As owner and buyer for Plum for 35 years I have learned to become disciplined in what I purchase for our customers.  Contrary to what you may imagine I cannot buy whatever I want.  Plum customers are very specific about what they want and need, so a Plum store must be balanced, consistent and beautifully merchandised.

Often I must pass up on things that I would love to purchase because it doesn’t fit into the mix.  That is where the new Plum Pieces comes in.


At the beginning of 2015 we changed our Kitsilano store and experimented with a new eclectic mix of ‘pieces’ I could not resist.  The freedom as a buyer has been fun. Some are unique pieces, or trendy pieces, or just pieces that have nothing to do with anything else except that I have ‘fallen in love’ with them.


The new Pieces store still has lots of fashion that Plum has become famous for; like our own designs and locally made labels Simone and Tobias (plus this fall we have added acapella and wink wink to the collection).   But, since I am in New York and LA several times a year to find interesting fashions for Plum, now I can kind of ‘go nuts’ for the new Pieces store!  Much of what I buy will only be in Pieces.



Store graphics by Jason Turner from Brooklyn NY

So even if you love the Plum store you are currently shopping in, you may want to check out Pieces on Fourth Avenue in Kitsilano.  You may even find just the blouse, or dress, or scarf, or sweater you could not live without!

Let us know what you think!

2290 West Fourth Avenue (at Vine)                         See us at plum.ca

Katie O'Brien

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What is texture?

What is texture? A feeling, a visual sense? A tactile sense? Never before have I seen a season which offered such inviting textures and patterns for all.  Including the picky person. You know...the 'no zippers,  no pockets here or has to be a certain length' person.. (I guess I just described myself). And yet I have so many this season, they now have their own room (maybe I should start charging them rent)!

Lets have a look at some of the great patterns and textures available at Plum.





The front featured, email sweater has it all; I can see why it sold out the first time.  Great colour combination; lovely and neutral, yet not so much that you'll dissapear within. Very light weight which helps with layering. Length is supreme hitting at the knee, which is wonderful with dresses (or jeans); hooded with drape open front.

Cecico hooded sweater $ 79 (grey/charcoal or Indigo/Burgundy)



If a sweater could imitate a cloud...this one can. The photo really can't convey this but it's so incredibly soft, it feels like a baby duckling...the texture is just divine! The black and white combo is just fantastic because it can be married with any other colour. (Perhaps you can see the lovely, irregular texture and fuzzy nature of this beauty complimenting your curls?). A black rib border runs along the front and around the neck, which gives great definition. It's just so sophisticated and polished, yet relaxed and easy.

LeShop open cardigan $ 89 (black/ivory)





Fall and winter can be so blah and dull. Perhaps you'd like to invest in something that is sure to brighten things up. With it's striped, varigated, interspersed stripes of vibrant colours this pullover, vneck design creates many style options. And once again, very easy to layer. If your body type is such that you feel the need for a bit more definition, perhaps add a wide belt under the back, yet over the front. Or add a Jean jacket, sweater or even a puffer vest underneath, depending on the weather. I love that it can be worn inside or as outterwear, or both. Peel off the layers as you wish.

Do Everything In Love Poncho $ 59




If you're afraid to get too involved in bold colour or pattern, this one has such warm, delicious, comfortable tones.  All of these sweater/shawl/ponchos are designed with uncomplicated wear in mind. The inclusion of armholes is a functional, subtle, design feature. And the combination of tones, which carry on into the fringe, provide for an easy to co-ordinate staple.  Matched with a great pair of the latest trend of knee high boots. Or be bold and go for the over the knee look. Just such a great boho, 70's look.

Fringe poncho $ 75 (camel)

Texture (and pattern) are such big parts of fall, as the leaves change colour and everyone lights up their fireplaces...we feel the need to be part of the texture of fall, so let texture and pattern breath life into your fall and accent your already beguiling personality! And find a texture or pattern to suit your senses.

Yours in fall fashion passion

Suzanne M.


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sweater promotion

Don't we all know people who talk incessantly on the same subject? Soon, you'll be saying this to me! Enough about sweaters. However, when it's a 4 day promotion - Oct. 2-5, 2014, maybe you'll overlook my repetition.


This is a great way to wear this wonderful sweater. Cinching in the waist with a belt helps define and break up the look, adding interest at the midpoint. Personally speaking, sometimes I need things to keep my accessories out of my soup! But that's just me! ;)

Look fringe sweater $ 40


Cardigans are great for warmth; typically we grab one in a solid color to compliment the rest of the outfit. Why not try one with a trace of color options. Wear it with all black or pull out one of the colors to co-ordinate your bottoms. So many options can be worked from this one.

Yumi wool blend Pom pom cardigan $ 80


I once had a cat, this option is far less maintenance (and attitude).  Soft crew neck

'grumpy cat' pullover in acrylic/wool blend

by Yumi $ 71


This glorious aztec sweater is a straightforward, loose cut. 3/4 sleeves with ribbing. It really is a very uncomplicated design, as well, quite easy to match with various bottoms. Improvise!

Audrey 3 + 1 100% cotton $ 64


Strike a pose, because this will make your style factor take flight. Features a turtleneck, inverted ribbing on sleeves and a simply beautiful cable knit design.

DKR & Company premium 100% cotton sweater $ 64 (grey/cream or black/grey)

Hopefully,so as not to be too repetitive, I've covered a few more topics this time, pet care, ancient history and etiquette (mine).  Did I leave out finances? With this promotion you need not visit the bank of 'absolutely not'.

All sweaters are 20% off for 4 days only! Do not miss it!

Prices listed above are for 4 days only

This is merely a hint of what is available in store. No quantity restrictions. So stock up! Have a look at some of Plum's great sweater selection. http://plum.ca/i.cfm/p/see/s/f_14#sweaters

Yours in fashion passion.

Suzanne M.


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Plum's buyer is going sweater crazy in anticipation of 'cuddle' weather. The front featured cardigan is so soft, feels like chocolate (if Chocolate had a feeling) and looks like an Alpine retreat (a posh one, of course). The open front, snowflake design is long enough to keep the assets warm and features pockets reflecting the shoulder to chest pattern. You'll love Kerisma's take on the grampa style cardigan (Grampa not included).  Super fun. You'll be fighting off the huggers!!
Kerisma mohair, wool combo sweater $ 98
Or, if flakes are not your thing, here's one for the dog lovers. (or maybe red lovers), as, this sweater is such a bold, stunning, gorgeous red, guaranteed to grab everyone's attention as you walk your dog!  
Numph Dalmation sweater $ 100.
Musically speaking...I love, how this one has been paired with a short asymetical, plaid skirt. The whimsical piano keys of the sweater reflect so well on the grid lines of the skirt. A sharp edged, angular necklace, pulls in the same colors, completing the look.
Point Zero piano keys sweater $ 72
Continuing on the theme of 'lines'...
I'm excited about this chevron design poncho. Reminds me of the 70's (but in a good way). These are such great multifunctional pieces. Throw over your jean jacket, blazer or clearly they're fine on their own. This season, Plum has many versions of this to choose from.
Do Everything In Love poncho $ 69
Currently so many great sweaters to cuddle up to.  With many more great styles to come we can say, Fall...bring it on, we're ready.
Yours in Fashion Passion
Suzanne M.
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Kersh Cardigans


Now that I’ve switched my closet over to spring, I rarely leave the house without a Kersh cardigan. As we transition from spring to summer, they are the perfect accompaniment. 


While it’s not warm enough outside to wear a cardi as a jacket, a bold tabbed sleeve style adds a layer of colour between my spring trench and a tee. And because I don’t want to wait to wear it, a bright ribbed waist cardigan compliments my sundress until the summer heat. Even then, the chill inside the office will call for a lighter layer so I'll bring one just in case.



Classic black or white goes with everything this season offers, but the spring calls for brighter colours. This season, Plum’s buyer selected Pool Blue, Grenadine, Leaf and Blue Bell as the fresh new palette exclusive to our stores.

No matter what the weather, I have a cardigan close at hand.

From now until April 6th: save $10 off the Kersh Ribbed Waist Cardigan (reg. $49 now $39) and $15 off the Tabbed Sleeve Cardigan (reg. $69 now $54). 


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