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Clever is the new black

April 18, 2018

Bear Dance T shirts - for 4 days only (April 19, 20, 21, 22) $ 25 (more selection in store) We're in an age where clever, innovative and smart things are being engineered at lightening, phones, and even clothing, however, some creations just didn't stick.  Like the ai...

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I have issues!

December 13, 2017

BEAR DANCE T SHIRT - 4 DAYS ONLY - $ 22 MAKES A GREAT, FUN CHRISTMAS GIFT in store only There are anger issues, trust issues, emotional issues, weight issues (I don’t recall salad ever being anyone’s issue)....but my biggest issue is my t shirt issue…a ra...

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Speak OUT!

April 25, 2017

DO NOT MISS OUT on this: FREE SHIPPING: min purchase $75 (before tax) ends Sunday May 7 does not apply to instore pickup use code SHIP2017 If you have something to say or a cause to support, it's commonplace...

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Flirting with spring!

February 28, 2017

I think we've danced long enough with winter. Winter sit down, it's time for Spring. I find myself so fed up with winter, I'd like to box it up and send it to the east coast of Canada where they know exactly what to do with it. Baltic and Slavic countries have the right idea; every year ...

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Lighten up!!

January 25, 2017

Let's talk about t shirts. My favourite thing, second only to breathing! In recent years, rising to the forefront of fashion because they're fun, easy, light and often an inexpensive way to add some levity to your wardrobe. No longer just for hanging out at home or cleaning the car, they'...

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Winter comforts

January 4, 2017

Perhaps you're not partial to cross country skiing, hours of shoveling or making snow angels; possibly you enjoy the indoor know, reading books, watching movies or dancing around the living room to 80's music (oops that's me). Really what are some of your indoor passions? D...

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Get it together!

September 28, 2016

COUPON TIME! Grab your coupon here ('til Oct.16). $20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95. Ever have those days where it's a struggle to get it together?, despite the generous, inspirational sunshine, my outfit manages to bear a great resemblanc...

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