Que Sera Sera


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Que sera sera...Ah, the weather, like the ex...forever unpredictable and unreliable! Oh! Were you thinking of Doris Day? Of course you were. Having appeared in 38 films in her career, Doris Day who died recently at age 97, was well known as both a singer and actress. But let's not forget her girl next door image and the freckled bright smile that was pervasive in her films. Her fashion image, perhaps not always one she loved, was one of clean cut, pristine and fresh. But it was a look that she mastered and will frankly never go out of style. Unlike the weather, it's consistent and easy to procure. Let me show you a few modern takes:


I'm fairly convinced that if Doris were a young woman today, she'd likely opt for a similar look. Simply fresh and sporty, at times presenting a tom boy image (Calamity Jane). However, maybe she'd wear saddle shoes...does anyone remember those? First introduced in 1906 by Spalding, designed and intended to create added reinforcement at the instep, for indoor sports; they quickly gathered steam and popularity over decades that followed.

Dreamers v neck pullover sweater regularly (6 COLOURS) $75 until Monday May 20 $55


The sweetheart look, was an image I'm sure she grew weary of over the years, perhaps because of not wanting to be tied to one image. Regardless, even today, it's easy if the goal is to look pulled together. A look represented by minimal accessories, precise makeup and very well coifed hair. I'm sure I'd sooner find myself a world class, medal winning Olympian before I could pull this off, lovely as it is!

Bandana, heart necklace find in store ~ selection may vary by location

Motion embroidered t shirt (oatmeal) $55

Soya Concept skinny pant with bottom zipper (army or powder pink) $135




The dress on the left is indicative of a style and fit that would have been common to see on women of her era, very fitted and defined. Timeless, effortless chic, and perfect for a professional setting. While the dress on the right is just a sweet, simple summer dress, complete with adjustable spaghetti straps and a shirred back panel.

Spencer+Shaw capsleeve dress (black herringbone) $119

Spencer+Shaw fit and flare dress (red/white) $99




Today's version of yesterday's pedal pushers is the crop pant (on the left). Perhaps she would have worn them with ballet flats or even penny loafers...the penny is gone but the loafer remains! Oh but I digress (as I often do). And to the right another sweet fresh, summer pick, distinctly feminine, yet simple. 

Cream front seam slit pant (corn yellow or white) $109

Dreamers gathered back dress (multi stripe) sale price $65


Find Plum's hats in store ~ selection varies

Joseph D'Arezzo large round wicker shopper $59

Hats were also a key part of her image, from straw hats with a quaint flower bunch to pill box to dramatic wide brims to leopard print designs. They will never go out of style, it's merely a matter of what suits our face shape and what we're drawn to. And of course one of the hot trends of the summer is the straw bag.

Doris Day represented an era that was full of restrictions and fairly well defined expectations of women and society in general. However, the style itself should not be overlooked, as it's freshness and ease endures and emerges as a steady consistent uncomplicated look each summer.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"As we journey under our individual umbrellas, we should not forget, we all share the same sky" ~ Doris Day  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Is Mom Cooler Than Me?


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Because sometimes, big sisters are like a Mom! Supportive, caring AND fun!

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Jewellery and accessories

I can't really say... in my case, as my dear Mother is, know...with the ancestors..or...examining the radishes from below, immortally challenged....OK OK PASSED AWAY!! AND it really is not a competition of cool...IS IT? And if your Mother IS cooler than you, well, that's fine too! After all, she's had far more time to curate her coolness! BUT if she's not the avant-garde, funky one, why not bring her shopping, make out like she IS the cool one and seek her advice...'gee Mom, what would you wear this with?'(we love to dispense advice). I'm not taking sides here but...pumping up Mom's ego, kind of makes YOU the cool one!


Why is this cool, you ask? Because you like it, and you're cool. 100% cotton, and the eyelet zig zag pattern on the front mean, it's airy and breathable! The fluttery sleeves add to the feminine feel!

Point Zero cap sleeve shell top (amethyst or white) $65

Cream twill pant (white) $95 (limited sizes remaining)


Turquoise, the stone itself is well known for it's healing powers...that and a mother's warm embrace! Buy this for her and you'll get the win!! Seriously, it's a cheerful, outstanding hue in 100% linen. Another textile imbued with a light airy texture!

Mio Meli crop linen blouse (black, taupe, turquoise or white) $85

B Young crop pant (black) $89



This is definitely, both the epitome of casual carefree and alluring! A varied, open weave top, in a very soft shade stripe, to be worn off the shoulder, or don't! It's nice to sport a look that's both easy and comfortable, yet still fashionable for weekend brunch and varied activities.

Ganji stripe linen/cotton blouse (blue or pink stripe combo) $55

Jag Ainsley Bermuda short (grey, navy or jungle palm) $69


These fresh, light efflorescent dresses would be simply brilliant for Sunday brunch with Mom, for either of you. Completing the look with a hat, has all the appearance of 'I just came from teaching Sunday school'.

Mio Meli oversize printed dress (olive print or white print) $115

M printed dress (white/blue) $95



Sometimes you catch your Mother flirting and it's a jaw dropping experience, even if it's with your Dad! (Am I right?) Come on, that's probably how you came to be! Anyway let her be! Mom deserves to have her fun too! This top is just as cute (if not cuter) from the back! An easy transition piece for office to outdoor patios! Inside where there's AC or outside with a shawl draped over one shoulder!

Soya Concept strappy shell top (sand combination) $45

Soya Concept drawstring pant (aloe green or toffee brown) $85


Skip the flowers, they simply wilt and die! These adorable, and effortless pants are bouquet enough. Needless to say they need nothing elaborate on top. Wear with a simple tank top, add a crop cardi and change of shoes to slides. I love the added belt loops; get creative, wear a scarf through the loops, or one of your necklaces! (Find something on sale right now at Plum).

M printed linen pant (olive) $65

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29


I could totally envision my own Mother having worn this dress, 'back in the day'! And back in the day (abundantly popular in the 50's) the 'house dress' was designed to be convenient, comfortable as well as attractive, while 'Mom' took care of her house duties. Bring this up to current times, with a very red hot pair of Mary Jane shoes, bold lipstick and no other makeup; or even a casual, simple espadrille would work just fine and hair pulled up in a top knot. Maybe add a belt for more definition and a wide brim hat and evenings, add a jean jacket. Regardless of how you connect the dots, the print has ubiquitous appeal.

RD button front dress (black dot) $64

What fun things do you love to do with your Mom? Shop for shoes, makeup or simply shop? Maybe camping or crafting? Or perhaps she likes to clean your clock with a fierce game of Scrabble. Just remember, while both are 4 letter words...C-O-O-L is worth 6 points, where K-I-N-D is worth 9. Something to think about!!

For me, every day is Mothers day!!

Suzanne M.

Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother ~ Unknown

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You can't wear that!



(but you can browse online 24/7)

And don't forget, free shipping on orders over $100* until May 12 (*before tax)

Age and fashion are a touchy subject but... I'm 'going there'! I recently read an online article about a supermodel being knocked off of her pedestal by a fashion editor proclaiming, 'you're too old to wear that!', in reference to the over 50 super model WEARING A BUSTIER (FAKE-GASP!!)'.  I asked myself, (after examining the photo multiple times) is this a photo of her at 30 because she is by no means a typical 50 year old neither in appearance nor profession.  It looked perfectly acceptable to me, after all she was going to a bash, not presenting a dissertation! Regardless...I never looked this way at 40, 30 OR 20! And needless to say, It's unlikely to be work attire for any of us, unless, ARE a model!  My personal opinion...if you're buying it, wear it wherever you see fit! But let's have a look at some ageless fashion. At least my over 50 year old eyes, think so:


Fear not, the fashion police will not show up at your door. After all, is there an age expiry on sexy? This is a bold, fashion forward, statement! You don't need permission to show up and show off! Yes, you will get noticed! But that's the idea.

Spencer+Shaw zebra dress (zebra print) was $149 NOW $95 in store only


When the weather gets melting hot, and you feel so inclined, just do it, why hide if you're not shy. Although if you are a bit, note how the look on the right, still keeps it cool, but adds a dimension of demurity! (no, I did not make that word up!).

Spencer+Shaw asymmetrical stripe dress (white/navy) $132

Do Everything In Love asymmetrical knit shawl (5 colours) $45


Red is for everyone! As smashing on the dark haired model as would be on a red head, as would be on someone with snow white hair! By all means add accessories of choice OR simply just red lipstick and make your entrance! Made of rayon, which is such a great flowey fabric in a slip dress design, likely a staple in everyone's wardrobe.

Spencer+Shaw midi length slip dress (red hot) $99


This super artistic, split, pieced pattern kimono in a very neutral, nearly nude shade is just so chill looking. Add a sun hat and your favourite walking shoes and you have a grab and go look for most warm weather days!

Do Everything In Love side stripe kimono (beige) $49


Crop pants, especially wider leg pants, are everywhere this season. While they compel us to wear with flat shoes, they look just as great with heels, and wedges. It's entirely up to the destination and, of course, your mood.

Kaffe cropped rayon pant (olive or black) $79

Chris+Carol tank top (5 colours) $32


On the left a very casual sporty dress. Too short you might say? If the thought of something above the knee, makes you dive under the covers... don't stress. Try wearing it with bicycle shorts and a crop cardigan, kimono or even long cardigan for evenings or waterfront walks! The look on the right...too mature? Consider that at any age, we might need a professional look be it for an office, interview, school or medical facilities type professions.

Ichi sleeveless dress (navy, bisque or black) $59

Cream side gathered dress (bottle green or cobalt) $89

Age is really just a number on our drivers license. It doesn't really dictate whether we choose cotton candy over carrots or crossword puzzles over crayons! Tasteful is in the eyes of status quo, it seems...or...maybe your boss, and your Mother in Law! Ok just try not to scare your grandmother or children! However, do have some fun with your style!! Creativity and fun have no age limits!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Don't look for society to give you permission to be yourself" ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

   ... read the full post and reader comments

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(to me, this is like saying free donuts)

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taxes. Ends May 12th.

(not applicable on non-domestic orders and some remote destinations)

$20 off

all regular priced jeans

(need I say more)? Ok I will

April 25 to 28

<-----(online and instore)

See the selection here

There was a time when baby boys and girls were not gender identified by the little blue onesie, or frilly pink dress, rather, they were largely, simply attired in white as it was easy to bleach. Then in 1927,Time Magazine published a colour guide for what should be worn on the wee one. Until then, believe it or not, pink was felt to be the stronger colour thus, thought better for boys. Recently I heard some pre-teens correcting each other...'there's no such thing as boys and girls colours!' So, perhaps, gender distinguishing colours...could they be a thing of the past? Thankfully blue jeans, are not and never will be just for boys! Let's have a look at some blues and some possible pairings!


I love this t shirt for when I'm happy, unhappy, annoyed, irritated, frustrated...and pretty much any emotion we humans are equipped with as, I always figure it might help me espouse the feeling. That or a donut! These classic jeans are an unbelievable fit. A totally wearable length for, boots, booties, high heels, espadrilles or flip flops. Such is the beauty of jeans... they go with everything from pearls to Plimsolls!

B Young happy T shirt (white) $29

Mavi Tess highrise skinny (dark grey vintage) $118 until April 28 $98


I love these botanical prints. At first glance I thought maybe they looked a bit like Grandmother's old throw cushions. But, hey, what's old is new again. And if you tend to be a huge pink fan, it's all about the pretty!

Bolide floral blouse (pink or white) $60

Kaffe print cotton t shirt (blue/white) $49

Yoga skinny highrise ankle jean (white) $138 until Apr.28 $118 (made in Canada)



And because we now know Kimono's are everywhere, they of course look amazing with jeans. Soon we'll be looking for things that add to the look, but with an appropriate lightness to match the weather.

Cream Kimono (blue/green) $119

Mavi Tess highrise skinny (deep supersoft) $128 until April 28 $108

Yoga skinny highrise ankle jean (white) $138 until Apr.28 $118 made in Canada



Another thing to try is a fabulous scarf such as the one above left. Wrap it around your neck in a whimsical fashion or open it up, and use it as a shawl. Plum has some fabulous Jewellery and I'm sure you'll be able to find something that draws out the metallic. As well the blue ties into the denim so perfectly.

Cream broad stripe scarf (blue/brown/metallic) $39

Mavi Alissa highrise super skinny (mid indigo Tribecca) $118 until Apr. 28 $98


Above left is a light breezy blouse that compliments the jeans on the right with such perfection. Add a few pendants and a wide brim hat, and it's a great look for a dinner date!

Grade+Gather long sleeve blouse (cream or rose) $69

Kaffe gather waist short (midnight marine) $69

Yoga Rachel classic rise skinny jean (Prague) $130 until Apr.28 $110 made in Canada


Perhaps you have some upcoming fun events planned, like the Calgary Beerfest or the Stampede. This is a really sexy look without being too over the top. The jeans on the right, try wearing with a pair of killer black boots or open toed booties.

Maronie twist front speckled knit top (grey or taupe) $59

Yoga Dominique straight leg jean (dark indigo or medium indigo) $130 until Apr.28 $110 made in Canada

Thankfully, by the time little ones can talk, they are able to express... 'I DON'T LIKE PINK!' (well, that would have been me). I really prefer to find my pink on the inside of a steak, a tall lemonade, cotton candy or cherry blossoms! And despite the fact that it's known to produce feelings of hopefulness, comfort and calmness, it's still not for me. Perhaps it could be a worthwhile uniform for military!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Sunset is still my favourite colour, and rainbow is second" ~ Mattie Stepanek (Poet)  ... read the full post and reader comments

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It's all about me!



$30 OFF UNTIL Sunday April 21

3 coat styles, 4 days only

IT'S MY 5 YEAR BLOG-VERSARY WRITING FOR PLUM. Considering I'm imposing my opinions on you, weekly, I realized a big miss was never introducing myself. Well, no time like the present. A little about me...I'm obsessed with t shirts, I love bold colour (and non colour). I have a black belt...literally a black belt to wear, with clothes...well...more than one, if I'm honest. I have a PHD in new arrivals! And my pastimes are sewing, reading books half way through and abandoning them and sarcasm (in no particular order). In any case, I truly hope you've enjoyed my guided tours through Plum fashions. And feel free to tell me about you. But right now, let's look at things I like, because, you know, I'm making it all about me, this week!


A tiny snowflake of a lie. Not really all about me...but that's ok. I love outerwear. The feature this week is coats, and the weather dictates that we're not totally done with them.  The one on the left is fully rainproof with sealed seams, drawstring, for more definition and cold protection and features a detachable hood; to provide for less of a function and more fashion look. The one on the right has a soft interior for a bit of warmth. These will be good for years to come, and my picks for layering at this time of year.

Soya Concept polka dot coat (navy) $159 until Apr 21 $129

Soya Concept softshell jacket (black or sand) $ 155 until Apr 21 $125


Let's talk about the wide leg pants trend. Not only are they super comfortable, and offer an air of sophistication, but they're everywhere! I'm seeing lots of crops, worn very street style. As in, with very masculine boots, or loafers, as above, with slides, or for a more night out vibe, pumps or cut out booties! What else to wear with them? Feeling like you want something more edgy? Try a graphic t, knot it in the front and casual white kicks. OR, as noted in the above bottom right, they look great with a kimono. Or maybe go a different route - a la Katherine Hepburn and other great women of the 30's and 40's. Hair up, and a string of pearls or a big hat to balance out the pants. Best advice I can straight posture gives off the air of 'I'm a trend setter'!

B Young cropped pant (black) $89

Motion stripe Palazzo pant (blue) $86

Final Touch pull on palazzo pant (black or mustard) $69

Final Touch palazzo pant with waist tie (sage) $74







As I've previously mentioned, I love multiple or stripe colours and patterns. They're bright and lively, and on a practical note, grab any colour and it's easy as pie to match with accessories and shoes. (Is it funny only to me, that they picked white?)!

Cream front tie blouse (multi) $89



Another trend I'm super happy about, shorts are getting longer, yay!!  I personally don't need to flash everyone the blinding, untanned 13 inches above my knees. And I don't think an explanation is required for how to wear them, but maybe a reminder, that they're not just for gardening and walking the dog. One can certainly upscale them a bit. A long cardigan or Kimono, slingbacks and a hat.

Cream Bermuda shorts (black) $79



I'm also a huge fan of skirts. In part because dresses pose a specific challenge for my proportions and skirts offer the same feminine flair, but with a few more options for changing up the style, with different tops. This one above is so pretty with it's floaty, light weight fabric and dotted pattern.

Ichi mid length skirt (navy dot) $69

Ok really...about me...I'm from New Brunswick (the other edge of Canada), married and over 20...ok,, really 50...8 (but who's' counting); I have 2 beautiful girls and a black (of course) lab! I've gone from being a 70's girl, where being bold for me was wearing beige and green together to...ok let's just say, I no longer wear beige! Fast forward to now, and I love how the internet has provided us with the ability to virtually find those who blaze trails for us and I continue to be inspired by women of all ages and sages. And fashion expression to me is like what words are to communicating...sometimes they're colourful, sometimes they're strong but sometimes they're barely a whisper and minimalism is best.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions" ~ Augusten Burroughs  ... read the full post and reader comments

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KNOT so fast!

PROCRASTINATORS conference...right here....BUT later on!!

JUST kidding...

Don't miss out on your coupon...details here

Until April 14

(and don't miss out on Rebecca's posts on Plum's Instagram account)

We thought we'd crawled out from under the doldrums of the darkness and 'burr' of winter with the time change, longer days, sunshine and temperatures that pushed past 1 digit! YES!!!! Suddenly to be unceremoniously, pulled back to that peaceful, deep 10 minute snooze that carries you away to a barren beach with crystal clear waters and then the BUS jolts to a stop...BACK to reality! Mother Nature, like most mothers, is very sternly telling us 'PUT THAT SWEATER BACK ON!' That's o-kay! It's spring people. We love sweaters! Let's have a look at a few.


A more exaggerated feminine take on a long cardigan...note the shade, the bell sleeves and the ribbing. The open front trend, lends itself to the ease of more buttons to sew back on...just grab and go. A creative way to wear it, wrap it up tight, overlapping the front, then add a rustic looking belt..for a more random, unstructured look.

Cream open front rib top cardigan (melon sorbet) $119


I think she must be looking for summer!! It's a ways off....but in the mean time, she looks fantastic. They've paired the varied textured sweater with the ruggedness of the khaki denim, adding the sleek gold accessories...make the threesome a great ensemble!

Cream high textured cardigan (multi) $149 now $119


It's nice to have just a classic vneck sweater; a style that we often reach for. Great as above with the floral tights, however, worn with cropped pants and the ballet flats, and possibly a string of pearls... evokes an image of Audrey Hepburn. Sweet, easy and yet still very stylish in it's simplicity!

Ichi long vneck sweater (canyon clay or pale blue) $69 now $59



Once again I'm putting forth my vote for stripes!! So many people think that if you're any wider than Celine Dion, you should be 3 blocks away from ANY stripes.....really? I just feel like that advise is not worth the time it takes to count the stripes! BUT that's just my opinion. I love the structure and how they can play against multiple other prints OR simply add just a dash of variation without a lot of visual busy-ness!

B Young stripe pullover (blue combo, orange combo or violet combo) IN STORE ONLY $59 now $29



Again, basic/solid bottoms take a back seat to the usual print-less style that we've become accustomed to. The above are fully knit and very comfortable, but since they mimic intricate lace, they can be easily styled up, with a variety of means...with the use of footwear changes and/or accessories. Again, sometimes, as in this case, all that is needed is a change in the outerwear...casual choice of cardigan. But note they've added a few splashes of colour with the bold red heart and bandana!

Be Cool hooded sweater (black or lavender) $69


Opposites attract they say. Well, yes, sometimes we like oversized and sometimes we like fitted. We don't have to be committed to one or the other always. The unstructured open front with large pockets on the left is great with leggings or skinny jeans and so easy. The fitted v neck not only is a cardigan but looks great also under a structured jacket. Needless to say if it's inappropriate as is, add a cami or t shirt under!

Ichi oversized open cardigan (navy or light blue) $69 now $55

Soya Concept button down cardigan (navy, blue sky or shell coral) $69 now $59

From Audrey Hepburn pictured in a turtleneck sweater, to Marilyn in the unforgettable images in 'Let's Make Love' where she sports merely an Irish Aran knit and stockings, to Jeff Bridges in the 'Big Lebowski'; sweaters are forever etched in our memories for the iconic fashion they help create. But 'I just want to keep warm' you say? Well, as they say, 'a sweater is just a blanket you can wear to work'. Just remember though, your pillow is not a hat!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

'To think, a sweater is made entirely of knots. My stomach could clothe a village.' ~ Andrea Gibson (poet)  ... read the full post and reader comments

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