It feels wonderful to be 35!

When we opened in May of 1981 we had one small store at 4th Avenue and Alma. It was a different time.  So different in fact I brought my dog to work. She would greet customers with a dog smile and a wag. There weren’t computers or smart phones or even a fax machine!  My first cell phone weighed almost two pounds!

I shudder remembering the bulky shoulder pads of the 80’s and my all time least favourite styles … Grunge. Besides juggling a new family, a mortgage and sleepless nights, I had to meet with suppliers in Montreal worrying about what the heck I would buy for the Grunge trend of all things!

The industry has changed dramatically over the decades.  We have evolved from a time when choosing the right styled clothing was important and comparatively expensive to clothing as a commodity; inexpensive and disposable.  Trends have come and gone but my husband Ed and I have always stayed focused on quality and style.  We are proud to think that our staff has always treated our customers as individuals and that they are motivated to find what is right for each person using their knowledge and experience. 

So to the thousands and thousands of customers we have had over the past thirty-five years … thanks for the memories.

Katie O’Brien & Ed Des Roches

ps: Speaking of long relationships we want to remind you that we are celebrating our birthday with a Big Sisters prize draw. A $ 3.50 donation made in one of our stores, will get you a draw entry (Plum also matches every donation up to $35). Winner receives a $ 1000 wardrobe from Plum. Check in one of our Plum locations for more details.

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Make a trend...fake a trend

Who doesn't love matchy matchy? Plum's annual campaign to support BIG SISTERS is now in full swing and when you donate $3.50 to Big Sisters Plum will match every donation (up to $35)...Because matching is important! The goal is to help BIG SISTERS match two big and little sisters! entered to win a $1000 wardrobe from Plum...yes A $1000 wardrobe! In honour of Plum's 35th year...Happy Birthday Plum! What a great way to celebrate! Note: only donations made in one of our Plum locations will be entered into the draw.

A recent fashion news story stated the day of 'trends' is all but gone, that we create our own individual trends, thus no longer requiring fashion hierarchy dictating what we must wear. However I then discovered yet another story about an ecommerce retailer who's latest trend set the web on fire by stating they are now selling 'puppies' alongside accessories. After I picked my jaw up off the keyboard, the article later stated it was a fake ploy to draw attention to animal welfare issues. I love puppies, but prefer mine on the end of a leash, not delivered in a Fedex box! So,if you're of the 'trend' camp and like to see new, exciting, fresh ideas on the fashion front OR you see things more in a classic way...linen is a great seasonal choice, It exudes class without being pretentious but provides a great canvas for your trendy additions. Here's what some of Plum's very own staff (the experts) have to say about it:


Graciela said: "It's elegant, sexy and versatile". I agree Graciela, this jacket is all these things. Hard to abandon the blazer for the summer but the breathable nature of this fabric makes it possible to extend the wear into the warmer months.

Tobias linen jacket with welt pocket (caramel, khaki or natural) $185


Allison said: "I tried on the top and pants together to get an idea of the fit, without the intent to wear them together, but they actually made a great outfit. I added a long necklace and it was fantastic!"

The function of these summer neutral colours are indeed wonderful together and yet the benefit of blending them with your existing wardrobe pieces, also makes them a must for the season. The washed fabrication of many of the co-ordinates, makes them softer to the touch. Worn simply or adding (as noted) some bold trendy jewelry punctuates your look!

Plum relaxed washed linen pant (black,grey or oatmeal) $82

Plum washed linen tank top (black, grey, oatmeal or white) $59



Kayo said: "it's a 'chic' hippy look" 

Of course we soon head into the nearly unbearably hot season where shorts are almost the only option. What's great about linen shorts is they offer a bit more of a 'grown up' style. Great for festival season, however, a trendy way to wear them is with heels or strappy sandals and a long, light weight vest or kimono.

Plum washed linen shorts (black,grey or oatmeal) $65

worn with:

CM shell top, button back, lace bottom (cupcake) $55 (100% rayon)




Naomi said: "it wrinkles but, like me, they earned it by living and loving life". Linen is definitely livable, breathable, loveable!

And let's not forget the skirt because while summer suddenly descends upon us, we are still on the job. A great co-ordinate for the office, school or the weekend wardrobe. Yes it wrinkles but, this is part of it's easy going, aesthetic.

Plum washed linen drawstring skirt (black, grey or oatmeal) $69

The earth inspired colours of the 'exclusive to Plum' linen collection, blends so seamlessly into the season at hand. Whether you decide to dial up the daring and add bold accessories or choose the minimal route, linen is an essential for the season.

Remember; being yourself is a trend that never goes out of style!

Yours in Fashion passion....

Suzanne M.

ps, don't forget Plum online is open 24 hours a day...

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PLUM HAS TURNED 35. In honour of this great milestone and Plum's annual fundraiser to support BIG SISTERS; from May 12 to 31...with each $3.50 donation you make, you will be entered in a draw to win $1000 PLUM wardrobe PLUS Plum matches every donation. How great is that? Contribute to matching 2 big and little sisters & be eligible to win a $1000 wardrobe. What a great way to celebrate!

Whether a wedding invite, a garden party or a fundraiser, there are ample events that will occur out of the blue this season. Why be caught off guard. Inevitably something crops up and we're scrambling to find 'the' right outfit. Be grateful you're not the bride having to organize, flowers, music, food and the dress..OH the dress...well, Plum has exquisite choices for every level of affair and attendee; these are a few of my favourite things:


Pristine white eyelet, this is such a wonderful garden party dress. OR perhaps this is not your first trip down the aisle and you'd rather something less 'princess bride' and more understated. The fit on this dress is just so perfect! Classic shift dress but with a modern twist with the exposed back zip. And it's also breathtaking in black!

Simone eyelet sheath dress (black or white) $159


This is yet another dress choice that is destined to be favourite for years to come. The blossoming botanical print is the perfect option for afternoon events. Sprinting to catch the bouquet will not be a problem with this dress, as there is ample stretch.

Simone printed knit dress (black multi or mint) $125


Another sweet, fresh summertime dress saturated in colour and lovely scalloped bottom edge. Very easy to work this into a casual dress for your every day life, as well as one for an event. Very versatile.

Simone eyelet button front dress (teal or white) $159 $119


At first glance perhaps this dress looks like it lacks...well, inspiration. However, it's quite the opposite. I'd compare it to a fresh canvas...yours to create! Add a statement necklace or simple yet stunning earrings, pull your hair up and add classic nude pumps, maybe a shawl and you're good to go. And yet another dress that can translate into a day to day easy work option.

Simone crew neck dress with pockets (black, blush or chai) $129

If you're attending a wedding here's some advice:

  • If you're bringing children make sure you tell them not to put their fingers in the wedding cake
  • An open bar does not mean your wine glass should 'never' be empty
  • giving a gift certificate to a cleaning service; might be too bold of a hint but lastly and most importantly
  • have fun!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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If you won ten million...what would you do? In a two year old survey taken of US residents a surprising 2/3 of those polled would continue to work. What about your car or what you wear? Would you continue to wear the same style, make a major style change or would you merely invest in more cat print, hand painted, silk scarves with Himalayan beaded fringe? (we all have our weird fashion obsessions) Waiting for an unlikely windfall to wear what you love, is living for tomorrow. Buy smart and you'll look like a million dollars!


Plunge right into spring with this lovely, fresh, owl print, vintage style dress. Put together in the photo with lemon yellow converse shows how it can be lightened up for casual wear. For leisure, we tend to gravitate to jeans, but why not a dress? Easy on, wrap style, securely fastens at the waist with 2 sweet buttons and back gathers. Style tip: worried about the front flying open at inopportune times? Wear bicycle shorts with a lace border or a vintage slip underneath. And footwear just changes the mood. Mary Janes or ankle wrap flats are different options.

Simone cap sleeve wrap dress (black or royal) $139


I feel compelled to take someone down to the river and feed them tea and oranges when I look at this dress (thank you Leonard Cohen). Call me half crazy but this, bold exotic print reminds me so much of long days at festivals or (again) with different footwear and a shawl, makes a great brunch outfit.

Simone sleeveless dress with front keyhole (blue or orange) $149


Off the shoulder, cold shoulder and open shoulder looks are big this season. This ethnic print, embroidered top will look great with shorts, midi skirts, maxi skirts and as you can see a great offset for crisp white pants (on your yacht). Here's a tip for keeping the off the your shoulders (view).

Flying Tomato embroidered peasant blouse (black) $59


Speaking of crisp white...won't you look fabulous stepping out of your stretch limousine in this sleek looking Simone dress ;) A beautifully cut and designed dress with a decidedly futuristic edge.

Simone sheath dress with metal zipper (white) $129

Given that the chances of being the top winner of such a lottery are as slim as Paris Hilton's skinny jeans....why wait for tomorrow or 'maybe' for now (but we can still dream and plan)!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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What's in a name....

'What's in a name' said William this a coat or a jacket...'that is the question'! (ok maybe not the coat/jacket part). Upon feasting my eyes on this, my first thought...'it's a jacket'. However after deliberating, and a quick poll..I really depends. Is the deciding factor the fabric content, the length or something else entirely? What you call it and how you wear it are they related? If you call this a coat, you'll wear it over your outfit, if you call it a jacket it's potentially 'part' of the outfit. Looking for ways to expand your wardrobe...consider using your outerwear as part of the ensemble. Think outside the box (or outside the coat).



The drape front collar is such a chic trend. Lending a great air of elegance and creativity to a garment. This coat was a huge hit in the office when everyone spotted the first cut! Generous pockets, crepe texture and a wonderful little gathering in the back for definition. And then of course, there's the yummy, warm, neutral colour, easy to infuse into any outfit. This is a must have piece; perfect for many different seasons.

Tobias draped front trench coat Rayon/nylon blend (caramel or black) $210


Blazers are a staple of our wardrobes now. They've gone from the office to the weekend so seamlessly...worn with jeans, skirts, limits...and great for layering. If it's needed as outerwear, underneath add a lightweight cardigan and a scarf if the temperature drops.

Tobias linen jacket (caramel, khaki or natural) $185


Perhaps you prefer the classic Inspector Clouseau style trench (with a bit more sex appeal of course)! Button down, tie front, cotton/spandex blend. Worn as outerwear, over a cardigan, a jean jacket or a blazer...a great lightweight layer to peel off when the sun beams down.

Press trench style coat (khaki wash, lilac grey wash) $125

You're dying to know what the poll results were aren't you? Well I'm going to tell you was a landslide, the majority of the voters in my miniscule poll voted for COAT. Call it what you will, but the main thing is...wear it your way!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

ps...worn by you, it becomes a style!






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