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Destined for Lateness

October 16, 2018

NEWSFLASH: It's still dress season For 4 days Oct. 18 to 21...destination is Plum. 8 select Spencer + Shaw dress styles to choose from - 30% off. While quantities last While the habit of being late is not typically viewed of hands, who thinks the delay of au...

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secrets and lies

September 21, 2016

Speaking of 'inside sources' you have your own? Or rather, do you have beauty secrets you share with NO ONE, not even your cat? Personally speaking, I'm not one to keep things to myself, however, some things I do not care to share. To my great discomfort, someone once watched me whi...

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Learn To Love The Sweater Again

September 23, 2011

Officially, autumn has begun, and with the change in weather, there's nothing more appealing than knitwear, and this season, the sweater makes the outfit.  This season's prints and textures range from the quirky and non-traditional, to new varieties of age-old favorites such as fair is...

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