Curves and cardigans

Perhaps you're aware that the wardrobe staple, the 'cardigan' was the invention of James Thomas Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, who employed the design to lavishly outfit his regiment which has continued to outfit men into present time, from Mr. Rogers to Curt Cobain. However, It was Coco Chanel who, tired of forever having her hair messed by the tight sweater collar when donning the pullover, first created the women's (needless to say) fashionable version. Thank you Coco! While I don't have a great 'do' to protect, I still love cardigans. They come in many colours, long or short, and go with everything...maybe more versatile than a boyfriend!


With a colour selection that mimics a rainbow burst, these crew neck cardigans are the perfect addition to any ensemble. Soft and so well fitting, comprised of 80% cotton and just enough stretch for comfort or to accommodate your curves.

Kersh crew neck 3/4 sleeve cardigan (coral, denim, fuchsia, lilac, pond, turquoise) $55


Try your cardigan with this sweet as pie, tunic, shirt/dress. Hard currently to imagine 'sandals', however, wear now with tights and ballet flats. Note the ever so slight tuck in the back for definition.

Simone denim print button front dress (blue multi, blue/white or medium blue) $119


Here's another great combination. A simple tank, a sexy pencil skirt with a slit and your cardigan. Try picking one of the multitude of fresh colour tanks, an equally fun hued cardigan and yet another toned belt. Simple, feminine and easy to pull together.

Plum ribbed tank (black, cobalt, daisy, kelly green, magenta, mint, navy, peach, scarlet, turquoise, violet, white) $18

Orb pencil skirt with side slit (black or grey heather) $55


Another great thing that will be right at home with your cardigan are these curve hugging, embroidered jeans. And who needs hemming with this great, raw edge denim look. Those lazy or busy of us are just thrilled about this current trend!

Mavi Adrianna ankle embroidered denim $128

Even though the mighty cardigan started out as a gentlemans garment, does not mean 'we' can't share it. After all we both have hearts beating in our chests, feet for walking and like to look good...but like Bob Thaves famously in his 1982 cartoon wrote, 'sure Fred Astaire was great, but Ginger Rogers did everything he did, only backwards and in heels'! We win!! (the cardigan that is)

Yours in Fashion passion....

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What's blacker than black?

What's blacker than black? Please let me know if you find something as I'm a big 'void of colour' fan. At the risk of looking like I'm attending a funeral daily, I attempt to infuse other elements as I find it's a sensationally easy way to integrate separates. That being said, they say ones colour preference is a key to our personality. White, for instance, frequently implies calm, innocence and simplicity.  I love white but I don't possess any of those qualities. They (whoever they is) say we often feel colours more than see them. Let's get touchy feely then:


With all the elegance of a white swan, this beautiful top will make you flow with grace, or...make you feel like one. Why this is such a sought after style? White literally will go with every other colour; makes for a fresh style when paired with jeans but easily can go from fun to function when paired with a pencil skirt and very trans-seasonal.

Kersh cap sleeve lace top (cream) $65


By contrast red has a feel of power, strength, impulsiveness and boldness. And perhaps you're looking to inject energy or positivity into your life.  In many eastern cultures it's the symbol for good luck. This would be the ideal colour of choice in which case. Not many other colours turn heads in the way red does. 

Very J curved hem t shirt (charcoal, off white or wine) $59 now $42


Gazing up at a clear blue sky, often creates a sense of calm and relaxation. This is one of blue's main qualities, along with reliability, inner security and sense of confidence. This dress steps out of these qualities a bit into a more forward thinking, creative place with it's flowey, gathered front.

Simone scoop neck tunic dress (black, burgundy or teal) $110 now $79


Grey, an often overlooked and viewed as dull, colour has more than meets the eye with qualities it brings. Grey is dependable, and practical but also elegant and refined. And how to look like a super hero in this fabulous poncho? Add this great belt for definition and don't shy away from a pendant or even an infinity scarf.

Soya Concept Polonia poncho (charcoal) $89


Last but not least my favourite pick; I laughingly say implies seriousness, authority and responsibility (one out of three isn't bad). Conversely, can also display a more 'I'm with the band' look. The above dress is a very fitting seasonal piece with the burnout velvet texture and swing shape, which helps downplay the severity of black.

Kersh velvet burnout swing mini dress (black) $79

Charcoal is beautiful to an artist because it's his tool to creating artwork, green is beautiful to a gardener because it's his passion, yellow to the bus driver as she drives her children to school....but when we all look up at a rainbow, we all smile....

Yours in Fashion Passion...

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COUPON TIME! Grab your coupon here ('til Oct.16).

$20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95.

Ever have those days where it's a struggle to get it together?, despite the generous, inspirational sunshine, my outfit manages to bear a great resemblance to Johnny Cash. The only thing missing is the guitar, and June Carter!  Some days the 'throw together' just does not 'come together'.  Not trying to promote selfies, but... if in doubt, take one and have a look, as the visual is different from the mirror. That is, if there is no one around to give you a kind, yet honest opinion(if you in fact, want one ;). Better yet, shop in person at Plum, they will definitely help guide your look!


Clashy patterns is really a thing now. The black and white can be treated as neutral to the other chosen pattern. Don't like it? That's ok, mix something up that suits you. Both are a backdrop to the fabulous vest/jacket, however. Add the reverse pockets with zip, long, finger tip length, which elongates the body and you have a great fall piece. Go get one now, I'll wait here!

Kersh bonded Sherpa vest (caramel cream) $88

Acapella long sleeve tie front blouse (black or forest) $89

Kersh printed pencil skirt (brown) $59


Here's a gorgeous contrast textured look that most of us have grown to love, the feminine lace with rugged, worn denim. Above shown with heels, easy to add a shawl or blazer and some great earrings for a girls night out look.

Kersh capsleeve lace top (cream) $65

Emma boyfriend dark R vintage $108


Graphic t's have no trouble mixing it up with other patterns. It works very well if both have at least one colour in common. Paired with this dramatic draped front sweater, brings it up a notch!

Nanavatee open front drapey cardigan (black) $66

Bear Dance 'sorry I'm late' t shirt $35



If pulling it together to you is putting on a dress and going...this simple, fresh design is for you. Wear this with a jean jacket or bomber jacket (very hot right now) and knee high boots for casual dates. The textured fabric has so much stretch; accommodates all your daily bend and flex with no effort.

Simone dress with elbow sleeve (burgundy or green) $139

My Father loved Johnny Cash, so maybe he'd be proud of his 'girl' named Sue...But, even after much more than 30 years (go Hillary) of dressing, sometimes, it just doesn't work out perfectly as planned for me. But that's ok. There's really no one voting for me!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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