Flirting with spring!

I think we've danced long enough with winter. Winter sit down, it's time for Spring. I find myself so fed up with winter, I'd like to box it up and send it to the east coast of Canada where they know exactly what to do with it. Baltic and Slavic countries have the right idea; every year on the first day of spring, an effigy of winter is burned and thrown in the river as a way to welcome Spring....I say why wait, let's do that now.  Let's have a look at some spring looks:


Did you hear the one about the cats who went on vacation from their tough lives? No me neither because that's impossible...Bear Dance makes some seriously silly t shirts. Plum has an extensive collection to choose from.

Bear Dance 'cats in Volkswagen van' (ivory) $35


Trench coats are synonymous with spring. Signifying that it's time to pack away the heavy coats, and now warm enough to put on a lighter one! A great, timeless take on a men's classic.

Soya Concept trench belted coat (sand) $149


Here are a couple of fresh spring options. The Tobias on the left with it's small polka dot print, brings to mind snow drops, one of the first floral emergence.  A beautifully tailored jacket.  And the tan drape front Tobias jacket presents a neutral alternative to black.

Tobias shawl collar jacket (black or navy) $198

Tobias open front jacket with rolled sleeves (concrete, nougat or olive) $149


Maybe as an homage to the suffragettes' of a 150 years ago, (white having been a significant colour), you'd like to implement some white into your wardrobe, or to support a cause ;)...the collarless Point Zero jacket is a fantastic choice to lighten up the season.

Point Zero collarless jean jacket (lt indigo denim or white) $90

Mavi Adrianna glam white rinse (white) $118


Grey is a wonderful transitional colour to springs brights. Not too dark, not too light (as Goldilocks once said). An uncomplicated garment, great for a casual work environment or weekend/off hours. Simple and comfortable, but easy to accessorize.

Ellison slouchy knit tunic (grey or navy) $65


I aim to create a life that I don't need a vacation from (I like that quote)...however a girl can dream...Bear Dance make some of the most light hearted, amusing and nicely fitting t shirts I've found and I'm a bit obsessed with t shirts.

Bear Dance 'I need a vacation' T (black) $35

Great things happen during transition times. We sometimes notice things we'd not normally notice and thus take a different direction, pause to appreciate what we have or get excited by what is to come ...Spring brings with it so much hope (and some great wardrobe pieces) ;)

"Honor the space between no longer and not yet"~Nancy Levin

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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