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There was a time when baby boys and girls were not gender identified by the little blue onesie, or frilly pink dress, rather, they were largely, simply attired in white as it was easy to bleach. Then in 1927,Time Magazine published a colour guide for what should be worn on the wee one. Until then, believe it or not, pink was felt to be the stronger colour thus, thought better for boys. Recently I heard some pre-teens correcting each other...'there's no such thing as boys and girls colours!' So, perhaps, gender distinguishing colours...could they be a thing of the past? Thankfully blue jeans, are not and never will be just for boys! Let's have a look at some blues and some possible pairings!


I love this t shirt for when I'm happy, unhappy, annoyed, irritated, frustrated...and pretty much any emotion we humans are equipped with as, I always figure it might help me espouse the feeling. That or a donut! These classic jeans are an unbelievable fit. A totally wearable length for, boots, booties, high heels, espadrilles or flip flops. Such is the beauty of jeans... they go with everything from pearls to Plimsolls!

B Young happy T shirt (white) $29

Mavi Tess highrise skinny (dark grey vintage) $118 until April 28 $98


I love these botanical prints. At first glance I thought maybe they looked a bit like Grandmother's old throw cushions. But, hey, what's old is new again. And if you tend to be a huge pink fan, it's all about the pretty!

Bolide floral blouse (pink or white) $60

Kaffe print cotton t shirt (blue/white) $49

Yoga skinny highrise ankle jean (white) $138 until Apr.28 $118 (made in Canada)



And because we now know Kimono's are everywhere, they of course look amazing with jeans. Soon we'll be looking for things that add to the look, but with an appropriate lightness to match the weather.

Cream Kimono (blue/green) $119

Mavi Tess highrise skinny (deep supersoft) $128 until April 28 $108

Yoga skinny highrise ankle jean (white) $138 until Apr.28 $118 made in Canada



Another thing to try is a fabulous scarf such as the one above left. Wrap it around your neck in a whimsical fashion or open it up, and use it as a shawl. Plum has some fabulous Jewellery and I'm sure you'll be able to find something that draws out the metallic. As well the blue ties into the denim so perfectly.

Cream broad stripe scarf (blue/brown/metallic) $39

Mavi Alissa highrise super skinny (mid indigo Tribecca) $118 until Apr. 28 $98


Above left is a light breezy blouse that compliments the jeans on the right with such perfection. Add a few pendants and a wide brim hat, and it's a great look for a dinner date!

Grade+Gather long sleeve blouse (cream or rose) $69

Kaffe gather waist short (midnight marine) $69

Yoga Rachel classic rise skinny jean (Prague) $130 until Apr.28 $110 made in Canada


Perhaps you have some upcoming fun events planned, like the Calgary Beerfest or the Stampede. This is a really sexy look without being too over the top. The jeans on the right, try wearing with a pair of killer black boots or open toed booties.

Maronie twist front speckled knit top (grey or taupe) $59

Yoga Dominique straight leg jean (dark indigo or medium indigo) $130 until Apr.28 $110 made in Canada

Thankfully, by the time little ones can talk, they are able to express... 'I DON'T LIKE PINK!' (well, that would have been me). I really prefer to find my pink on the inside of a steak, a tall lemonade, cotton candy or cherry blossoms! And despite the fact that it's known to produce feelings of hopefulness, comfort and calmness, it's still not for me. Perhaps it could be a worthwhile uniform for military!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Sunset is still my favourite colour, and rainbow is second" ~ Mattie Stepanek (Poet)  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Currently, unless your dress standards are set by the royal family, tasteless seems to have a far wider set of brackets than in the days of 'long haired freaky people...need not apply' (Five Man Electric Band). What about wearing overalls to a wedding?...erm, wait what if the venue is a pasture OR Goth wear to a is still fairly standard at funerals and I doubt the dearly departed will care! Seems it's not so much a math equation as an emotional or social one. Just be grateful to not be Kanye West who, while attending a wedding recently, had his slides ridiculed by the www for being too small. 'It's the Japanese way' said Yeezy. Sure Kanye, I guess my leggings are worn the 'gymnastics' way then! So, on that note, jeans, we now can find in every possible venue, event and scenario, accepted almost everywhere. Dress them up, down or just get in them! Let's have a look at some new jeans and some possible ways to give them your tasteful touch!




Thinking I was sufficiently stocked with my jeans, ready for fall, I put them on...or rather tried to. -REASON # 7 FOR BUYING NEW JEANS...'my old ones shrank' (right!)...I had to do a try on of these! They are simply divine!  So, comfortable they feel like a hug! Jeans should do that and keep the jiggle at bay!  I adore this sweet jacket with its shawl collar, below pocket pleats and the feminine back tie. Also comes in black, my favourite funeral colour! (bloggers favourite pairing this season so far)!

Yoga Dominique straight leg jeans $130

Cream blazer (black or brick red) $149



Something about these sky high heels and the worn, washed black...just so sexy looking. Add to it, a long cardigan or this fabulous lace kimono maybe some fabulous jewelry, perhaps do your hair in a messy bun and voila! A stunning look!

Mavi high rise skinny jeans (dark grey vintage) $118

Kaffe lace kimono (vintage blue) $99



Long gone are the days where high rise meant, something worn by your Mom. Now, they are well constructed, perfectly fitting and always with comfort an important factor. A perfect pairing with this luscious open front sweater. Add a fabulous scarf to the coupling and you have a comfortable, yet outstanding look.

Yoga high rise super skinny stretch $130

B Young colour blocked cardigan (burgundy multi) $119


What do you not need a boyfriend for? Boyfriend jeans! Looking relaxed and feeling ultra comfortable and easy! However, to shake things up a bit if you're doing a Friday night cocktail party or cozy local concert, add a sophisticated top, a jacket, eye catching earrings and some bold cut out booties. A funky look is born.

Mavi Ada boyfriend jeans (smoke vintage) $118

Cream shell top (smoke rose) $79

So, really...have we seen the death of tasteless? Probably not any time soon, but I also don't believe we can easily bullet list it because, needless to say, what's tasteless to one person is wedding apparel to the next;) So what really is considered tasteless? WATER!! Water is taste!

Yours in fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Always have a unique character like salt, it's presence is not felt, but it's absence makes all things tasteless"

Plum has an extensive selection of Yoga and Mavi jeans. The best fitting jeans, without style compromise! Head into a location near you and find your fit!  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Not just reserved for household chores, distressed denim has been reclaimed. New moms rejoice! These jeans are your uniform. What was once considered sloppy, tattered and torn jeans are easy to style, easy to dress up whatever your lifestyle.


For those marathon errand runs, layer a shirt over a tank and roll your cuffs over your converse or sandals. In your large tote, bring along an extra t-shirt for any accidental spills, but relax about your jeans because smudges just blend in!


When you get to relish in a coffee date, half-tuck your blouse into your jeans and cuff your jeans to draw attention to your heels. Remember, the less you fret over the details, the more stylish they'll be.

How do you wear distressed denim?

Take a look at the distressed denim we have in stores and get inspired with our Pinterest boards.






   ... read the full post and reader comments

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For the casual holiday party, most women wear a dress or a printed blouse to look their best. These looks are flattering and fun, but this year, why don’t you wear something different? If you want to stand out from the crowd, put on a pair of the Mavi printed jeans.

Dress your pair up or down depending on the invite. For the casual holiday party, wear the jacquard jeans in wine with a white button-up, a black jacket and tons of jewels like we’ve shown below. If you like to show off your legs, this is the look for you. These wardrobe basics play up the print of the jeans so people will look straight at the print. Wear a pair of black high heels and you'll have legs for days.

Printed jeans are versatile so you’ll get more wear out of them than just at the party. On Monday, wear your pair again with a black collared shirt, a belted cardigan and ballet flats to go to work. When worn with these essentials, the printed jeans create easy stylish looks.

With the 50% off sale on the Mavi printed jeans, now is the time to give your legs the attention they deserve.


From now until the December 24th, get three styles of Mavi Printed Jeans for 50% off.

The three styles include the Alexa Printed Jacquard Jeans in Wine, the Alexa Printed Flower Cord in Caramel, and the Alexa Paisley Jeans in Caramel. (Shown clockwise below.)

Plus, buy one piece of jewellery and get the second piece (of equal or lesser value) for 50% off!

See what's on sale here.



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Plum carries Mavi Jeans and Yoga Jeans, two of the best names in the business. Mavi's have a fantastic fit and they're available in just about every cut and colour under the sun. And Yogas, they are the comfiest pair of jeans you will ever own because of their unique, 5-way diagonal stretch.

The right pair of jeans is one of your most valuable wardrobe staples. You know the pair I mean. They are your go-to's, the kind you just have to slip on to feel good. You wear them with a plain white tee on Monday and look great. Wear them again on Friday night with your favourite heels and look even better.

Image  Image

                      Mavi Alexa Jeggings, $98                              Yoga Skinny Jeans with Zipper Ankle, $120

In stores now...NEW low priced coloured denim New from Judy Blue Jeans company, we now have coral and light blue, at the too-good-to-resist price of $79. We don't have pictures of our gorgeous model wearing these yet because they are brand, BRAND new, but I couldn't wait to show off these colours to you! So forgive me, but here I am sporting our new denim.

Image  Image

Judy Blue Coloured Denim, $79

Get 'em while they're hot! Some of you may remember just how quickly our short-lived red Mavi's sold out...

In support of National Denim Day, $5 from every pair of jeans sold until May 15th will be donated to the CURE Foundation in support of breast cancer research.


May is also Big Sisters month at Plum. For every $2 you donate in-store, you’ll also be automatically entered to win a $350 gift card to Plum! Philanthropy feels pretty good, hey? Check out the link below for details.


Big Sisters Information


Community matters to Plum. What matters to you? Tell us in this quick survey and you'll be entered to win $200 in cash!

Survey Here



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