Well, I guess the popularity of 'air' is based more on it's essential nature, not it's likeability, or maybe both. But I digress, do you remember those who were popular in high school or maybe that was you? We are currently in an era of hashtags and selfie’s, where there’s nothing more popular than popularity. And not much has changed over the decades in the recipe for it…What are the ingredients? A certain universal likeability, coolness and perhaps a sense of fitting in anywhere, with any group. I would have wanted this shawl to be my best friend in high school. How popular was I in high school? I think my former statement says it all.


Some things are just too good not to bring back, like 80's music, Polaroid cameras, reading from actual books...ok maybe that never left! This convertible shawl was a huge hit. And you can clearly see why. Plum brought it back because, it's packed with style, easy to wear and goes with so many things (and popular)!

How to wear it:


Look by M convertible shawl (6 colours) was $69 - FOR 4 DAYS $55 (UNTIL Mar.10)




....and fear not, very soon you'll be able to adorn your feet with the fabulous sandals you snuck into the house...(oops that was me). I think the above combo would look sensational with the convertible shawl. This season, it's here in 6 very spring/Easter-like colours.

Point Zero printed tank top (multi) $42

Cream twill pants (white) $119


AND yes, I might need my best quality Spanx for this lovely, albeit simple body-con dress (and a shoehorn). I just think this dress and the convertible could be very best friends. The shawl adding a tiny bit of flair and coverage at the same time. Great looks and style don't have to be complicated.

Final Touch v-neck lined dress (black or brick) $89



I simply love this botanical print flower top...like wearable art! And if you're not ready for bare legs just yet, consider equestrian style boots until the temperatures boost themselves into double digits! Otherwise it's super cute with the kicks!

Soya Concept flower print burnout t shirt (off white) $49

Cream knee length twill skirt (dark brown, blue or taupe) $89


I really think this makes a fabulous date night combination, add the shawl (various of the shawl colours would work with this) add some bold earrings, hair pulled up and you'll look smashing. It's also completely comfortable...except the heels, you'll need to be dropped off at curbside!

Cream border print shell top (black print) $89

Mavi Tess highrise skinny jeans (dark grey vintage) $118

Let's face it, fashion is all about what's trendy, what's new and yes popular. Those of us who have a love for the unique and OOAK...sometimes even we need to take a second look at where everyone is going, doing or buying. But if a feeling of popularity is what you yearn for...head into a dog pound with a handful of treats, trust me, you'll be the most popular human! Too bad a covering of dog fur on clothing wasn't more popular! (pretty sure that will never be a trend).

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." ~Margaret Mead  ... read the full post and reader comments

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popularity contest

Are you popular? Do you really care? Does liking something that's popular, make us popular? Sometimes we like to publicly admit (hello Facebook) we like 'something' that's trendy, and sometimes we wouldn't admit we're fond of the likes of Celine Dion because we'd feel like the this would be as popular as a course on underwater basket weaving!  While dressing as an individual can make you 'unique' we can't help but be intrigued by what's 'popular'...sometimes, there really is a reason why something has taken off. Do you follow the crowd, check out what are the TOP SELLERS when purchasing, or create your own style? Following is not only ok but clearly encouraged, after all Pinterest has created a function for that.

On that note, lets investigate just some of what's popular at Plum....(note that all of these items, are top sellers and on sale, thus availability is limited). This is the BIG MARKDOWN of the season, do not miss out!


This is one of Plum's top sellers and I can see why. A great tunic, wonderful soft muted colours, sleeveless (sleeves are a bad word right now!), and not too revealing. Very comfortable, yet also so pretty. (ps, this is nearly sold out).

Plum sleeveless button front tunic $79 now $55



Yet another one in very high demand at Plum. Everyone loves this one. It's flattering, features a really beautiful cross over front which looks so divine with necklaces, comes in a scrumptious variety of colours and of course, sleeveless (sleeves are so February).

Plum sleeveless crossover top (8 colours) $42 now $32



Probably not a lot needs to be said about shorts in this weather, they're short, enough said. Well, in fact these, I can see, are popular because they appear to be a great fit, well made (see the triple top stitching), rivets and rear pockets, and side button to adjust the length slightly to your liking. They would do well for a camping trip, biking trip or shopping trips (shopping the sales is exhausting work)!

Point Zero herringbone stretch short (black, marine, neutral and olive) $54 now $35


Yet another one nearly sold out. I totally understand why this is hot. Great way to show of those fabulous legs. HOWEVER, if you're a tiny bit shy, try wearing bicycle shorts (with lace trim) in a complimentary colour. Great peek a boo back cut out feature with cap sleeves.

Simone t-shirt dress with open back (black/off white or blue/heather grey) $69 now $25

How to figure out what's popular in fashion...why are Don Cherry's suit jackets (for instance) not more popular... possibly because they have a tendency to scare children or look like Gramma's upholstery...Maybe Don should stick to hockey commentary!


Yours in Fashion passion....

Suzanne ps...Happy Birthday Canada...you look fabulous!!
"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"  Degas
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