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When you sift through a rack at your favourite store, are you drawn particularly to colour, pattern or are you drawn to how it feels next to your skin? Why one might choose texture first seems fairly obvious, (as an example) eliciting possibly comfort when the touch is soft; colour may provide a clue to your personality, but what about pattern? What first draws you in? The twisted teardrop shape of the paisley, bold colour, cozy bulky knits or the flow of rayon? Let's see what's suits your fancy right now.


The beauty of this paisley print is surpassed only by the fabulous fit. It's wonderful to have a beguiling colour or pattern but if the fit is not there, you're left looking rather awkward. This dress provides a wonderful fit, with well cut sleeves, rushed waist and just the right length. This could easily be the go to dress of the season.

Simone v-neck dress with draped waist (burgundy or navy) $119


Here is a fresh pattern that is just so playful. Very significant this season, showing up in jackets, shawls, poncho's and even skirts. Love how these have been matched with oxfords, but I could easily see them paired with ballet flats or knee high boots with boot cuffs, turtleneck sweater and skirt...lots of room to be creative with these as the starting point.

Guilty poly/spandex legging (various patterns/colours)$25


Incorporating both texture and pattern...the variegated, irregularity of this knitted pattern creates a very handmade, eclectic look, while the interspersed open knit provides an opportunity to show a bit of you...or not. Possibly wear a bold tank beneath. Lots of ways to play with this and easily can go from office to weekend.

Kerisma wool blend v-neck sweater (grey multi) $95 (coming soon)


What better way to edit your work wardrobe but to add a shell top. Clearly a constant paired with a suit, or cardigan, the shell top is best friends with a pencil skirt or crop cigarette leg pants. But this is far from basic. Note the unexpected mesh texture at the yoke. Pull your hair in a pony tail, add bright red lipstick for some punch and you're good to go.

Kaffee Melissa cap sleeve shell top (black/white) $59

When choosing try to draw in what enhances your natural features, along with what suits your personality. Whether you're attracted to particular patterns, colours or textures, keep in mind what may suit your already beautiful features...big voluminous hair, freckles or very dark locks.  Plum staff can help create some looks that work for you. Because the texture and colour of your personality is what you ultimately want to shine through!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Don't forget to use the $20 off min purchase coupon (September 17 - 27).

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Killer trends

This dress is simply criminal (pardon the pun) how great it looks on everyone (email and below). Initially sold out so quickly, that it's been reproduced by popular demand. Plum staff say it works on nearly every body type, thus it's popularity and why it's once again, flying off the racks. Once I heard this, it simply had to be tried on (by me of course)! The verdict? Amazing, easy, flattering! What else could you want?Image

Lovely cap sleeve, poly/spandex mix makes it easy to get on, easy to care for and easy to pair with footwear. Elevate it to a nighttime, glam look with clutch and stilettos, or jean jacket and tall boots! Comes in multiple other colors and patterns. The waist level bow with gathers feature is so incredibly cute, no one will know it's a bit of camouflage...speaking of camouflage... 



I knew I simply had to sneak this into my wardrobe (did I say sneak?) before I even layed eyes on the photo. As I passed by it on the racks I gave it a sideways glance like you do a 'really' handsome guy; not wanting him to know you notice him. The bubble over my head would have said 'I'll be back for you'. Very easy crewneck, 3/4 sleeves, pockets and just long enough to consider calling it a dress. OR DON'T...call it a tunic. Wear with tights and combat boots. Too predictable? Maybe ankle boots with cuban heels (my favorite Fleuvogs). This will be one of my new favorites. Comes also in green camo.



Hard at this point to imagine the cold, but I'm starting to feel it at night. Another great item that can translate from dress to tunic. This beautiful dress, calls for a hug. A lovely textured knit, easy 3/4 sleeves, pockets and a v-neck that's ready to display any lovely accessory of choice.  Comes in purple, green and the ever ubiquituous grey.

Ready or not here comes fall in all it's glory. The dress for the season is here for the picking. Don't be caught with your pants (or dress) down.

Are you ready?

Yours in Fashion Passion

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The tactile nature of your skin and hair make up the overall texture of your appearance. If your skin is clear of natural markings, and your hair sleek, you have a satin and shiny texture. On the other hand, if your skin is freckled, and your hair is naturally wavy, you have a suede and matte texture. But as we age or as we style ourselves, changes in our texture are bound to happen. When you match up the texture of your fabrics to your own texture, you are flattering your natural appearance.


If you have a suede and matte texture, wear fabrics with surface interest like a jacquard. When compared to a smooth fabric, the jacquard harmonizes with your natural texture so that any wrinkles or freckles on your skin aren’t as prominent. On the other hand, if you regularly flat-iron your hair, your texture becomes more balanced. You could wear a textured fabric to better effect by choosing a solid coloured garment rather than a print.


If you have satin and shiny texture to your skin, wear some fabrics with sheen to balance. Sheen attracts light which can draw attention so you would want to be aware that the style is flattering for you. On the other hand, if you can’t resist those shiny fabrics but you have a suede and matte texture, go for one with a print. The print would detract from the reflective qualities of the fabric and match your skin’s patterning, even if the fabric was smooth to the touch.

Play with textures to see where you fit at this time of your life, and notice how the different fabrics make you look. By knowing how fabrics affect your texture, you’ll be able dress for a better effect.

Find out more about the rules of texture and How to Wardrobe at plum.ca.


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