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What could be better than a Mother's hug? Most would agree....there is very little that's better. BUT that would depend on the relationship you have with your Mother. Maybe you butt heads like a couple of rams trying to establish territory. If that's the case, a new pair of shoes 75% off, or winning a free flight somewhere is likely better. BUT if you and Mom go together like copy and paste, then here's your chance. Why not buy her a hug? That's right...buy a cardigan, put a card inside and say 'imagine my arms in this cardigan! LOVE YOU MOM!' And remember, every day is Mother's day to a Mother! ;)


There is very little that does not go with a cardigan. My current favourite item is this dress...I'm in LOVE with this dress. It's the right fabric, length, colour combo and cut and super easy to pack for travel, that make it so perfect. Belt it, don't belt it, wear it to the beach with flip flops or add a cardigan for a casual office or dinner setting or a blazer. It and the cardigan go anywhere with anything.

ICHI dress 3 rayon print (2 prints - polka dot and pink print) $49

Kersh sleeveless 3/4 sleeve cardigan (6 colours) $45


Here's another sweet, fun little frock that makes a nice friendship with a cardigan. Easy fabric, bright, bold random pattern, that again will take this from easy going activities to more serious events. Often a change of shoes and accessories is all that's needed.

Pure bold print a-line dress $110

Kersh ribbed waist cardigan (6 colours) $45


And sleeveless is not only great but necessary as we approach some brain melting temperatures in the months to come. HOWEVER, like it or not, weather (and AC) happens and it's nice to have a cardi handy for various climates and environments. Plus they always look great with jeans as well.

Motion sleeveless tie front shell (blue plaid) $67

Bear Dance cat at fish counter (white) $35


And remember, in fashion, there are no 'real' rules, just a variety of guidelines to access if needed. Thus, it's not necessary that your cardigan be flush with the length of your top. Sort of goes along with that bohemian, unintentional/I-meant-to-do-that, casual, constructed look (if you know what I mean)!

Ellison stripe tencel cuff t shirt (4 colours)sale price $32 (not available online)

Mom repeats things over and over again, for DECADES until you get it, teaches you about fashion, manners and how to cook. After decades the award for this 24/7, unguided, on the job training, trial and error university of parenting has got to be a sense of humor.  Because what course teaches you to have endless patience while teaching another human to use the potty!

Happy Mothers Day Moms - THANK YOU!heart

Suzanne M.

SWEATER.: n: A garment worn by a child when it's mother is chilly ~ Ambrose Bierce


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Canada turns 150 years old this weekend!

To celebrate, Plum is giving our customers a chance to win $150 cash.

Entering is easy:

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  2. Make sure you complete your purchase with your customer file, and have signed up for Plum's email newsletter.
  3. That's it!


The draw will be made July 6, if you win, you'll be getting a call or email from us! 

Note: Limit 1 entry per customer.

Did you know? Plum is all Canadian and proud to have been in business for 36 years! 







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I've been presented lately with quite a number of 'would you rather' questions from my 10 year old. And NEITHER is no more accepted as an option than it is on a voter card (sadly)! So I thought up my own 'would you rather'...Would I rather spend one night in a castle, in an exotic location with full facilities and unparalleled views.....or find the perfect dress? Maybe the 'one night' seems like a slam dunk...however every year at this time, I find myself in search of the dress as if it would totally make my life complete. It seems a dress in a woman's wardrobe is often like the suit jacket to a man. Although, we usually like to have many and we don't only wear them to the office. Plum absolutely excels at dresses.


Isn't this the sweetest thing since chocolate dipped donuts? And nicer to wear! So nicely designed, with pockets, slight A-line, flattering length, beautifully fitted with slight stretch and slight stretch lining.

Simone sleeveless A-line dress (black or white print) $135


Unquestionably a print that declares clearly that spring is here. Blossoms throughout, this dress is yet another fresh, easy wear...with pockets, unlined with a delightfully feminine back view.

Simone A-line dress with pockets (aqua, navy/cream, or pink) $129


This is such a hot little, knit, pull on, dress, showing 'just' enough...to create come intrigue and unless you're Melania Trump with a private audience with the Pope, you can probably afford to be a little bit daring.

French Connection Ottoman crepe knit dress (fuschia) $158


On the lighter, more casual, less structured side, is this pretty blue, denim, embroidered style. Made from 100% cotton, a comfortable, breathable wear for the seasons to come.

Ellison embroidered dress (denim) $79


Another casual denim dress, which can switch to being worn as a tunic or just a light cover with capri tights. Made from the, emerging in popularity fabric, Tencel (lyocell), a great sustainable fibre, comprised of wood cellulose...very similar to rayon in it's fluidity.

Etherial tencel dress (denim blue) $79

Life is full of so many choices...should I have the salad or a nice thick burger, should I marry the artist my family thinks is a bum or the computer geek? Just remember though, that even 'not' making a choice...is still a choice. So don't just sit there, dresses are waiting to be chosen (if you don't choose them someone else will)!

So many dresses...so little time

Suzanne M.

"Different roads sometimes leads to the same castle" ~George R.R. Martin ~ Game of Thrones

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Also, Plum has a fun draw for you, follow the link for details, and put on your creative cap.  You could win a $ 150 PLUM GIFT CERTIFICATE AND a gift card ($25) for a friend.

What to do with your old jeans? (of course, 'old' is a relative term, as, we seem to like wearing our new jeans...'very old and lived in' looking now (I'm shaking my head in disbelief of this trend, which I secretly (ok no longer a secret) love). Pinterest and craftgawker are loaded with images and links to blogs of how to repurpose your old denim. Just fantastic. You can, of course pass them on to someone else, make cut offs or give them to a charity. Either way, you no longer have to feel guilty about their sad neglect, folded in the back of your closet for many, many (many) seasons, not seeing the light of day for trend on end.

On that note, lets look at some newer (old?) styles that Plum has so generously put on sale. With 7 styles to choose from, I'm sure you'll find something to refill the void. Take a look at a few of them below:


Once you slip into these babies, you'll feel like Marilyn Monroe in 'The Misfits'. Except they won't 'misfit' you. Mavi is one of the leaders in denim innovation. Thus why Plum has chosen to carry this brand.  Their design, fit, construction and content they take very seriously. The above pair have just the right amount of wiskering and fade along the leg front; people might not know you've only 'just' bought them. But ultimately, who cares, you'll love them. Straight leg, standard 5 pocket style, roll them up (as above) or straight. The leg is not skinny but slim. Comprised of just enough stretch; so they'll fit far better than Marilyn's did! ;)

Mavi Emma slim (deep brushed vintage)


You can certainly take pride in your jeans when you purchase Mavi. They a take great amount of care and are extremely environmentally sensative in their production and washes of the denim, made in Turkey. Check out the video below if you're interested in seeing the facts and processes.

Mavi's take on the skinny, mid rise is quite superior. Such a sexy fit using the highest quality denim. Comprised of 87% cotton 1% elastane and their very own EME, their 'unique to Mavi, innovative fabrication. Resulting in a great looking bum (which is, of course, the bottom line) ;)

Mavi Alexa mid-rise skinny (deep napoli)


If you're looking for something slightly more faded and aged looking, the above is great contrasted with black (imagine it next to a velvet jacket), or looks smashing next to red (be it a top, red pumps or simply lipgloss). Also great with an embellished t or equally as good with a plain white shirt. Or easily tuck them into tall boots. So many options!

Mavi Alexa mid-rise skinny (indigo napoli)

Denim today has become such a staple in our wardrobes, that it's not unusual to have several pairs of the same, in different leg lengths or washes, to accomodate various footwear and activities. When quality is a factor, Mavi should be a top choice. They offer a substantial variety of styles, washes and fits as well as being at the forefront of eco friendly denim processes.

So, dig out your old dusty denim and give them to your little sister, your cousin or make them into a bag, an apron, or a cover for your ipad. Go ahead take the scizzors to them, you'll come up with something fun.

Yours in denim passion

Suzanne M.

  • For more information on how Mavi processes their denim, check out this video.
  • Don't miss the smashing PLUM MAVI DENIM SALE (select styles $ 79)
  • Have a look at Plum's denim selection here
  • Find fun ideas on how to reinvent your old denim on Pinterest or create your own. 
  • Enter the draw here
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