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Stand Out in the Mavi Printed Jeans

December 4, 2013

For the casual holiday party, most women wear a dress or a printed blouse to look their best. These looks are flattering and fun, but this year, why don’t you wear something different? If you want to stand out from the crowd, put on a pair of the Mavi printed jeans. Dress your pair up or do...

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How to Style Printed Pants

April 15, 2013

Printed denim is the latest street fashion frontier that I can't wait to break through. What appeals to me most is that wearing these pants is A) just as easy as throwing on a favourite pair of jeans and B) instantly ups your style game. If the bold prints and colours have you hesi...

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Prints Charming

January 29, 2013

                            Coloured denim (and cords and dress pants and every other conceivable kind of pants) were h-u-g-e this year. Which left me wondering, can we ever go back to wearing exclusively blue and black jeans?...

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