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REALLY you need to DROP what you're doing and go to Plum! (and online)

TWENTY SEVEN DIFFERENT STYLES of pants to choose from

How could you not find a favourite or two?

Until March 24...20% off a Spring pant with a purchase of any top

(Jeans not included)

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Theoretically, the smartest people are the ones that effortlessly memorize long passages, clean everyone's clocks at trivial pursuit or earn math degrees. BUT there are infinitely more types of smart! Think...artistic, poetic, fashion, grammatical (that's not likely my category) or emotional intelligence! I'm not sure I associate someone specifically who wears 'pants' as the most intelligent...That being said, if you spend your day chasing toddlers, riding a bike or cleaning the top shelf of a cupboard, pants might be the more clever and sensible choice...but also a great fashion option. Especially this week! And it's the buyers choice! (I let her pick the photos-lol). And I think she did a great job! Have a look:

Needless to say, pants, provide freedom of movement but they also offer style options in that they give more ways to change the mood for varied outings! Such as a quick weekend escape. I love printed pants. They provide diversity and distraction from solids. While I greatly appreciate the freshness of the white top, I can also envision this with a print (such as above) and kitten heels! Kate says she likes to up her game with scarves. Another effortless way to add some flair!

M Striped linen tie front pants (navy/white stripe or white/navy stripe) $80

Point Zero slub cotton print t shirt (navy) $45

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29

Made In Italy jacket/shirt (black, pale pink or white) $98




Perhaps these are the proverbial 'happy pants'! Sunny, bright and joy inducing. Like dandelions! The contrast with the black creates a feeling of courage and boldness. Like...I'm sweet but don't mess with me (or spill anything on my pants!). And the addition of the style tweak, the front slits. Trend note: crops are the ultimate garment elect this season. And a great choice they are! Worn with with slides (as above) or cut out booties or runners, easy peasy...And yellow is brilliant (no pun intended) for matching...serving as a basic and thus plays well with any colour.

Cream front seam slit pants (corn yellow or white) $109

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29


The two images above display how (on the left), the same pants can go from a more professional setting to play (on the right) with a few easy change ups. If a cardigan is too informal for your workplace, toss it aside and add a blazer and if need be, uncuff the pants. And what a warm colour invitation to spring.

Jag Carter girlfriend pants (black, khaki or rosehip) $99

Point Zero tank top (pink floral print) $42

Cream long open cardigan (melon sorbet) $119


Maybe I'm a bit of a broken record with the print bottoms, but I couldn't resist. They remind me so much of the 70's....you know, when I was 3! (oh the lies we tell ourselves-lol). And pull on...they could not be easier if they went to work for you (actually, you can see they will work hard for you this season)! I digress, these are fabulous pants creating a combination of sophistication, with the combo of the linen and rayon and fun...meaning they dance when you move!

Point Zero striped linen pull-on pant (blue/white) $89

Grade + Gather crinkle cotton classic blouse (black or off white) $69


In keeping with the same posh/coolness...we have tencel. A unique fabric that acts like silk but with more attitude and durability. The denim look provides a casual vibe; however, adding accessories can create a more uptown look! And does she not look like John Travolta's dance partner in Saturday Night Fever with those intimidating wedges? I think my head is stuck in the 70's this week!

M tencel pants (blue) $75

M stripe printed blouse $90


And if comfort is your thing....well, wasn't that a dumb question! In any case, these are the pants for you. Just where have these pants been all our working lives!? Gone are the days where we were stuck with stiff pants with no give! And I'm in love with how they paired the defined lines of the pants with an unexpected, romantic print top. Great contrasting pattern play!

Liverpool knit trouser (grey or black grid) $99

Soya Concept scarf print blouse (multi) $75

The saying 'Smarty Pants'....smarty references back over 150 years and pants...well...as long as there have been pants. The words together, go back roughly 80 years to a newspaper article, where a coach is offering advice to one of his players! OR there's the British version 'Smarty Boots'...but, well...Plum doesn't sell boots!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"A man who correctly guesses a woman's age may be smart, but he's not very bright" ~ Lucille Ball

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I have issues!



in store only

There are anger issues, trust issues, emotional issues, weight issues (I don’t recall salad ever being anyone’s issue)....but my biggest issue is my t shirt issue…a rather out of control obsession which has forced me to turn it into a hobby. Finding them, wearing them and then turning them into something else when I get tired of them (a bag, a skirt, a scarf, a blanket, a little girls dress) because I can't bear to think of my once beloved t shirt lying lonely and cast aside like an old boyfriend in a landfill…so many memories, so much passion…gone! My favourite garment because they fit easily, go with all types of co-ordinates and are relatively inexpensive. Message T’s have emerged as a staple and often stand for more than just fashion, but in a light hearted way. Because while social media, news clips and a hot cup of coffee set the tone for the day, so too can a well worded t shirt.


Cat's...the annoying little brother of the pet family! Quiet, pesky and somehow always avoids trouble...take cheeky to a whole new level...wear it with this fabulous coat. Or, maybe your crazy cat lady friend, lives for her cats, this makes a fitting gift.

Bear Dance 'YOU'RE FREAKING MEOWT' T (heather grey)

Browse some of Plum's jacket and outerwear here



I love how Bear Dance has chosen appealing basic colours which makes co-ordinating a breeze. Have a bit of fun...for example the markings of the cats tails can play into the coat patterns and make an interesting look.

Bear Dance 'MULTI CATS' (heather grey)

Image Image

I've never seen a cat that looked like it needed glasses...capable of spotting a tiny spider from well across the room...regardless, if they wore  them, they'd look as cunning as they are.  Here are more suggestions on how to play with patterns, interacting tones or textures.

Bear Dance 'OPTICAL CATS' (black)

Check out some of Plum's sweater options here


Image Image


Many other options to choose from...wear them with your usual running/workout wear, or bring on some laughs and conversation at the work place worn with a suit. And of course they make excellent gifts.

Bear Dance 'SANTA FELL' T


Bear Dance 'I WORK HARD' T


Whatever issues you're dealing with (because, frankly we all have some), inject some fun into your life or the life of someone else you love...or buy a cat...equal amount of joy produced. Although-one of them tends to want you to wake up at 4 am to entertain them-hmmm tough call!.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"You have more baggage than United Airlines. Cross that out! You have more issues than Medusa, and that woman makes the inside of a cat lady's thoughts seem like a calming place" ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Lighten up!!

Let's talk about t shirts. My favourite thing, second only to breathing! In recent years, rising to the forefront of fashion because they're fun, easy, light and often an inexpensive way to add some levity to your wardrobe. No longer just for hanging out at home or cleaning the car, they're currently seen nearly everywhere, yet I doubt they'd have appeared at President Trumps Inaugural Ball...or a court hearing (a few exceptions)! Plum has an amazing collection of witty t shirts. It's time to stock up and wear them out!


Needless to say t shirts go with shorts like coffee and cream. Meant for each other. Such is the above skull with roses. These are such nice fitting t shirts, comprised of rayon and spandex.

Bear Dance skull with roses $35


A fairly common pairing now is with a smart blazer. The above Tobias blazer is just as comfortable as the t shirt with it's rayon, nylon and spandex composition. To wear with: tuck the t shirt into a pencil skirt and add a skinny belt. Just one of many options.

Bear Dance wolf and riding hood $35

Tobias shawl collar jacket (silver or black) $179



Another fantastic option, wear them with kimono's, shawls or ponchos. Plum's acapella oversized shawl is a great match. Loose and free flowing as well as very long. Pick your favourite skinny jeans, and pumps or ankle boots. A great weekend or pub night with the girls, look.

Bear Dance inhale exhale $35

acapella oversized open shawl (black, natural or navy) $79


I wonder, do you think President Trump likes cats? Totally irrelevant. Like cats or not, you have to admit these are very light hearted and funny. Simple enough to throw on a plain t shirt but graphic t's add a bit of whimsy and playful humor.

Bear Dance never trust a man t $35      Bear Dance cat with sombrero $35 

Bear Dance sushi chef cat $ 35             Bear Dance tattoo cats $35

When you think of adding one or two pieces to kick start your wardrobe, these are a great way to play up your sense of humour, stay current and add a breath of fresh air to your closet. Plum has an incredibly irresistible array of choices. No need to have a cat, just a sense of humor.

Yours in Fashion Passion...

Suzanne M.


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pack smart, look great!

Remember: Until Jan.31, 2016 you could win your online purchase. Just think, your travel wardrobe could be totally covered if you win. View the resort wear collection and details here.

While the rest of us are scrambling for that last minute 'special' gift or packing for family visits...you will be secretly laughing to yourself...sidestepping all the chaos by heading for warmer climates... an all-inclusive perhaps? (I'll try not to hate you). But why put yourself though torture you've avoided so far by unearthing clothing from four months ago. Do you even know where they are? No worries. Plum has an extensive resort wear collection to help you prepare. Here is a small sample...




Of course, shorts and t shirts might well be your uniform...at least a staple. Plum has a great, fun collection of Bear Dance tank tops. Cute, silly and make a great conversation start up! Or, if you're still needing to do a gift exchange they're a great option.

Bear Dance t shirts (just a sample of what's in store, above)



And of course you need bottoms. Crop pants, shorter or these-are-my-gorgeous-legs length. So many options, you'd think it was actually summer now!

Point Zero capri (curry, diamond, lichen or white) $65

Point Zero bermuda cotton/twill/spandex (curry, diamond, lichen or white) $55

Mavi pixie short denim (ultra blue vintage) $78



Love the pattern of this paisley dress...so eye catching. With a short sleeve, draw string waist and an easy waterfall hem, you can't go wrong with this as one of your dress options (and believe me Plum has many).

Simone V-neck dress (blue multi or red multi) $140


Don't forget, on occasion, you'll need a cardigan or coverup...Choose from many options, I've included just a few above. A crop cardigan or breezy, gauzy kimono. So light it will take up little or no space.

Kersh rib waist cardigan (7 colours) now $35

Cecico kimono blouse (brown or sea green) $59

When packing for a trip out of season this usually presents a unique, lack of selection challenge. However, Plum's large resort collection, removes that stress.  Choose from gorgeous print dresses, light weight pants/bottoms and coverups. When you board the plane 'your troubles will be miles away' (as they say in the song). 

Wishing you a fun and safe trip!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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