly 20 year old study of wh...

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