Cool and casual... do it right!

Looking 'cool' with a casual, effortless appearance is not as easy as it seems...or is it? There's a fine line between casual and...well, sloppy. The rugged look of aged denim can have a truly negative effect, if, all elements are not taken into account (ie: footwear, accessories, quality). Take a peak at some of what Plum has, that I feel, exemplify 'casual' done right.


Nothing like a statement T to create a look which takes the place of accessories, if uncomplicated is your choice. The simple nature of the t shirt and dark denim, create a fresh image...not much else is needed. However, if adding a necklace is preferred, by all means that would also work without creating something 'too busy'.

Press Boat neck t shirt (white or black) $50

Kersh Open Style Cardigan (9 colours) $59 (Don't forget about the current cardi promo)


Vintage denim creates a personal, lived in feel; like you've worn them for years and made them your own. However, putting together contrasting components, such as very feminine shoes and top, helps avoid the 'I woke up in them' look (not to be confused with the 'I woke up this way' look). The jewelled sweater and heels infuse balance and create a 'funky, cool' vibe.

Mavi Emma Boyfriend dark vintage jean $108

Sydney short sleeved jewelled French terry top (coming soon).


Above (front email) image is just an easy, complete, fresh presentation. The Tobias jacket is 100% linen, which exemplifies spring...light, breezy and natural. This is such a beautifully tailored jacket. Add a graphic t shirt to your vintage jeans and you're set to go.

Tobias 100% linen jacket $169 (as always Tobias is designed and made in Vancouver)

Nümph Macaw tank top (Lt grey Melange) $45

So when it comes to casual, cool comfort (say that 3 times), the factors required for looking carefree and not careless with your style are somewhat elementary....balance...which essentially is all about life in general...wouldn't you agree?

Yours in fashion passion

Suzanne M.

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Also, Plum has a fun draw for you, follow the link for details, and put on your creative cap.  You could win a $ 150 PLUM GIFT CERTIFICATE AND a gift card ($25) for a friend.

What to do with your old jeans? (of course, 'old' is a relative term, as, we seem to like wearing our new jeans...'very old and lived in' looking now (I'm shaking my head in disbelief of this trend, which I secretly (ok no longer a secret) love). Pinterest and craftgawker are loaded with images and links to blogs of how to repurpose your old denim. Just fantastic. You can, of course pass them on to someone else, make cut offs or give them to a charity. Either way, you no longer have to feel guilty about their sad neglect, folded in the back of your closet for many, many (many) seasons, not seeing the light of day for trend on end.

On that note, lets look at some newer (old?) styles that Plum has so generously put on sale. With 7 styles to choose from, I'm sure you'll find something to refill the void. Take a look at a few of them below:


Once you slip into these babies, you'll feel like Marilyn Monroe in 'The Misfits'. Except they won't 'misfit' you. Mavi is one of the leaders in denim innovation. Thus why Plum has chosen to carry this brand.  Their design, fit, construction and content they take very seriously. The above pair have just the right amount of wiskering and fade along the leg front; people might not know you've only 'just' bought them. But ultimately, who cares, you'll love them. Straight leg, standard 5 pocket style, roll them up (as above) or straight. The leg is not skinny but slim. Comprised of just enough stretch; so they'll fit far better than Marilyn's did! ;)

Mavi Emma slim (deep brushed vintage)


You can certainly take pride in your jeans when you purchase Mavi. They a take great amount of care and are extremely environmentally sensative in their production and washes of the denim, made in Turkey. Check out the video below if you're interested in seeing the facts and processes.

Mavi's take on the skinny, mid rise is quite superior. Such a sexy fit using the highest quality denim. Comprised of 87% cotton 1% elastane and their very own EME, their 'unique to Mavi, innovative fabrication. Resulting in a great looking bum (which is, of course, the bottom line) ;)

Mavi Alexa mid-rise skinny (deep napoli)


If you're looking for something slightly more faded and aged looking, the above is great contrasted with black (imagine it next to a velvet jacket), or looks smashing next to red (be it a top, red pumps or simply lipgloss). Also great with an embellished t or equally as good with a plain white shirt. Or easily tuck them into tall boots. So many options!

Mavi Alexa mid-rise skinny (indigo napoli)

Denim today has become such a staple in our wardrobes, that it's not unusual to have several pairs of the same, in different leg lengths or washes, to accomodate various footwear and activities. When quality is a factor, Mavi should be a top choice. They offer a substantial variety of styles, washes and fits as well as being at the forefront of eco friendly denim processes.

So, dig out your old dusty denim and give them to your little sister, your cousin or make them into a bag, an apron, or a cover for your ipad. Go ahead take the scizzors to them, you'll come up with something fun.

Yours in denim passion

Suzanne M.

  • For more information on how Mavi processes their denim, check out this video.
  • Don't miss the smashing PLUM MAVI DENIM SALE (select styles $ 79)
  • Have a look at Plum's denim selection here
  • Find fun ideas on how to reinvent your old denim on Pinterest or create your own. 
  • Enter the draw here
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Fall into Jeans - Denim Coupon

Welcome back  fall (almost), I've missed you. Time for a coupon, for return to school, end of vacations and time to put your clothes back on. I meant jackets, boots and pants! It's been an exceptional summer, with lovely sundresses, sandals, short shorts and the occasional ALS challenge...burr!!!
So, the season I love the most...autumn has arrived!! Love the jackets, boots and the urge to wear jeans again is emerging!  And long gone are the days when I was a girl where there were only 2 fits, the guys fit, and skinny girl fit....(which I was not).  And Levi's dominated the scene. Now there are more brands than twitter accounts. Plum has some of the best fitting, best looks in denim. This from a certified denim hoarder.
Mavi makes some wonderfully fitting jeans. With some very innovative denim processes and finishes. Love the Alexa skinny jeans (above).  (nope, I'm still not skinny) but I love that I can wear something that says 'skinny' on the tag. Mid rise typically means that you need not feel like you're wearing your 'mom's' jeans, however, comfortable enough so that you're not spending the day pulling up your kids AND your pants. 
The Mavi Molly (above)  have a ubiqitous leg cut. Sophisticated looking,  ideal for pairing with stillettos, and great with boots as they fall just nicely over the width of the boot. The dark finish is a great alternative in many social occasions to black pants. Acceptable in many work environments and worn with a blazer to bring balance to the casual nature of denim.
And of course these super sexy dark skinny (Yoga jeans). I love the rock star influence with the super edgy heel, works well with the zippers.
FEATURED ON OUR EMAIL, the Mavi Jogger are the most amazing jeans I've ever owned. And trust me, I could open my own denim store (ok maybe more of a closet). Made of cotton, eme and elastane, they're like jogging pants in disguise. As they have the perfect denim finish. Don't let the drawstring and elastic waist fool you. While they can endure any and all activities you throw at them, such as you accidentally fall asleep in them, you won't awake feeling like you've been wearing a torture devise. These are very fashionable jeans (comes also in a darker shade). Roll them up for a casual look or down with slingbacks. I purchased several pairs, some to fit snugly with tunics, and some loose, more boyfriend style. You have to have these! Go get a pair now! I'll wait here.
This great coupon features some of the best denim around, Mavi jeans made in Turkey, Yoga jeans, made in Canada, and new  Dish jeans. This coupon is for a limited time, so waste no time pondering. Go and prepare yourself for the season of scarves, hats, apple cider, romantic walks  through the colorful leaves (and then raking them up)!
Kickstart fall with this great coupon. Limited time. Fall will last longer than this coupon.
Coupon details:
  • $ 20 off Mavi, Yoga, Dish regular and black denim
  • August 29 to September 14
  • Dish exclusive to Calgary location
  • cannot be used in combination with any other offer

Get your coupon here.

Have fun with your Fall denim Harvest

Yours in Fashion Passion

Suzanne M.


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cowboy checklist

How to tell if you're a cowboy (or girl)?

  • Do you drive a truck?
  • Do you own a horse
  • Do you like country music?

 If you answered no to any or all of those questions, take heart, you can still be a cowboy (or girl). Because who doesn't love denim? It's not just for the Stampede. Although, right now would be a good time to get prepared. Plum has a not-to-be-missed denim sale right now in 2 locations only. Plum in Kelowna and Plum in Calgary. All denim no less than 20% off. (so, get in your truck and drive there)!



I love this kimono look. So fresh and light. (no horse required). These jeans have so much stretch in them, you'll forget you're wearing them.





Yoga jeans are my ultimate favorite. (how can you tell I love denim, if I could have denim children I would). Speaking of children, there's been a shift in recent years to 'yoga' wear. Young girls used to want jeans only, now it's yoga wear. The marriage of the 2, the incredible stretch all in the form of a great denim fabric, and multiple style options, what else could you want? Love the cut of the leg on these; just enough leg width to fit over your boots.




And lets not forget white (oooh, watch where you sit!)? A blank slate for all co-ordinates. However, my children would see it as a lovely fresh place to draw. (keep writing untensils out of reach).

I think I'm more of a city cowgirl. I love my denim, but I ride a bike, does that count?

Don't miss this sale. Promotion (in 2 stores only) ends June 15th. Don't miss out.

Yours in Fashion Obsession..

Suzanne M.





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The Boyfriend Jean


Well, it is officially September and officially too late to keep pretending that fall isn't happening. The air has definitely started to have a bit of a nip to it, especially in the evenings. So chances are, you're probably grudgingly looking into revamping your denim wardrobe. It's getting just a liiittle bit chilly for bare legs.

Luckily, your denim options have never been greater (great as in many and great as in awesome). We've already talked about wide leg jeans and skinny jeans, today it's time to put the spotlight on the boyfriend jean.



People can make the mistake of thinking that the relaxed fit of the boyfriend jean isn't sexy. Wrong-o. You just have to keep the overall tone of your outfit sophisticated, and the look comes together beautifully. For example (since we're borrowing from the boys anyway), try topping off your boyfriend jeans with a tailored jacket.

Image Image

Tailored blazer, $195 and Mavi Boyfriend Jeans, $98.

This is one of my favourite looks for fall, and one of the easiest to wear! You can pair almost any kind of top with the boyfriend jeans (t-shirts and button downs are my favourites) and add a structured jacket for a wearable, fashion-forward look. 

I recommend finishing this look off with a fetching pair of pumps or wedges. We like borrowing from the boys, but I say let 'em keep their shoes. Some heels, or even a cute set of ballet flats, will keep your outfit appropriately chic.




And now for something a little bit special! Starting this Friday, September 7th, we're helping you build your fall wardrobe with a promotion. We're offering a lace trimmed cami, pictured above in one of eight delicious fall colours, for just $2.00 with any purchase of $75.00 or over.* This offer is only good while quantities last, so get 'em while you can!

*Not applicable to previous purchase, limit one per customer.



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