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Time for some self Plaidification....Pearl Jam lovers unite!

Just kidding...not kidding about the 4 days of plaid shirt specials - Thursday to Sunday Oct.11 to 14 $15 dollars off. 7 styles, multiple patterns, while quantities last.

If your biggest fashion risk is plaid, I'd say you're not doing so badly. Largely because plaid is a huge trend this season, not just limited to shirts or scarves, but jackets, hats and even boots. Guaranteed to make you stand out, but not so much in a 70's Bay City Rollers or Catholic school girl kind of way! More in a 'follow me, I'm on trend' kind of way! Plaid has been important for hundreds of years, in Scotland, and will continue to be a fashion pattern favourite everywhere.


While plaid definitely provides an image of casual, laid back and well....camping and hunting?(lol) really can be made edgier. Feeling creative or adventurous? Try tucking it in, buttoning it up, adding a wide belt and wear it with these funky, wide leg crop pants and your favourite heels, a contrasting bold statement necklace (maybe add a hat) and you have an 'I'm-taking-my-weekend-wear-out-for-dinner' look.

Be Cool plaid shirt (olive or rose pattern) $59 - for 4 days Oct. 11 to 14 $44

worn with

Final touch rayon palazzo pants (black or olive) $65

Canadian Hat menswear fedora (coffee mix or charcoal) $49




You can certainly mix your plaid and check patterns. Simply add Moto boots and scarf. It's a really simple look but with a bit of punch! As a diversion throw on a bold scarf and bold matt lipstick.

Be Cool hooded plaid button front shirt (black) $65 - for 4 days Oct. 11 to  14 $50

Motion long grey check coat/sweater (grey) $90


A very ubiquitous look is the above. A worn edge tunic length shirt together with this utilitarian type coat/jacket creates a frequently chosen casual look.

Sneak Peak plaid stone washed tunic (blue/red) $89 - for 4 days Oct. 11 to 14 $74

Daisy long zip front coat (olive or black) $110

Dr. Van Wedeen of Massachusetts' General Hospital, has established through research that our brains are a combination of complex, transverse interwoven pathways, much like a plaid pattern...discovered though a very detailed MRI. So, really, we are hard wired to enjoy the visuals plaid presents. Ok that might be a stretch but I must say, I enjoy the image of my brain as a very attractive plaid pattern rather than the big ball of spongy yarn that it often feels like!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy" ~ Albert Einstein  ... read the full post and reader comments

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What has two legs but can't walk?

25% off...leggings! FOR 4 DAYS - March 29 to April 1st.

The argument continues. Are they pants or leggings? Think of it this way...a shopping cart has four wheels, but it's not a vehicle. And if driven down the middle of Granville Street, would elicit police presence. And, well...leggings worn as pants should also (IMHO)! So, unless you're Olivia Newton John filming Greese and it's 1978 or you're a 14th century military Scotsman heading into thinkest the leggings shouldst remain as leggings! Albeit an almost essential fashion garment...just they are not so much pants! Let's explore some great ways to wear them.



Love love love this sweet, uncomplicated look. The printed tights provide some interest, while the shirt just provides a basic backdrop to the graphic pattern. The shirt, the kicks and pulled back hair gives it a little retro feel. Add a little cardigan and you'll look like cotton candy wouldn't melt in your mouth!

Brushed print leggings (5 patterns to choose from) - until April 1st $18.75

worn with 'BE COOL' basic white shirt - $55



Totally looks pulled together, even with a mid length t shirt. In fact leggings look great paired this way with the addition of the long open front top creating balance. Keeps it from looking like you're exiting from a gym workout, which, by the way is not only great but admirable! Since style is not so much the goal in that case, this helps refocus the look back to fashion.

Orange full length bamboo legging (6 colours) until April 1st - $27

worn with - Emma's closet open knit cap sleeve top (black or navy) $59



She has the look of an angel that just floated down from the dubious clouds above! The tights are perfect for this beautiful top, providing a subdued backdrop.

Orange capri bamboo legging (5 colours to choose from) until April 1 - $25.50

worn with - M floral tunic top $89




Ah...the old married couple, the tunic and tights....completely inseparable and always get along! Nauseatingly perfect together! So easy to accessorize as well, pulling the focus from either is easy to do by adding pendants or a scarf.

Orange capri bamboo legging (5 colours to choose from) until April 1 - $25.50

worn with - PURE tie sleeve tunic dress (bahama and denim) $119

and - KW ethnic scarf with tassles $39

So if you wear them to your pole dancing class.....they're not pants! If you sometimes fall asleep in bed with them and don't notice....they are not pants! If you've worn them with a jog probably rock that look..... BUT they're still not pants and finally if you could envision wearing them 'a la Kardashian style' to church with a see through top, they are not pants, they are leggings (and maybe a fashion fail as well)!

And to answer the riddle...what has two legs but can't walk? WELL...IT'S DEFINITELY NOT PANTS!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

ps...all noted above is in fun. You buy them, you get to style them your way. Just providing some ways to take them from the campground to the classroom and in between... Head into a Plum near you to explore the choices and have fun creating your look! Need help with styling them? Plum staff have great ideas on how to style them and anything else you wish to explore.

   ... read the full post and reader comments

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Quality 'matters' in every aspect of, people, education, garbage bags (ever have one spontaneously break?)...Garments are clearly no exception. The construction and fabrication being the key points. I spoke with Katie O'Brien, Plum's buyer and co-owner, about what she looks for when buying.  I figured who would know better, she's been buying for over 30 years. Here are a few tips from someone who has probably purchased 30,000 shirts in her lifetime. (She must have a very big closet).

  • look for no loose threads
  • more stitching per inch and even stitching
  • sometimes 'spare' buttons are included
  • don't be fooled by natural fibers, some very fine quality fabrics are synthetics that keep their newness much longer
  • check zippers, make sure they work, stitched straight and no puckers
  • how a fabric actually 'feels' (or 'hand') against your skin
  • not off grain (otherwise garment seams can twist).

None are hard and fast rules, merely things to think about and check. And don't forget to look at the inside of the garment (how it's finished, if there's lining), even though no one but you may see it.


This is an absolutely divine shirt. Who doesn't love anything Italian (shoes, cars, men). Most of these shirts that mimic men's style are very straight cut, however this one has some shape.  Long (tunic length),features a sleeve tab, irregular stripes and one breast pocket...a gorgeous flowy feel. Wonderful with leggings, a belt, a scarf and ankle boots. A fantastic cut and really nice weight. Many reasons why it's been so popular.

M striped tunic shirt (navy) $69


Another construction feature to look for is extra top and reinforcement stitching. There is no shortage of both with Point Zero's cropped twill pant. Plenty of extra details, such as pockets and an extra button should one come loose.

Point Zero cropped twill pant (4 colours) $59


A regular in Plum's inventory is the Kersh cardigan. Variety of colours, universally appealing cuts and fabrications, quality and price make this a popular choice. Kersh regularly includes not only a spare button but also extra threads for mending.

Kersh crew neck long sleeve cardigan (6 colours) $55


This is a beautifully constructed little dress. Another clue about construction is details; not so much 'multiple' details but key or unique features, such as the contrasting collar, front placket covering buttons and pleats as well, beautifully fluid fabric; all make for a knock out little dress.

Sleeveless dress with collar (black or navy) $139

Sometimes we don't think about quality and good construction until something goes wrong. Good to know what to look for in advance otherwise adopting the ability to restore and repair things becomes very important. Although sewing a button back on is far easier than rebuilding a relationship.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

'The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory' ~Gucci  ... read the full post and reader comments

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what's in a name


Help Plum choose a label name for it's line of blouses and you could win $ 150 Plum Gift Certificate.

Follow this link for details on how to win.

What a great contest! Like naming a baby only without the 20+ years of worry! So much simpler. Too late for me, I've already signed up for the tot parade. However, yet another thing Plum does exceptionally well is blouses. Much like the Simone dress line, Plum has decided to put a name on it! (not a ring, that's Beyoncé). However, just as impactful. When receiving a compliment, you can proudly say 'well it's a.......' (fill in the blank)! (Like, everyone should know of this label-wink wink!).

Here are some examples of Plum's blouse designs to get your creative juices flowing:


This is so sweet. Lovely, lightweight, with reverse print collar, pocket, cuff and button front. Wear it opened with a tank or cami or buttoned up (as shown) and add a necklace of a contrasting alternate color (red perhaps), or to that end, perhaps, just a really bright red lip color. Yours to play with as black and white typically can tend to go with any other color of choice. Be still my heart!

Plum Hearts blouse $ 79 (comes also in black with white hearts).


If uncomplicated is your thing, this is for you. Something undeniably appealing about a basic white shirt. Lovely and long so, if you 'do' wish to add an accessory (such as a belt), it really lends itself to taking this on. Pretty much everyone can pull off this look (basic shirt and jeans as above). Also comes in a stunning red shade.

Plum long white rayon shirt $ 79 (white or red)


Plaid has come charging back in style! No longer just for your old Uncle Angus. This delightful blue sheer plaid has so much personality, you need not really say a word. It's just so much fun. A bright necklace at the collar can add some funk; or knot it at the waist and wear it with a maxi skirt and a jean jacket and (my fav) Doc marten's to balance out the playfulness of the plaid. So many ways to be creative with this. (Note that this print also comes in a wonderful, wrap front style).

Plum plaid blouse $ 79 (also in red plaid)


Perhaps a feminine mood? Above, allover primitive, flower print blouse with keyhole, features 3/4 sleeves. This pretty, lightweight fabric, provides for a multitude of ways to layer for the season (or other seasons).

Plum simple flower print blouse $ 75 (also in mocha with black flowers)


I realize this is not a blouse. Just included it to see if you're still paying attention. Thought so!! Wouldn't this great little handbag be a wonderful companion to the hearts blouse?

Patent lips clutch $ 39

Head into a Plum near you to check out more styles.  And remember, all of the blouses noted above, are Plum designed and made in Vancouver.

Yours in Fashion Passion..

Suzanne M.

PS, Don't forget to submit your entry for the contest


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