Worth the weight

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Weight...yes, I went there! No one wants to talk about it. The only thing worth 'more weight' it seems, is growing a new human! In fact, even those who are 'thin' do not want to hear about it. So, I guess it's best generally to avoid it. However, what if your weight tends to fluctuate because of illness or your weight has changed because of this new little person in your life? And how to dress for this! Just remember though, beauty is not measured in pounds!


The front cover Wink Wink dress is great for weight that's other than steady. After all it neither defines your figure nor conceals it fully. It's just so pretty, that's all people will see! Also great if you are growing a new little person, I'm sure it would be great for a good few months as it's been designed with many gathers, front and back.

Wink Wink pleat dress (2 floral patterns) $98


Yet another great example of fabulous vibrant hue's. The cold shoulder design shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. If definition is what you're after, try belting it, or, maybe you have a favourite chain necklace....have you tried using it as a belt? This works well as an alternative to the usual leather, given that it's a strong enough chain link with adjustable links.

Wink Wink v neck dress (royal, fuchsia or black) $98


This is one of Plum's favourite dress bodies. Season after season this has been reproduced with a variety of beautiful patterns, also suits a wide variety of body types, which is what has made it a very popular style.

Simone front pleat dress (3 prints) $98


Here's another fabulous, swinging fun dress; great for a good night of dancing (think...festival). Love the asymmetric hemline...edgy and totally now and fresh. Try it with a long pendant or variety of your favourite chains.

Double Zero ribbed tank dress (black, brick or slate) $69


STILL CRAVING COLOUR? There is no shortage of it for the season in this bold print top. It's basic shape lends itself to a variety of co-ordinates and the lively pattern can also help distract.

Wink wink cap sleeve t shirt (4 print patterns) $39

Carlton University recently was in the news for removing all the weigh scales in it's workout spaces. One way to look at scales is, they can be viewed as a tool, choose to use them or not. Certainly less intrusive than one's Mother who's first question when phoning from 6 provinces away was 'how's your weight?'....*big sigh*! 'Great Mom, I don't weigh what I did when I was born, but it's still good'!

Yours in Fashion passion....

Suzanne M.

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