Clever is the new black

Bear Dance T shirts - for 4 days only (April 19, 20, 21, 22) $ 25 (more selection in store)

We're in an age where clever, innovative and smart things are being engineered at lightening, phones, and even clothing, however, some creations just didn't stick.  Like the air conditioned shoes or shoe umbrella. Yet some did catch on, like the low tech, graphic t, and while it can hardly be considered new, it has made a permanent place for itself in the fashion world. The idea is, why say something with your God given, organic mouth, when you can put it on a t shirt! ....Do you hear that? Neither do I, because silence is on the endangered list. So, join the movement, wear your thoughts on your t shirt and you can sit, conserving sound waves, enjoying your Kombucha green tea latte, while madly sketching out your latest inspiration to change the world. Let's explore some of Plum's ingenious and humorous Bear Dance t shirts and what to wear with them.

Needless to say, t shirts go with jeans like children and toys, however, sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit. The cute little skirt to the right, might have been what Red Riding hood, had on with her cape? Regardless, it's a nice little diversion from the usual jeans. Add a little cardigan and it's a sweet, fun little look.
Again, moving away from what's expected, these Tencel wide leg crops are a nice alternative to shorts or skirts in warmer weather. If you need them for less casual occasions, try a pair of laser cut booties or kitten heel sling backs + cardigan or blazer and you've formulated a unique, yet light hearted look.


And possibly you DO want to wear your t shirt with jeans. I'm loving these new in, raw edge crop jeans. To funk up the look even more, maybe feed a twisted scarf through the belt loops, tuck in the t shirt and add a pair of sunnies of course! Kind of a 'girly' version of Huck Finn, but far cuter!
So, you have a sushi date with a Friend? Of course you'll need this t shirt. Works perfectly with these tan trousers, however, various other colours within, means you clearly can pair them with other things.

Bear Dance cat suishi bar (black) 4 day special $25

Point Zero capri pant with jersey woven pocket (black, navy or tan) $75


I think this is a nice little trio. A cheeky little tank top, a crisp blazer and skinny stripe pants. Adding the scarf is a nice touch. If your mid section is an area that you look for ways to camouflage...a couple of suggestions,  try a wide belt with the t shirt tucked in or, what I do, stay home, plunk on the couch, eat cheesies with a fork and watch Friends reruns. That's on a bad day! Idea # 1 is far healthier.

Bear Dance 'your secret is safe' t (black) 4 day special $25

Ichi ponte one button blazer (black or navy) $79

Motion ankle pant stripe (blue/white) $78

Were you Valedictorian in school, did you come first place in a marathon or solve the Rubics cube? All commendable accomplishments. Although, when you can bring your 4 year old to laughter from tears after falling or when a conflict with someone is avoided, where the bait was thrown at you like a bear being tossed a raw steak...I'd say that's pretty clever too.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

In writing this, I uncovered some interesting creations, far too funny not to share

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