Get that black skinny-jean look...

If I told you that your black pants would stay black after washing them, you'd either laugh, or suspect I was inhaling paint fumes. Frustrating when we spend the time to find just the right fit, we then begrudgingly wash them and they are just never the same. After all, if we wanted grey pants, wouldn't we just purchase grey ones? DISH JEANS was listening and has answered our black pant prayers! They've created a patent pending fabric with 'unparalleled colour-lock technology'. After 20 washes, there is no colour fading!

Let's have a look at how great they look with everything:



And note that 'skinny' is no longer just for the very very slender. It's now constructed to accommodate curves and the 'thin at heart'. What a stunning ensemble. Not too complicated, yet enough interesting details to draw the eye in the right direction.

Plum zip front fitted jacket $185

Plum lace back, shark bite hem top $59


Of course for the casual, busy days, chasing children or browsing though best sellers...easy to pair with your favourite jean jacket and pimsolls. The black, skinny pant goes everywhere. Probably best to buy more than one pair, because now, you won't hesitate to wash them.

Mavi Samantha Jean jacket (dark vintage) $108

Nanavatee stripe tank top (various colours) $35


The best marriage (apart from your own) is red and black. Red lipstick, black hand bag, or of course, as above with fetching red pumps!

Tobias black 2 button jacket $179 (made locally)


Above ,Dish jeans paired with a bejeweled stripe top. Forgo the accessories if you wish, this sweater has embellishments to mirror the twinkle in your eye! Also so easy to change footwear with this; merely change to pumps for a night out, or ankle booties.

Tobias jacket and Sydney stripe top (coming soon) $85

So glad that the denim manufacturers have heard us, 'we want comfort and style' and they delivered and now black that won't fade. Could comfortable heels be far behind?

Yours in Fashion passion

Suzanne M.


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The struggle to find the perfect pair of pants


If you’ve struggled over the years to find the perfect pair of pants, your search just might be over.  The current fashions are working in almost everyone’s favour, as it’s one of those rare seasons with more than one key trend in pants. Women with curves are rejoicing for high waist trousers and the classic bootcut with wide waistbands.  Those with longer legs are happy to sport skinny pants and tapered bottoms.  Many love the revival of the wide leg pant, and it’s safe to say we can all appreciate the comfortable amount of stretch in pants these days.  There seems to be a fit for every style at any age right now!

If the usual pant woes that discourage us from venturing into stores and trying them on are over, have you found the perfect pair of pants this fall?
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