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Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and flowers and the trees and the moon up above and a thing called Love! ~ lyrics from Jewel Akens 1964

A sweet song but truthfully young girls need someone to ask questions of, someone to provide guidance...needless to say, it's usually Mom and Dad...but if they're not available, not around or just not capable, here's where the big sister comes in...

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Wanting to look more sexy? I don't think you need to wear clothes so tight that your blood flow is restricted to be sexy! It's being comfortable with yourself,  in your clothes, in your own skin. If sexy to you is how plunging your neckline is, well, that's ok too...but it doesn't have to be. What's sexiest is confidence and an overall self assuredness! Linen provides this general, sophisticated cool appearance, that few other fabrics can...and ultimately makes you look like you could rule the world. I know you know this already....just reminding you! You're already pretty hot!


So...why is this sexy? Well, it's not the classic, 'bending-over-to-pour-a-glass-of-wine' for someone while the girls are in plain view' kind of way....more of a cool, fresh, classic, confident kind of way. Like you just strutted off your Italian villa, on your way to buy fresh groceries for your evening dinner ease within yourself-way (really you're just going to pick up the kids). Linen is very often sought after in warmer climates for it's incredible breathability, durability which soften's with wash and wear over time.

Mio Meli double layer blouse (beige, denim, navy or pink) $105

Mio Meli stripe linen pant (denim, pink, taupe or white) $115


The above is a far more provocative presentation. Although, the off the shoulder look is a perfect look for, well...getting looks, it's also great for very warm climates. This particular top combines cotton with linen, bringing forth the more malleable quality of cotton combined with the strength of linen. Great with a long flowey skirt, a denim skirt and heels or wide leg pants. Some great possibilities.

Ganji stripe linen/cotton blouse (blue/pink) $55


Linen is made from the fibers that grow inside the flax plant.'s a grain?'s also good for you!? Just don't eat it! But it is a very eco friendly fiber, nonetheless! The beauty of a linen jacket is, no one would accuse you of being overdressed on a sunny day. This is definitely a casual cool look, accentuated with the slides, BUT again, footwear can convert any look.

M hooded short jacket (blue, olive or white) $95

Liverpool embroidered hem jean (denim) $109


Note that you are not limited to the usual oatmeal and sage...with the trousers on the left presenting with a blossoming print, it would be easy to be a bit more bold with complimentary colours and accessories. OR on the right the pale pink stripe, to go with more muted softer compliments.

M printed linen pant (olive) $65

Mio Meli stripe linen pant (denim, pink, taupe or white) $115

ImageImage a not so obvious way, this look is everything you want for warm weather! A very airy, unstructured linen top, which affords you the ability to go more showy and alluring on the bottom...a shorter skirt, skinny jeans and heels perhaps. All the while, linen providing some chic balance.

Mio Meli back button linen tunic (olive, taupe or white) $109

Perhaps we could expand the view of what's sexy to include men baking bread, people plogging (the new trend of picking up random garbage while jogging), or wait for it....actually talking to people and not burying ourselves in our phones. We also generally don't associate, HOT with 'old' or something thousands of years old! However, linen can certainly invade that category, after all...the way it wards off sweat, that alone has to count for something, or, those 'meant to be' wrinkles...on fabric ('or skin' she said hopefully!) :)

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around" ~ Elvis Presley (sounds like linen)!

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Is Mom Cooler Than Me?


(+get a chance to win a $350 GIFT CARD).

Because sometimes, big sisters are like a Mom! Supportive, caring AND fun!

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Jewellery and accessories

I can't really say... in my case, as my dear Mother is, know...with the ancestors..or...examining the radishes from below, immortally challenged....OK OK PASSED AWAY!! AND it really is not a competition of cool...IS IT? And if your Mother IS cooler than you, well, that's fine too! After all, she's had far more time to curate her coolness! BUT if she's not the avant-garde, funky one, why not bring her shopping, make out like she IS the cool one and seek her advice...'gee Mom, what would you wear this with?'(we love to dispense advice). I'm not taking sides here but...pumping up Mom's ego, kind of makes YOU the cool one!


Why is this cool, you ask? Because you like it, and you're cool. 100% cotton, and the eyelet zig zag pattern on the front mean, it's airy and breathable! The fluttery sleeves add to the feminine feel!

Point Zero cap sleeve shell top (amethyst or white) $65

Cream twill pant (white) $95 (limited sizes remaining)


Turquoise, the stone itself is well known for it's healing powers...that and a mother's warm embrace! Buy this for her and you'll get the win!! Seriously, it's a cheerful, outstanding hue in 100% linen. Another textile imbued with a light airy texture!

Mio Meli crop linen blouse (black, taupe, turquoise or white) $85

B Young crop pant (black) $89



This is definitely, both the epitome of casual carefree and alluring! A varied, open weave top, in a very soft shade stripe, to be worn off the shoulder, or don't! It's nice to sport a look that's both easy and comfortable, yet still fashionable for weekend brunch and varied activities.

Ganji stripe linen/cotton blouse (blue or pink stripe combo) $55

Jag Ainsley Bermuda short (grey, navy or jungle palm) $69


These fresh, light efflorescent dresses would be simply brilliant for Sunday brunch with Mom, for either of you. Completing the look with a hat, has all the appearance of 'I just came from teaching Sunday school'.

Mio Meli oversize printed dress (olive print or white print) $115

M printed dress (white/blue) $95



Sometimes you catch your Mother flirting and it's a jaw dropping experience, even if it's with your Dad! (Am I right?) Come on, that's probably how you came to be! Anyway let her be! Mom deserves to have her fun too! This top is just as cute (if not cuter) from the back! An easy transition piece for office to outdoor patios! Inside where there's AC or outside with a shawl draped over one shoulder!

Soya Concept strappy shell top (sand combination) $45

Soya Concept drawstring pant (aloe green or toffee brown) $85


Skip the flowers, they simply wilt and die! These adorable, and effortless pants are bouquet enough. Needless to say they need nothing elaborate on top. Wear with a simple tank top, add a crop cardi and change of shoes to slides. I love the added belt loops; get creative, wear a scarf through the loops, or one of your necklaces! (Find something on sale right now at Plum).

M printed linen pant (olive) $65

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29


I could totally envision my own Mother having worn this dress, 'back in the day'! And back in the day (abundantly popular in the 50's) the 'house dress' was designed to be convenient, comfortable as well as attractive, while 'Mom' took care of her house duties. Bring this up to current times, with a very red hot pair of Mary Jane shoes, bold lipstick and no other makeup; or even a casual, simple espadrille would work just fine and hair pulled up in a top knot. Maybe add a belt for more definition and a wide brim hat and evenings, add a jean jacket. Regardless of how you connect the dots, the print has ubiquitous appeal.

RD button front dress (black dot) $64

What fun things do you love to do with your Mom? Shop for shoes, makeup or simply shop? Maybe camping or crafting? Or perhaps she likes to clean your clock with a fierce game of Scrabble. Just remember, while both are 4 letter words...C-O-O-L is worth 6 points, where K-I-N-D is worth 9. Something to think about!!

For me, every day is Mothers day!!

Suzanne M.

Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother ~ Unknown

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Finding your cool

Referring to the swagger type in...'me', finding my cool factor has been like discovering a great tune on an 8 track tape! Just so I stopped trying, like four decades ago! It has now become cool to be uncool (jackpot!). Yet somehow, around the 9th century the word was taken as a gauge of temperature to it's transformed meaning now, can mean, a type of vibe; but how did it make that leap? Firstly, I believe it's been established that pronouncing one's self as cool is as necessary as stating what a stable genius one is, sort of unnecessary proclamation if clearly evident! In any case, I don't think there's a concrete answer, but there's a way to join the in, wearing something that feels cool and also looks pretty stylin!!

Image cool in the 9th century as is now. Basically a summer texture and weight that rises above all the conjecture. You have to see the weave on this. There is little wonder why Plum repeatedly sells out of its collection of linen styles. Just absolutely breezy and flowing with brilliant earthy tones to go with any type of accessory.

Made in Italy open weave tunic (6 colours) $89

Image a summer breeze, blowing past you as you sit in your Adirondack chair, holding a martini, with Bryan Ferry standing next to you singing his live version of Jealous Guy...oops, I drifted off there! The tank dress will never leave us, when it comes to suave, elegant style. It really is just you and the dress...what else do you need?

Double Zero long tank dress (black or deep purple) $69


Keeping well hydrated and staving off the heat itself in the summer months is always top of mind when buying clothing for this long, hot season. The above top, does a fabulous job of that and making your task of co-ordinating it effortless.

Be Cool small print shell top (navy print or red print) now $39


My undying, endless love for the kimono lives on. A garment that can be viewed as an after thought in regard to your outfit. Depending on the fabrication, can be folded up and put into your bag to put on and take off. With a change of footwear, in most cases, breezes in from one very casual environment to a more sophisticated one, or even doubles as your morning robe. Thus, why I think the kimono is the new 'must have' (or in my case-must have 5).

Kimono with tie waist (pink print) $79

Do you know what I think is cool? I'll tell you anyway. The 82-year-old Grampa who volunteers to cuddle babies in the ICU, that's pretty cool...Ballerina Aesha Ash who wanders around Rochester in her tutu in the hopes of inspiring little girls of colour that they can become dancers...that's cool...and anything still sought after thousands of years later, linen, that's pretty cool!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.'s like glitter only cooler....sprinkle it everywhere!~

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