secrets and lies

Speaking of 'inside sources' you have your own? Or rather, do you have beauty secrets you share with NO ONE, not even your cat? Personally speaking, I'm not one to keep things to myself, however, some things I do not care to share. To my great discomfort, someone once watched me while I applied my makeup. I'm quite sure no one would accuse me of being a 'natural' beauty; my eyeliner looks like it was applied with a magic marker most days. Yet, that process is something I don't care to share...However, Plum is happy to seek out and share with you some great and sumptuous sweater styles. Sometimes sharing is good! ;)


The secret to a great sweater is it's texture or colour or design... maybe all 3! This one has such a delicious simplicity, like vanilla ice cream! A great 'go to' pattern, cut and design suited for most body types...of course height dependant, a nice bum skimming length.

Point Zero cable knit turtleneck sweater (cream) $75


Something about the same old sweater that is so inviting....but if's a refreshing take on the usual, with the oversized, off center pocket (big enough for an ipad or very large wallet), and a fabulous hood! The colours are so fall enticing!

Kerisma tera hoodie (brown, olive or grey blend) $89


Who doesn't love a great twin set. Sold separately this is such a sleek, sexy pairing. Turtlenecks are very 'in' this season.  Beautiful worn open or add a wide belt for a bit of added style.

Backdrop sweater open duster (brown or green) $105

Backdrop sleeveless knit mock neck (brown or green) $68


If you're a bit of a virgin to the poncho craze, here's one that might be your first. It's a poncho sweater with lovely ribbed sleeves, a really unique, curved hem and very flattering v shape pattern.

Kaffe kikki poncho (black/white) $79

Is your best kept beauty secret a body shaper, an opaque concealer or photoshop app on your smart phone? Probably your best kept beauty secret is your smile...and you should share that with everyone!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Things uttered in a whisper tone, are usually the most interesting!

Plum has so many more sweater styles than could fit in here (or my closet)...check out more online or in one of our 7 locations.



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