"If I were a boy!"

Theoretically, it was thought, I'd be a boy, named Tom...and no offense to my deceased uncle but, I'm grateful I came out as is. I have to say, I wrote this while listening to Beyoncé which made me think, just how would I dress if I were a man? Unnecessary, because for decades, I've been drawn to men's jeans, t shirts, hats and jackets. Why? Perhaps because, at least with men's jackets, they provided a better fit, thus were my ideal option (and it was the 80's). Happily now I can draw together the structure of menswear with the fun and flair of women’s wear; and be grateful women’s jackets have transformed to better accommodate our actual shapes.


So it is said, we have a gentleman named Beau Brummell, dating back to the 18th century to thank for at least the men's version of the blazer. For us women, the Suffragettes were responsible for giving it meaning to our actual wardrobe; Yves St Laurent and Chanel punctuating it with style! Whoever it was, I'm grateful. Blazers are my go to garment from Sept to May. Instinctively they are paired with pants but they really wear stunningly well with anything imagined! If you love shirts, this all over print with stripe background makes for a fun coordinate.

Kaffe pinstripe jacket (grey stripe) $149

Kaffe pinstripe pants (grey stripe) $119

B.Young printed button down blouse (off white/mustard) $65




I love bringing together my old love of jackets with my new kimono obsession. I find kimono's and poncho's create a nice layering look while simultaneously assisting with fluctuating temperatures and environments. And pattern mixing gives your wardrobe a bit more latitude AND attitude.

Kaffe relaxed check blazer (grey plaid) $139

Kaffe front zip skirt (grey plaid) $79

KW multi plaid print kimono (black) $59



This jacket has the most genius design features with the pleats and back tie! JUST SAY YES TO THE CURVES! I feel like I've waited 3 decades for someone to incorporate this into a design; along with the shawl collar...MWA!!! love it! Looks just smashing with the plaid pants but also would be fun with destroyed jeans OR a fabulous dress. And may I suggest either this sexy wrap or jumpsuit above as options.

Cream blazer (black or brick red) $149

Kaffe checked pant (black/grey/red) $99

Spencer+Shaw ruffle trim wrap dress (black combo) $149

Wasabi+Mint crisscross cropped jumpsuit (black) $75



Welcome back to the 80's with this slightly retro, boyfriend/relaxed fit jacket. Another one of my favourite jackets this season; the one above as it fits in with the most welcome trend of plaid. This also adds a bit of interest from the otherwise somber presence of (albeit my beloved) black. I've paired it above with this body hugging dress as a nice contrast.

Kaffe checked blazer (black/grey/red) $139

Kaffe checked pant (black/grey/red) $99

Spencer+Shaw v neck 3/4 sleeve knit dress (black or merlot) $129

If I was a boy? I haven't seriously thought of this until I recently was listening to that song. Hm...would I want short hair, to always be stoic, graciously open doors, take out garbage or rake leaves?....ok wait...I already do!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition" ~ Timothy Leary


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