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What could be better than a Mother's hug? Most would agree....there is very little that's better. BUT that would depend on the relationship you have with your Mother. Maybe you butt heads like a couple of rams trying to establish territory. If that's the case, a new pair of shoes 75% off, or winning a free flight somewhere is likely better. BUT if you and Mom go together like copy and paste, then here's your chance. Why not buy her a hug? That's right...buy a cardigan, put a card inside and say 'imagine my arms in this cardigan! LOVE YOU MOM!' And remember, every day is Mother's day to a Mother! ;)


There is very little that does not go with a cardigan. My current favourite item is this dress...I'm in LOVE with this dress. It's the right fabric, length, colour combo and cut and super easy to pack for travel, that make it so perfect. Belt it, don't belt it, wear it to the beach with flip flops or add a cardigan for a casual office or dinner setting or a blazer. It and the cardigan go anywhere with anything.

ICHI dress 3 rayon print (2 prints - polka dot and pink print) $49

Kersh sleeveless 3/4 sleeve cardigan (6 colours) $45


Here's another sweet, fun little frock that makes a nice friendship with a cardigan. Easy fabric, bright, bold random pattern, that again will take this from easy going activities to more serious events. Often a change of shoes and accessories is all that's needed.

Pure bold print a-line dress $110

Kersh ribbed waist cardigan (6 colours) $45


And sleeveless is not only great but necessary as we approach some brain melting temperatures in the months to come. HOWEVER, like it or not, weather (and AC) happens and it's nice to have a cardi handy for various climates and environments. Plus they always look great with jeans as well.

Motion sleeveless tie front shell (blue plaid) $67

Bear Dance cat at fish counter (white) $35


And remember, in fashion, there are no 'real' rules, just a variety of guidelines to access if needed. Thus, it's not necessary that your cardigan be flush with the length of your top. Sort of goes along with that bohemian, unintentional/I-meant-to-do-that, casual, constructed look (if you know what I mean)!

Ellison stripe tencel cuff t shirt (4 colours)sale price $32 (not available online)

Mom repeats things over and over again, for DECADES until you get it, teaches you about fashion, manners and how to cook. After decades the award for this 24/7, unguided, on the job training, trial and error university of parenting has got to be a sense of humor.  Because what course teaches you to have endless patience while teaching another human to use the potty!

Happy Mothers Day Moms - THANK YOU!heart

Suzanne M.

SWEATER.: n: A garment worn by a child when it's mother is chilly ~ Ambrose Bierce


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