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I admit, it is a macabre introduction into spring and it's efflorescent happiness! Leave it to me, somehow to find this to be somehow a pleasing image, despite it's dark meaning. It's earliest utterance appeared in a letter from a Lieutenant to his regiment in 1915 while he was in hospital. Yet, to me, the meaning of this idiom doesn't fully match the visual. Clearly, when you think that some of the boldest blooms erupt in spring....beautiful things, can come from impurities, malevolence or sadness and pain if bright blossoming lushness can burst forth know...dirt (and manure)! Hope somehow springs eternal. Anyway let's look at some perennial lovely prints to push us forth into Spring and Summer.


This delightful print skirt can totally be paired with a cheeky graphic t shirt, for an even more lighthearted tone. The simple little black and white print, can nearly pass as a neutral, thus allowing it to go with any colour (if you prefer a solid) and other types of prints, like the graphic t or a larger print. Perhaps tuck in the shirt, add a belt, a jean jacket and boots or shoes to suit your mood as well. Just experiment!

B Young button front skirt (black/white print) $89

Bear Dance 'I work hard' t shirt (black) $35



This is a really great casual look. The blush coloured tunic/blouse helps balance the bursting florals. Although if you wanted to go for more drama, perhaps throw on a pair of Doc's and a long cardigan. Pluck out one of the colours from the many on the bottoms. Add a scarf if you need a bit more layering.

Leggings in store only

Ichi long tunic shirt (rose dust or white) $69

Soya Concept duster sweater (rapture rose) $95


Think about it. Don't you just love the easy, fresh cut of a bohemian style dress for summer? Midi length, luminous, botanical print...put together with a straw hat and bag...Such a sweet, easy weekend...heading to the beach or brunch look.

Final Touch spaghetti strap dress (yellow or blue prints) $89

Other accessories found in store and may vary by quantity and by store


Another example of things I've recently seen successfully joined together is stripes and florals. Yes I realize the above left top is not floral, more foliage or jungle than floral. Nonetheless it shows how the sleek lines of the stripe bring out the best in each other. Like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise....ok that didn't work out, never mind. Stick with the stripes and florals!

Cream border print shell top (black) $89

All In Favor stripe palazzo pant (black) $65 now $52


Let's return to uncomplicated florals. Just a bouquet of colour and really, that's all that's needed. The above chosen pants are excellent neutrals. The tops are great picks for professional or where more structured settings require a less creative look. Accessories can be as simple as a pair of earrings. Easy grab and go style.

Bolide floral blouse (white print) $85

Cream twill jean (major brown) $129

Cream blouse (cobalt) $89

Yoga high rise skinny ankle jean (white) $138


Don't these fabulous earrings look like flowers? Delicately bursting elegance and an essence of antiquity! Midnight Cactus earrings are only sold at Plum here on the west coast. Hand made in Dartmouth Nova Scotia! I've bought so many of these, I should have them shipped directly to my home!! Follow our new Instagrammer Rebecca for more fabulous images like this! Thanks Rebecca for this amazing image of my favourite earring line!

In store only

It's such an interesting phenomenon that something with such magnificently wonderful colour can push forth from the ground from a mere seed, dirt, and of course the oh so colourfully pungent fertilizer! Makes me wonder why the desperate fear of death, when we can come back blooming and making people more happy than we did in life...hmm!!!

Yours in Fashion passion...

'And the day came that the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom' ~ Anais Nin  ... read the full post and reader comments

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I'm sure there will be some great things to come!

Welcome Rebecca!!

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Of course we all let our minds drift off to fantasy land; thoughts of months on the Riviera where we can linger in water front condos. Imagine enjoying the most delectable feast prepared by your own personal chef or garments by world renowned designers. Did I adequately distract you for a moment from vacuuming? Well, how often do we get lost on Pinterest or Instagram for hours on end, musing over these dreamy images.  If you live a life described above,'s a life we all wish for. But for the rest of us, wishes don't work in the credit card machine. Here's a look at some high end pieces I found. And some, let's say, more palatable alternatives that Plum has to offer.



I found this sweet retro look dress (Prada) on the left on a major retailers website. It has some unique design features, such as a front zipper, a belt and a near $2500 price tag...oops that's Canadian (if it makes a difference). It's gorgeous, but I prefer to eat some time in the next six months. The Plum option on the right is a nice viscose and nylon combo, which means it has a beautiful drape. And it's own very sweet design feature is the slight exposed back and tie.

Spencer + Shaw dress tie back (Tuscan sun) $128


The dress on the left looks event ready! Including intricate mesh inserts, strategically placed and the outstanding one shoulder design...did I mention it's Stella McCartney and a roughly two grand price tag (I wonder if it comes with a serenade by Paul). While I believe both dresses are suited for upscale events, potentially the one on the right (by Cream) could be worn at a casual daytime affair as well.

Cream shoulder dress (cobalt) $149


I love the t shirt on the left. Nice elongated, yet shapely cut and graceful round neckline. But I could buy 14 of the one on the right...or a return trip to Toronto, a book and maybe a new cell phone for the cost of the St. John t shirt...I'm not sure yet, I'm still thinking (I mean dreaming). And let's not get caught up on the 'stripes make me look wide' theory. It's all in how and what it's paired with. If that's a concern, a long cardigan or Kimono brings the eye downwards.

B. Young t shirt 3/4 sleeve (4 colours) $39



Enough of the comparisons. I decided to end off the blog with 3 of Spencer + Shaw's. Their designer has just a way with taking the retro and giving it modern gusto. She just has a special talent for dress designs and their fit.

Spencer + Shaw button front dress (amber/ivory dot) $121

Spencer + Shaw smocked waist dress (peach print) $110

Spencer + Shaw drape front dress (black zebra) $149

I'm surprised that escaping into fantasy by way of a book, a movie or just inside ones own head, is not a health requirement. Because it often helps us survive our realities...immediate or worldly. Fashion can certainly provide some of this, and we could call it Vitamin F....someone needs to contact our Minister of Health and have it added to daily requirements!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Even the most expensive clock still shows sixty minutes in every hour ~ Jewish Proverb

SO MANY more dresses to choose from...have a look  ... read the full post and reader comments

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I've attended enough Plum staff events whereby the same dress was worn by multiple staff. Perhaps because it's fashion, no one batted an eye. In fact, I think we all looked with fascination at how each had put their mark on it. Hair done differently, various footwear, worn with leggings or of course, the different accessories to punctuate it. I looked forward to them for the lessons in style they provided. It's Iris Apfel who said 'Fashion you can buy, but style you must posses' (I'd alter that by changing the word posses to create). And I don't think we all need to look like Iris with her bold, traffic stopping looks! If you like that style, go crazy! But really, creating your own personal look, is really about finding your own formula!


I adore this dress, despite it's lack of black dominance.  What does dominate here is it's playful pattern and easy fit. In fact, part of my own personal formula is, I love a handful of colours, black being one, and rainbow stripes. I realize how odd that seems, however, with a dress like this, it's really quite simple. On any given day, a change in accessories is easy, add a scarf or hat for that matter. The colour won't matter, because everything will match.  What's your formula? Do you swear by earrings? Cannot leave the house without a hat or scarf?


Cream front tie dress (multi) $139


I've been musing lately on how very old ladies (not Iris), or children (ok my children), seem to like to randomly throw on multiple patterns (if only unmanageable hair was also a 'thing'). My lovely (albeit now deceased) Aunts, in their day were fashion plates. Ultimately as very old ladies, I recall, they would, however wear two contrasting plaids together. I think wearing differing patterns, is a skillfully, curated fashion talent. One that I love, but have yet to fully master. Above, is an example of 2 patterns that can work. One an eastern influenced print and the other a very rigid stripe. Unlike the Kardashian sisters, they do not compete! Perhaps wear an obi belt and heels, hair up and shoulder grazing earrings.

Cream Kimono $119

Yoga high rise ankle skinny jeans (white) $138

Motion stripe palazzo pant (blue) $86


Yellow is one of 'the' biggest fashion colours this season. Not merely because it's spring and bright, but because it gets noticed. And if you do not like to be noticed, I would advise against wearing this, light, lovely, warm, smile coaxing colour. Why would you want people smiling at you! Seriously, if your colouring is right for this, yellow can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. And frankly, at times, we need to change our formula....or, simply add to it!

Cream ruffle sleeve print blouse (corn yellow) $69

Liverpool knit trouser (black) $99


If you happen to be a dress loving girl, why change that, I think this one is SPOT ON for summer.  Features a a shirred back and pockets.  If you prefer a bit of layering, such as a tank underneath, just experiment. If you need a bit of coverage, try a crop jean jacket or perhaps an open front cardigan, such as above.

Dreamers gathered back dress (stripe) $79

RD open front cardigan (black or white beach) $69


A personal style doesn't means, you must wear earrings, you must wear a scarf or any accessories at all....throw away the 'musts'. In fact a minimalist look is such a classic. Either go for a simple, basic cut such as the one on the right, or find a top with a unique design. The frill, while it currently clearly has a female association, centuries ago was worn by soldiers and thus carries with it a certain, dignified and powerful image.

Cream shell top (cobalt) $89

Point Zero tank top (floral print) $42

Jag Carter girlfriend pant (black, khaki or rose) $99

Side note: SHOUT OUT to Plum's Granville staff! I recently went into Plum's Granville store. I bought a simple t shirt, and what I left with was some excellent advice on how to style my simple graphic t that I had not thought of! (happy customer here)! :)

I'm a huge fan of Iris Apfel. She's 97 years old, which inspires me to believe that there is no park your style here at 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on...there is just no reason..I love that she continues to have a passion for all things fashion and if she could eat accessories, I'm sure she would! It's also extremely humorous that Iris does not view herself as nutsy nor does it seem she would care if anyone else did. So many style icons of every age; who is your style inspiration? A model, a designer, a major performer/singer, or maybe someone close to you.

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"You've got to make your own kind of music, sing your own special song, make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along" ~ Cass Elliot ~ 1969

   ... read the full post and reader comments

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REALLY you need to DROP what you're doing and go to Plum! (and online)

TWENTY SEVEN DIFFERENT STYLES of pants to choose from

How could you not find a favourite or two?

Until March 24...20% off a Spring pant with a purchase of any top

(Jeans not included)

online PROMO CODE: SP2019

Theoretically, the smartest people are the ones that effortlessly memorize long passages, clean everyone's clocks at trivial pursuit or earn math degrees. BUT there are infinitely more types of smart! Think...artistic, poetic, fashion, grammatical (that's not likely my category) or emotional intelligence! I'm not sure I associate someone specifically who wears 'pants' as the most intelligent...That being said, if you spend your day chasing toddlers, riding a bike or cleaning the top shelf of a cupboard, pants might be the more clever and sensible choice...but also a great fashion option. Especially this week! And it's the buyers choice! (I let her pick the photos-lol). And I think she did a great job! Have a look:

Needless to say, pants, provide freedom of movement but they also offer style options in that they give more ways to change the mood for varied outings! Such as a quick weekend escape. I love printed pants. They provide diversity and distraction from solids. While I greatly appreciate the freshness of the white top, I can also envision this with a print (such as above) and kitten heels! Kate says she likes to up her game with scarves. Another effortless way to add some flair!

M Striped linen tie front pants (navy/white stripe or white/navy stripe) $80

Point Zero slub cotton print t shirt (navy) $45

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29

Made In Italy jacket/shirt (black, pale pink or white) $98




Perhaps these are the proverbial 'happy pants'! Sunny, bright and joy inducing. Like dandelions! The contrast with the black creates a feeling of courage and boldness. Like...I'm sweet but don't mess with me (or spill anything on my pants!). And the addition of the style tweak, the front slits. Trend note: crops are the ultimate garment elect this season. And a great choice they are! Worn with with slides (as above) or cut out booties or runners, easy peasy...And yellow is brilliant (no pun intended) for matching...serving as a basic and thus plays well with any colour.

Cream front seam slit pants (corn yellow or white) $109

B Young tank top (6 colours) $29


The two images above display how (on the left), the same pants can go from a more professional setting to play (on the right) with a few easy change ups. If a cardigan is too informal for your workplace, toss it aside and add a blazer and if need be, uncuff the pants. And what a warm colour invitation to spring.

Jag Carter girlfriend pants (black, khaki or rosehip) $99

Point Zero tank top (pink floral print) $42

Cream long open cardigan (melon sorbet) $119


Maybe I'm a bit of a broken record with the print bottoms, but I couldn't resist. They remind me so much of the 70' know, when I was 3! (oh the lies we tell ourselves-lol). And pull on...they could not be easier if they went to work for you (actually, you can see they will work hard for you this season)! I digress, these are fabulous pants creating a combination of sophistication, with the combo of the linen and rayon and fun...meaning they dance when you move!

Point Zero striped linen pull-on pant (blue/white) $89

Grade + Gather crinkle cotton classic blouse (black or off white) $69


In keeping with the same posh/coolness...we have tencel. A unique fabric that acts like silk but with more attitude and durability. The denim look provides a casual vibe; however, adding accessories can create a more uptown look! And does she not look like John Travolta's dance partner in Saturday Night Fever with those intimidating wedges? I think my head is stuck in the 70's this week!

M tencel pants (blue) $75

M stripe printed blouse $90


And if comfort is your thing....well, wasn't that a dumb question! In any case, these are the pants for you. Just where have these pants been all our working lives!? Gone are the days where we were stuck with stiff pants with no give! And I'm in love with how they paired the defined lines of the pants with an unexpected, romantic print top. Great contrasting pattern play!

Liverpool knit trouser (grey or black grid) $99

Soya Concept scarf print blouse (multi) $75

The saying 'Smarty Pants'....smarty references back over 150 years and long as there have been pants. The words together, go back roughly 80 years to a newspaper article, where a coach is offering advice to one of his players! OR there's the British version 'Smarty Boots'...but, well...Plum doesn't sell boots!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"A man who correctly guesses a woman's age may be smart, but he's not very bright" ~ Lucille Ball

10 days 27 styles, get into it!! Who's the smarty pants now?  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Well, I guess the popularity of 'air' is based more on it's essential nature, not it's likeability, or maybe both. But I digress, do you remember those who were popular in high school or maybe that was you? We are currently in an era of hashtags and selfie’s, where there’s nothing more popular than popularity. And not much has changed over the decades in the recipe for it…What are the ingredients? A certain universal likeability, coolness and perhaps a sense of fitting in anywhere, with any group. I would have wanted this shawl to be my best friend in high school. How popular was I in high school? I think my former statement says it all.


Some things are just too good not to bring back, like 80's music, Polaroid cameras, reading from actual books...ok maybe that never left! This convertible shawl was a huge hit. And you can clearly see why. Plum brought it back because, it's packed with style, easy to wear and goes with so many things (and popular)!

How to wear it:


Look by M convertible shawl (6 colours) was $69 - FOR 4 DAYS $55 (UNTIL Mar.10)




....and fear not, very soon you'll be able to adorn your feet with the fabulous sandals you snuck into the house...(oops that was me). I think the above combo would look sensational with the convertible shawl. This season, it's here in 6 very spring/Easter-like colours.

Point Zero printed tank top (multi) $42

Cream twill pants (white) $119


AND yes, I might need my best quality Spanx for this lovely, albeit simple body-con dress (and a shoehorn). I just think this dress and the convertible could be very best friends. The shawl adding a tiny bit of flair and coverage at the same time. Great looks and style don't have to be complicated.

Final Touch v-neck lined dress (black or brick) $89



I simply love this botanical print flower wearable art! And if you're not ready for bare legs just yet, consider equestrian style boots until the temperatures boost themselves into double digits! Otherwise it's super cute with the kicks!

Soya Concept flower print burnout t shirt (off white) $49

Cream knee length twill skirt (dark brown, blue or taupe) $89


I really think this makes a fabulous date night combination, add the shawl (various of the shawl colours would work with this) add some bold earrings, hair pulled up and you'll look smashing. It's also completely comfortable...except the heels, you'll need to be dropped off at curbside!

Cream border print shell top (black print) $89

Mavi Tess highrise skinny jeans (dark grey vintage) $118

Let's face it, fashion is all about what's trendy, what's new and yes popular. Those of us who have a love for the unique and OOAK...sometimes even we need to take a second look at where everyone is going, doing or buying. But if a feeling of popularity is what you yearn for...head into a dog pound with a handful of treats, trust me, you'll be the most popular human! Too bad a covering of dog fur on clothing wasn't more popular! (pretty sure that will never be a trend).

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." ~Margaret Mead  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Don't forget...Plum can also be found on INSTAGRAM!

There are multiple versions of where Valentine came about or the need to celebrate it. One possible version has it's roots in religion (Catholic). Stating, during the time of Emperor Claudius II, Valentine was a priest. Claudius felt that single men were better as soldiers, thus he forbade marriage for young men. Valentine saw this as a travesty and bravely defied the rule and secretly performed marriages for young lovers. Only to meet his fate and was put to death. Thus it's thought we celebrate his death or burial. Hm, how cheery! But where did the red come from? Or Chocolates? I'm not honestly sure I even care! But we do benefit from both. Let's look at some possible date night possibilities:


How much do you love this!! Let me count the ways! I think this outfit is just as cute as a candy apple! The heart has texture, don't you think? Put together with the plaid pants, a great date outfit, for hanging out with your girl gang or....a date with you! 'Me' time is super important as well.

Mak crew neck heart sweater (black/pink or Navy/oatmeal) $69

Motion elastic waist pant (navy) $89


Move over Beyoncé....we just put a bow on it instead! A sweet tongue in cheek version of a men's shirt with a twist! I love the fresh way this is being expressed in this picture...keeping it simple with black pumps. And who needs a date...dress up for you (or your Mom, or your sister!)

FIND THIS instore only!


This is absolutely adorable and bold as your feelings! Take the casual away from this by adding a long coat or blazer and some cut out ankle boots, knee high boots or riding boots. These resin hearts have been hugely popular. Find them in other colours as well in store.

Be Cool hooded sweater (black or lavender) $69

Leggings and resin heart found in store in various prints and colours

Also what I found attributed to Claudius II, 'heart on your sleeve' reference; speculation in regards to his prohibiting marriage, yet he did allow temporary coupling, during a festival. Men would draw names to establish who their lady friend would be for the year (Interesting concept!).  He would then wear her name on his sleeve for the duration of the festival. A sweet concept but how would that work today with privacy laws! That's not a very romantic thought, sorry!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"But I will wear my heart on my sleeve, for daws to peck at!" ~ Shakespeare's - Othello, Act 1, Scene 1, 56–65

   ... read the full post and reader comments

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